Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Tony got paged out last night.
We had to stop in the maintenance shop
for a few supplies when there was 
this lady standing in the middle of the road.
I had to drive around her.  It was one of those moments that I had to do a double take and say,
What the heck!! 

So here she was yesterday evening standing
in the middle of the roadway in the apartment's parking lot area staring
at the sun?  I'm not quite sure since
she had this blindfold thing over her eyes.
And she was in her robe and slippers
and whose to say she even had clothes on
underneath that robe. It wasn't like she was
taking a stroll and stopped for a second
and moved on either.  She stood in this one
spot for quite awhile!

If I'm wrong for posting this, oh well.
People have many web sites about
Walmart people!  I think I want to
have a section of my blog called,
What The Heck!
and do it about Columbus or Ohio people, lol,
because we run across a few doozies
out there!  I like that there are people
out there with their own uniqueness about
them.  People who don't try to be like
everyone else!


I found out last night
that my in-laws are stopping by this evening
about the time Tony gets off work.
They rarely stop by.
So here I am feeling like poo poo and
I have a house to clean today, ahhh!
Along with doing more laundry
and figuring out what to have for supper.
Last night I told everyone they were on
their own for supper meaning make
a sandwich or a bowl of ramen noodles
because I didn't feel the greatest.

Kids are hollering for breakfast.
I checked the pantry to see I had
all these boxes of cereal that no one is
eating from raisin bran to regular cheerios.
So I think this morning I'm going to make
some cereal bars.  Yeeaars ago when I got
WIC we ended up with all kinds of
cereal no one would eat.  That's when
I had the idea to turn them all into
cereal bars like a rice krispies treat
so nothing would go to waste. 
I can make up a bunch of these nutritious 
cereal bars and store them in the freezer
for breakfast before school.

I researched to see if you could freeze
Rice Krispies treats and found out
that many people said you could!
Just be sure to put into an airtight container
when freezing.  When defrosting leave them
in that container until thawed out.

So I rummaged around the pantry some
more to see what kind of add-ins I could
use to put in the breakfast bars.
I have a ton of bags of Christmas marshmallows
I bought on clearance for .25 cents each.
I also found bags of dried fruit and nuts
that I think I bought at Dollar Tree for 
a buck each.
I plan to add some vanilla-butter-nut
extract to all the bars when making them.

Here's some combinations I came up with.

Raisin Bran cereal, marshmallows,
crushed up banana chips, walnuts & peanut butter.
Cheerios, marshmallows, 
Tropical mix (raisins, pineapple, dates,
bananas, papaya & coconut)
Kashi heart to heart cinnamon oat cereal,
granola cereal, marshmallows &
fruit & nut mix (peanuts, raisins, dates,
soy nuts & sunflower seeds)



Not moving very fast today.
Got a load of laundry hung up,
and a load in the washer & dryer.
In-laws due to arrive in 3 hours 15 minutes.
Got most of the living and dining room cleaned.
Wiped down the walls of all the dirty
hand prints and wiped down the microfiber sofa.  Still need to do the kitchen
and bath top to bottom.  I don't
have anything planned for supper
and don't know what to fix.
My cereal bars will have to wait
til tomorrow to make.
You don't know how bad I wish
I could just crawl back into bed at the moment
I'm that tired!
Aren't in-laws good at doing
this kinda stuff to ya?
Well at least I had known since
yesterday evening.  Usually they
just show up unannounced calling a couple
blocks away wondering where was it
we lived again. Ahhh!
We've lived here over 3 years now.



Got about 2 hours if I am lucky to finish cleaning.
Got the living & dining room done
along with the bathroom.
Now time to do the kitchen from dishes
being put away to washed to wiping off counters
and sweeping and mopping the floor.
Calgon take me away!!!!



Finally done with everything other
than laundry, whew!
Still don't know what to have for supper,
so I'm stumped there!



Tony just called and said his parents
are not coming that his dad doesn't feel well.
So going to head to Kroger tonight
to find something for supper for tonight
and the rest of the week.

Well at least most of the house
is clean and I can pretty much relax the
rest of the week :0)
Except for whenever the pager goes off
and we have junior high orientation
Thursday for Christopher.
Wonder how that works now a days.
Back when I was in junior high they gave you 
a schedule to go by as to what classes
you had, what room and what time.
I haven't received anything like that.
Still need to go by the elementary school
to see what room Jonathan will be in.
They post it on the front doors of the school.


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