Monday, November 5, 2012



30 degrees here this morning and had frost on
the vehicle windows and had to scrape. 
My shoulders and arms are aching a little this morning
from lifting those glass panels.
Nothing too bad or the way it had been.
Gonna go to Walgreens and Roses this morning with mom.
When you don't have money to shop you really
don't feel like being in a store.  It's like I got to 
put blinders on.  We spent pretty much the entire
weekend at home other than to go to the
scrap place and the bank.  By not going
places you don't get tempted to spend money you don't have. 


 I bought a couple things from the store.
We stopped in Dollar Tree while waiting
for Roses to open.

yellow cake mix $1.00 
can of pumpkin $1.00 (Dollar Tree)
(I'm gonna redo my pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving
and make one large bundt cake.  The ones I made
this past weekend will be used for dessert this week
since everyone loved them so much.
Instead of butterscotch pudding I'm going to
use some pumpkin spice pudding I have in my pantry
so I don't have to worry about the cost of another pudding.)
large bag of fries $1.00 (Dollar Tree)
bottle of mild buffalo wings sauce $1.00 (Roses)
box of 3 onion soup mix pouches $1.00 (Dollar Tree)


I just did a rough estimate and figured I need
about 169 aluminum cans for each solar heater I make.
I'm only going to make one for the moment 
when I can to test that one out first before
making any more.  Still need supplies that I'll try to
scrounge and look for as cheap as possible
like thin plywood or backing for the box
and some kind of insulation panels.


Mailman came.  I got 3 free magazines
and a coupon for a free bag of Ghiradelli chocolates
up to $5.00. 


I'm making supper of 6 really small pork chops 
(picture credit card sized)  $1.68,
macaroni & cheese- free with cost of .25 cents for butter & milk to make them, french fries  - .50 cents, half bag and pumpkin cake. 

One of my children is asking me when supper
will be ready that he is really hungry
and didn't get much to eat today.
When I asked why he told me that some days
if you are near the mid to end of the lunch
line they start to run out of food for hot lunches.
sometimes getting very little sides or
no sides at all to go with the main meal.
This seems to be an all the time thing.
CCS are all talk about kids eating breakfast
but what about lunch?  Why are parents
paying for their child's lunches when there
is not enough food to go around and leaving these
kids with hungry bellies to finish off their school day.
Oh it gets better.  My child has also told me that
some kids who are bad or who act up in class
don't get lunch.  The teacher will keep them in
their classroom at lunch time.  And it gets better,
the kid will sit in there while the teacher 
eats their lunch.  What the hell!!!
Starving children to me is not an option
for punishment at school!! 
The teacher could at least go get their lunch
from the lunch room and bring it to them to eat
in the classroom while serving their time out.
So help me if this happens to my children
they better look the hell out.
I was pissed years ago when during an open house
I found out one of my children had a class
in a storage closet because they had no more rooms.  
That room might
have been a wee bit bigger than my bathroom.
I am also hearing my children tell me
that their teachers use profanity in the classrooms.
One teacher had the nerve to call me at home last
week to say my son was coming to class unprepared with
no supplies.  This was on a Monday.  Well, I said,
he would have come prepared but Friday when he was
home sick his locker
got broke into and someone stole his whole
binder with all pencils and such to do his work.
She says, I am aware of that but he still needs to
come prepared.  Now how in the hell was I supposed
to know Monday that when I sent him back to
school he would find out his supplies were stolen
the previous Friday?!  Huh Huh Huh!?
I stocked him full of supplies Tuesday.
We need a president who will make schools better!!!
Education should be a first priority and I don't mean
just for college students because not everyone
can afford to go to college.  Let's address the
problems with school K - 12 before that
because these teachers are slacking in the
department of being able to teach children. 

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