Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Got to the ball game last night at 5:30
even though it didn't start til 7:05pm.
It wasn't one of those top window seats
like I thought but they did reserve a nice
area for the employees called the picnic area.
While most of the ball park had either
bleachers or fold down seats, our area
had all picnic tables with umbrellas
on three different levels
and was in left field.  Left field is
a good area to sit to be able to catch
a ball that might go over the wall.

We had to get to the game early because
that's when they were serving food in
our area.  We had hot dogs & hamburgers
with all the fixings along with chips,
potato salad, baked beans, different varieties
of cookies along with water and pop.
One of their mascots visited our area 
during the game.
Oh yeah it got better, lol.
Tony and Jonathan were sitting
at one of the upper level picnic tables
while me and Christopher were
sitting at the bottom level next to the wall.
Out of 15 picnic tables in our area,
guess where this seal mascot decided
to do a little dance?  On my table!
I kept telling everyone I got a free
table dance, lol.

View of our seating area from other
side of ball park behind the wall scoreboard.


Check out this video from ABC news
about a 12 year old couponer!


Well today is going to be busy getting
ready for the first day of school tomorrow.
I need to go to the store to get things
for packed lunches.  It's either that
or pay $2.25 for elementary 
and $2.50 a day for hot lunch til
we get our confirmation on reduced lunches
@ .40 cents each.
That would be $23.75 a week or
$95 a month for full price lunches!
Packing them would be much cheaper for now!

What I do to save on packed school lunches-

Lunch meat like ham or bologna and cheese slices
for sandwiches.  
Peanut butter & jelly
I already have in the pantry I got for cheap
with coupons.  
Bread can be found marked
down at Kroger.  I just got 5 loaves for 
.39 cents each.
Buy large jars of applesauce or canned fruit rather than the individual cup servings and put them
in reusable tupperware type bowls.
Don't buy the packages of single serving chips.
I buy a large bag of store brand chips
and put them into ziploc bags.
Don't buy juice pouches and things like that.
I have reusable bottles that I pour my own
juice and drinks into.  Wrap with
aluminum foil and freeze so they
stay cold by the time kids eat lunch.
No carbonated drinks that could leak
or explode.
Don't buy lunchables.  Get a box
of store brand crackers, some cheese
and lunch meat to make your own
for much less. 
Tortillas are cheap enough to 
roll up some ham and cheese in them
or even peanut butter and jelly and
give the kids a little variety in their lunch.

I also have to look for a pair of shoes

for Christopher today.
He said the pair we found didn't
fit quite right.

And lastly I need to make a run
to the thrift store.  I'm unsure about
a possible school uniform/ dress code
that I better dress my elementary child
in them just to be safe
 on the first day.

This dress code thing would drive
any parent nuts.  One is supposed to 
wear white or light blue shirts while
the other is not allowed to wear
solid blue or red shirts.
 These aren't private schools so
I don't understand why they can't
wear what they want within reason.


Today I'm going to try something different.
I'm going to drink regular pop instead
of diet pop.  I've been drinking diet pop
for about 6 years now.  Going back
to regular pop isn't going to be easy
because of the taste.  About like
when I switched over to diet
and had to get used to it.
Anyways I've been having diarrhea for
going on 5 weeks now.
I've had problems in the last year
dealing with it.
The first thing I'm going to change
in my diet is to remove the 
artificial sweeteners from it.
Those sweeteners can be known
to cause diarrhea.  So my gut instinct,
(and stomach and abdominal cramps)
says to cut out the diet pop to
see if that might be the problem.
Tony, a diabetic, once tried those
artificially sweetened candy chocolates
and ended up with the worst
stomach cramps and diarrhea.
We never bought them again!!
So I always think back to when that
happened to see if it might be happening
with me and diet pop.



Back from all the things I had to get
done before school, whew!

Stopped in the thrift store and
got Jonathan 3 pairs of shorts
and 4 polo shirts in school colors
for $9.97.
I needed light blue or white shirts
and navy blue or tan/khaki bottoms.
Tony's been wanting a wooden
magazine rack for all the free
magazine subscriptions I've been getting him.
I found this wooden one at the thrift 
store for .90 cents.
Went to KMart and splurged and
spent $30 on a pair of tennis
shoes for Christopher.
I always get them about a 1/2 size
too big so they last longer
before outgrowing them.

And before coming home we
stopped in Kroger to get things
for breakfasts and school lunches.
I found Oscar Mayer ham
and turkey marked down to $1.99.
Ya know what sucks is last night
I emptied my purse out to go
to the ball game.
Security at the gate will search through
all bags and purses at the gate
before entering.
So I didn't have my coupons in my purse
today which included
$1.10 off any Oscar 
That would have made them each .89 cents.
They were originally $5.39 and
$6.49 before mark down!



Tony has to work mandatory overtime tonight.
I still have supper to make tonight which
will be some hamburgers on the 
.39 cent bread I got.  
I also need to get lunches packed up
and ready to go for tomorrow,
have the kids get their showers and
cleaned up and have Jonathan try
on an outfit I got today to make sure
it fits.  We did not try anything on in the store
because I was in a hurry and clothing got held
up to his body to see if it would
be the right size just by looking at it.

The kids won't be liking me tonight.
Their usual bedtime is 9:00
and tonight it's going to be 8:00pm.
The reason being is I have to get Christopher
up a couple hours earlier than what
he had been getting up for school.
Oh I see this being a fun event tomorrow.
He's been bragging to everyone that
he gets out an hour earlier but 
wait til he sees what it's really like
to have to be at the bus stop at 6:50am
instead of 8:25am like last year.

I got the empty bottles, coupons
and printed coupons that Tommy dropped
off yesterday, Thank You!
I'm not sure I can use the free yogurt
coupons though as it has your name printed on
them a couple times saying they are exclusively
just for you.  I have actually
been asked for ID for coupons like this
so don't think it will work for me :0(
Thanks anyway though.
I did buy some more yogurt today
though to help with my digestive system.
Willing to try anything at this time
to feel better.
I have been drinking regular pop today
and my stomach hasn't had the pains
like I had been having. I still have diarrhea.
I figured it wouldn't go away the same
day so will give it time to try and
flush the artificial sweeteners out
of my system.


HERE'S another coupon story
I found today.
This one is about a Kroger in Georgia
who refused coupons from a lady
saying she was a habitual coupon shopper.
That Kroger is now under investigation.
They can't tell you, you can't use coupons
especially when you see it in their ads
and displayed in their stores.
They can make limitations as to how
many coupons you can use though.
But to tell someone they can't use any
is totally wrong!!

I have been told by one Kroger around
here that you could only use three like
coupons now.  And I'm not sure if they will allow
any more like coupons after that to be taken
off at face value.  Some say yeah while others
say nay. That has changed from using
as many as you would like.

Meijer's coupon policy is that
you can use only two like coupons.
Any like coupons after that takes
off only the face value of coupons.



I know I wanted the kids in bed by
8:00pm but that didn't happen til about
8:45pm.  The reason was because
we made a run back up to Tony's work.
Just because I've been banned from DDn
at my favorite hot spot after all these
years doesn't mean I can't still
apartment dive, lol.  There's a new phrase!
Meaning to be able to go into apartments
after people move out or people that skipped out
on their apartments that left all
kinds of stuff behind.  
People who skip are ones that don't pay
their rent and just up and leave before
the lease is up without telling anyone.
That was what I was able to go into
tonight, a skip, and had to be there before the sun
went down because there was no electric due
to nonpayment of that as well.  I'm glad I decided
to go to it because I found many things
that we could use, mainly kitchen food
and toiletry items.  
It wasn't easy as it sounds though.
When electric is shut off so is
the refrigerator which obviously had
things left in it and was left cracked open.
It smelled like something died in there!!  
So it was like a race to gather things and
get out as quickly as possible so
you could breath easier!
I'll get photos tomorrow of the things
I was able to get tonight.
Right now it's all in the truck and
I've got kids to throw in the shower
and to get to bed.
It's the least of my worries with
school starting tomorrow.
I have a much earlier wake up call
tomorrow.  I usually get up about 
6:45am and tomorrow starts
a 6:15am wake up call, ahhh.
Got all the lunches made and packed up,
school clothes, shoes and socks all
laid out and ready to go.
I try to do what I can the night
before so it makes my mornings
go more smoothly.

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