Friday, August 26, 2011



Well here we go again. Blogger won't allow me to
edit my blog as usual.

I'm going to try and go without any tylenol or
ibuprofen this morning so doc can see where I hurt.
Sometimes doctors like to push on areas of your body
to see what hurts so just in case he does that I'm
going to suffer for the next four hours.
It hurts to get around. My hips, right calf
and neck all throbbing.

Well gotta run since it's almost time to
take Christopher to the bus stop.



I spent about an hour at the doctor's office this morning.
They are running about 10 different blood tests
and I have to do a stool sample, yuck!
They are testing for things like celiac disease,
irritable bowl syndrome, Crohn's disease,
possible blood cells that aren't up to par, check liver and about
5 other things that I can't remember.
Then at a later date if test results don't come
back normal doc is talking about a possible
cat scan to check for non cancerous tumors
and a possible colonoscopy.
He didn't do anything
about all the major body aches and pains I've
been having. And he knows about the fatigue and
no energy wanting to lay around which could be
They called in a prescription earlier for
stomach cramps and diarrhea. But I can't take
that until I have a stool sample which probably
won't be done til Sunday since I have to take
it back to the doctors on Monday.

I'm supposed to remove any dairy from my diet
to see if that's causing any problems.
That'll have to start tomorrow because I
have plans of making lasagna tonight!
But I am still to eat a yogurt daily like
I've been doing as long as it has active
cultures in it. I guess yogurt doesn't have
as much lactose in it like a glass of milk would.

Just now the doctor's office just called and said
they phoned in another prescription. They must
of been able to run a few tests in their office
and said that my potassium levels were low
so will be getting a potassium medicine to bring
those up to par.

All I know is at the moment I am so very tired
and feel like I could just lay down and sleep
til tomorrow! I got one kid to go pick up at the
bus stop in about 35 minutes then I'll lay down on
the couch. The other kid gets off the bus in front
of the house.

Me and mom did stop in a thrift store not far from
the doctor's office this morning.
I managed to find Jonathan another white polo shirt,
2 pairs of khaki colored pants and 1 pair of navy pants.
I paid $6.00 for them all.
I'm sure I'll have to hem the pants so there's
a sewing project I need to do in the near future.

Doctor's office called again. Don't know if they forgot
that fast that they already had called me or what.
They said they got back some of the blood work tests
already and verified that I do have very, very low
potassium levels which more than likely be the
cause of diarrhea and any other problems I am having at the moment.

What does potassium do for your body?

What foods are high in potassium?
-baked beans
-kidney & lima beans
-whole milk
-citrus juices

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