Friday, November 16, 2012



I just read that Hostess, the maker of
Twinkies, Ho Ho's Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread,


Video of my surveillance camera this morning.
The clock is wrong on the security camera
and needs set back an hour still.
The end part is funny.


Testing out the twin fans I bought
at the flea market last weekend.
The electric plug that came with them
did not work.  When testing on a 9 volt battery
both fans worked.  Now have them tied into
a solar panel to see if they will work on that.
It is sunny in the spot I put them in.
My shadow is covering the solar panel while taking the photo.

Last weekend at the flea market I had
the idea to buy a set of training wheels
that go on a bicycle for a buck to put on
the sides and bottom of the solar can heater
to be able to move it around if need be
instead of having two people try and pick it up.
Tony didn't think it would work so I didn't get them.
It's something I thought I would throw out there for y'all though.
I still like the idea though and should have bought them!


Got the two dryer duct hosed out.
Gotta remember to do that when you find them
along side of the road, lol.  Obviously they've
been used on a dryer and have some lint in them.
Don't need that blowing around inside
the solar heater or inside the house!

My goal today is to figure out the fans on the solar
heater and how to install them into the bedroom
window and solar box. 

Here is how I think I figured out the electric fan

to push air from the house into the solar heater.
First off I took off the grid on the back because
I thought it got much better air flow.
Then I inserted the fan into the back of the dryer vent.
This will be on the inside of the house. 
(fan was $3.93 at the thrift store.
2 vents were $5.00 each at Habitat ReStore)

On the front of the dryer vent I removed the slats.

I will add a piece of pipe to connect the dryer duct
on the outside of the house.
I'm gonna try and cut this piece in half so it's not so long.

 Two vents for an inlet and outlet of air
will sit in the window sill.
A piece of plywood with some leftover insulation panel
will sit in between the vents.

I'm still gonna try and add a solar powered computer
fan to the solar box itself on the outlet end
where the hot air will come out to go into the house.
The solar panel running this fan has rechargeable batteries
in it so the fan will still run after the sun starts to set
to allow a little more heat to be drawn out of the 
solar heater even if no sun is directly hitting it.

I know this all sounds confusing to everyone
as I work on it a little at a time.
It at least helps me as I go along.
I have started a Solar Can Heater
step by step guide at the top to see how
to make one.
I'm really hoping to get it all done this weekend.
By the time hubby comes home from work at 5 during the week
to even try to help me with it, it's dark outside.
So that's why it is taking so long to do.
We're pretty much doing it on the weekends. 


I took the wood headers out of the solar heater
and decided to use some of the insulation panel
in its place.  I took a knife and cut out all the holes
to line up with the cans.  That was much easier than trying to
drill holes out of wood!  Got one header siliconed
to the cans on one side then filled in any gaps on the other
side of the header inside the holes.

Still need to silicone the other end. 
But unfortunately I ran out of silicone.
I went back to using the waterproof silicone
which is flexible unlike the high heat caulk
which dries hard as a rock.

Need another tube to silicone the top header cans
and then to silicone the glass to the top of the box.
But before I put any glass on I still need to
cut out the top and bottom vent holes and
spray paint all the cans.


If you find one of these envelopes with this
card in it, in your mail, you should probably throw it
away after what I have been reading online about it.
 No where on the envelope or card inside is
a company name or phone number.  That was the first
red flag that made me go online and investigate it further.
Second, if it sounds too good to be true then
it probably is.  Don't send away for something
you know nothing about, especially with
your signature on it!
I'm gonna assume it's a scam.
It's in the trash!! 

The price of Hostess cupcakes & Twinkies
are starting to skyrocket on Amazon.
Going for $20 to $25 a 10 count box!!!
I love my snack cakes and all but ain't paying
that kind of price!  My favorite Hostess
was the orange cupcakes (sigh and hoping someone
buys the company and starts making them again along
with the Wonder bread!!)
but there's always Little Debbie snack cakes.

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