Found at Tony's work dumpster.
Brand new items still in a Walmart bag
with receipt! The value on the receipt
was $26.

-3 pkgs On Demand hooks
-2 boxes of white Christmas lights
-pkg of puff paint pens
-gift bag
-6 stockings

Eureka Pet Vacuum with all attachments
value $79.99 at Best Buy

New 4 pc set of floor mats unopened.

Roll of Christmas wrapping paper.

Camping chair with bag.
Value $14.99 price tag still on it.

2 Sets of beautiful wood twin head & foot boards.



My friend dropped off some things her mother
was getting rid of. She usually gives me
the things her mother no longer wants.

3 black velour couch pillows.

4 red, padded chair pads.

Throw blanket.

A bunch of stickers which I gave to mom.

A bunch of stationary and valentine heart decorations.

Under bed storage fold out boxes.

Rooster fabric wall decoration with hanger.

2 eyelit bed skirts.
These will be going in my sewing stash for a future project.

Card games, bag of writing utensils,
digital thermometer, flashlight
and three space saver bags not shown.



Found these items at Tony's work in the dumpster
while looking for boxes.

-Hard bound Illustrated Guide to Herbs and their Medicine and Magic book.
-Woven purse
-Old travel case with empty perfume bottles and nail polish.

World's Largest Crossword Puzzle

4-In-One Air Bed with pump



Found at Tony's work-

Tennis racket (value $75)
and a 12 pack of Gatorade.