Monday, August 22, 2011



The first day of school for Columbus
is Wednesday.  Going to spend the next
two days doing laundry.
If I find time I might start matching up
some outfits for the kids ahead of time
and putting them on one hanger so they
can just grab it and get dressed.
This will include the socks and undies as well.
This is such a time saver for those
rushed mornings!

The junior high will not allow the students
to wear any shirts that are solid red or blue!
They did not give a reason why in their
newsletter but my guess is that it is
probably gang colors.  Well ain't that nice
to worry about in schools now, the color
your child wears on his/her clothing!

Need to find book bags and
stock them with basic school supplies from
my stockpile that I got last year.
Things like spiral notebook paper,
pencils, pens, glue sticks and markers
or colored pencils.  I think I read in another
school letter that they don't want the
kids to have markers and use colored pencils
instead. But why not?
I love when they come home with
homemade tattoos from markers
all over their face, hands, arms and legs
and leave the parents to figure out
how to remove them!
Why are they just now figuring out
that markers are a bad idea?

And next thing I need to worry about is food.
I'm going to have to pack the kids lunches
til I hear if we qualified for reduced lunches.
I'm sure we do since we've been getting
it ever since they were in kindergarten.
It's a pain though because they hem haw
around about telling you, sometimes 
they don't even let you know and you have to 
call or go to the school to find out.
In the meanwhile your packing lunches for
a couple months only to have them
say, oh you qualified 6 weeks ago.
Well that would have been nice to know!!
This makes my grocery budget go up
during that time!  

I also need to figure out breakfasts for the kids
each morning.  I try to feed them at home
even though everyone gets free breakfasts at school.
Who's to say that they are eating at school
or just horsing around with friends instead.
If I feed them at home I know they
are starting off the day with something
in their belly.


Lol, I got a call on my cell phone
and the lady says, I'm calling about
the craigslist ad you had for childcare.
Sorry wrong number!!!

I think I've done enough babysitting
over the Summer for everyone elses
child that wanted to come hang out
here for hours on end!!
I'm one of those parents looking
forward to kids going back to school
just to get a break, lol.

I've had a couple people around here 
ask me if I would babysit their
children before and after school.
I turn them down. 

Yeah I'm a stay at home mom or
housewife, yes I am home most of the day,
yes I am conveniently in the same
neighborhood as them,
BUT that does not make me available
for babysitting, geesh!
 This is my time to clean house,
cut coupons, make a grocery list,
search for deals on the internet for
coupon match ups,
go grocery shopping, make daily meals,
 make freezer meals, do laundry, clean dishes,
take a nap, then 
worry about getting my kids on and off 
a bus and seeing to it they get their homework
done. And they do get quite a bit of
homework that I wonder what the
teachers are doing in school that
the average working parent has this
on their shoulders now.  I don't
remember having that much homework!
After school I see so many kids
running the neighborhood playing outside
from the time they get off the bus til dark.
When do they do homework?
They don't.  Some parents don't care.
I learn that these kids are failing
and are doing Summer school.
I hear these kids also talk about
going home and playing games systems
or fiddling with cell phones.

For starters my kids are not allowed
to have cell phones til they are old
enough to get a job to cover that cost!


Blogger has totally screwed up my blog
for today.  Things disappeared that I posted.
I am so tired of this happening!
You work hard at a blog and
this is what you get.  
I think I'm done for today
unless I feel like trying later on
tonight once we get home from
the Clipper's game.
Right now I just don't feel like posting
stuff that disappears for no reason.

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