Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Yesterday after work Tony stopped by Kroger to pick
up my newest med that the doctor called in for me.
I about crapped myself when he called to tell
me my prescription was $100. I was waiting for
him to say, just kidding, like he usually does,
BUT it was for real.
Tony asked the pharmacist if our insurance even
covered some of it because that seemed really, really high,
and the pharmacist said, yes it did, it was normally $746!!!
What the hell is in medicine to make it cost that much???

Anyways I am supposed to take that medicine, 2 pills
4 times a day, for a total of 8 pills daily along
with my potassium medicine.
The two bottles are supposed to last me a month
and it says I have 2 refills, AHHH, another $200!

I started feeling really crappy yesterday evening.
I felt dizzy and like I lost half the muscle
strength in my right forearm and felt like my
mind was scrambled. Tony would tell me something
2-3 times before I would understand him.
It's hard to explain. And my thoughts would be in my
head as to what I wanted to say but it was a little
hard for me to say them. It was like my brain
and mouth became disconnected and didn't
want to work with one another. But good news was it
all seemed to let up before bed. I don't know if
it was my new medicine doing it or what it was.

I got up this morning and went straight for the
ibuprofen. My body is hurting all over. I thought
if this is what I feel like at 40 years old I'm not
looking forward to my senior years. Just take me
out to the pasture and shoot me then!

Last night, or should I say morning because it
was around 12:30am, I awoke to what felt like something
clawing at my forearm. It was the freaking white gerbil
again who got out of his cage. I jumped knocking her
off the bed and onto the floor between the bed and wall.
I leaned over to grab her and being half asleep and not
thinking well, I leaned over too far and banged my head
on wall. There's probably not even a foot from the side
of our bed to the wall. Anyway it was loud enough to wake
Tony up, lol. I didn't catch her and got up and chased her
all the way down the hall and into the kitchen where she
went up under the stove. I grabbed a broom and jiggled it
around and she came out only to run into a small crack
beside the dishwasher. At that point I gave up and said
the heck with it. I went over the the gerbil cage to
check to see if the other gerbil was still in there and
she was. I then returned to bed thinking I'd have to
tell the kids their gerbil is running around the house
somewhere and got out.

This morning I took Christopher to his bus stop and
came home and got Jonathan up. Jonathan was sitting
on the couch and Tony was getting ready to leave
for work. Jonathan, not knowing about anything that
happened last night with his gerbil, was making fun
of a gerbil in the cage this morning. I looked over
to the cage and that BLEEP DE BLEEP BLEEP gerbil that
got out last night managed to climb back in his
cage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There she was running around
digging in the shredded up newspaper. Tony now
thinks I've lost my mind telling him about the gerbil
getting out in the wee hours of the morning. I know
I wasn't imagining it. I woke Tony up in the night
to tell him what was going on with the gerbil
and said it had gotten out. I know detail for detail
as to what happened.

You know the first time that same gerbil got out about
a month ago it could have ran anywhere in the house.
It bipassed the kitchen, living room, dining room,
bathroom and two bedrooms to come to my bedroom
and managed to climb up to my shelf
beside the bed trying to jump into bed with me.
It woke me up because it was knocking stuff off
my shelf trying to jump on the bed.
I had Christopher help me get it caught
and returned to the cage. I just thought it was
a coincidence that it came to me in the bedroom
where I was sleeping. Tony now kids with me that
the gerbil loves me and wants to snuggle with me at night.
BUT to have it happen a second time????
Get out of it's cage and actually get into bed with me WTF???
Years ago I had hamsters that would get out of their
cage and they would never be seen again. Those who think
these critters aren't all that smart better think twice!!


Play Suave Professionals Can You Tell Game

You’ll need to watch videos and decide if you agree with the stylist regarding which person used Suave Professionals products and which person used salon products.
I've read where people have won 1 to 8 products
playing this game to winning products for an entire year.
So who knows, doesn't hurt to play and try to win.

The answers are for each video-

Wake Up- B
Sleep Over- B
Water Works- A
Road Trip – A
Men at Work – A
Wind Storm – A
Get Fit – B
Hot & Humid – A



I laid down this morning and took about a 3 or so hour nap.
The phone has been quiet other than Tony calling around 11am.
I have had a hard time laying down this week and napping
due to the phone ringing or someone knocking at the door.

Thank you Kendra for dropping off the grocery items
and coupons! I really appreciate them!!

Got up and took my newest med then had mom call
the pharmacy for me to see if I could take
ibuprofen with it. Come to find out I cannot
take ibuprofen, asprin or naproxin with this
medicine because it could act as a blood thinner.
I can take Tylenol though which is great that
I get to take some kind of pain medication because
I don't think I could go without it without
becoming a real bear trying to deal with any pain.
At least today I didn't get any side affects
like I did last night after taking my medicine.
I was wondering if it was because I took ibuprofen
right before taking it that had me acting the way I did
with confusion, muscle loss and so on.

For supper I threw something easy in the crock pot,
some pork kabobs. I sprinkled them with some
steak rub seasoning. Maybe make up some mashed potatoes
and a can of corn. I put in 4 kabobs and that's
probably way to much to make for one meal for four of us
but hey the leftovers can always be made into tomorrow's


I was reading an article in the Farmer's Almanac about
this coming Winter. I like to see how well they can
forecast the weather. This is what they say about
the Winter for the beginning of 2012 for Ohio-

A very active storm track will bring much heavier-than-normal precipitation from the Southern Plains through Tennessee into Ohio, the Great Lakes, and the Northeast. Because of above normal temperatures, much of the precipitation will likely be rain or mixed precipitation, although, during February, some potent East Coast storms could leave heavy snow, albeit of a wet and slushy consistency.



Doctor's office called and is trying to set up
a colonoscopy appointment for me. I've never had
one before so know nothing about what goes on with it.
Well I'm finding out from the nurse that it takes
3-5 hours to do one. Great, now I have to figure out
what to do with kids getting off the bus. Tony is
at work, mom will more than likely be with me
while I have the procedure done so that leaves
possibly grandpa. I'm trying to picture grandpa
babysitting my two kids and the visualization
is kinda blurry, lol. So who knows. Between schools
and doctors, they all think you can just drop what
you are doing and do whatever they tell you to.

HERE'S a video about a colonoscopy procedure.
This does not look like something I look
forward to having done!


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