Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I was

I hadn't planned on going anywhere today til
mom called and wanted me to go on a few errands
with her.  I also talked her into a few thrift stores along the way.
After one thrift store she wanted to stop
in McDonalds so we did and ate inside.
We never once talked about the thrift stores
while eating.  We ate close to another table with
a man sitting there who leaned over and asks
out of the blue, "do you know where any Goodwill stores are?"
I told him I thought that was funny because we just came
from a thrift store and was heading to another
one after eating.  He was a professional man of
some sort by looking at his attire.
He said he was looking for an ugly sweater.
Probably something for a Christmas party
where they have ugly Christmas sweater contests.
I ask him if he wanted to know where an actual
Goodwill store was or if any decent thrift store would
do.  He said any, so I gave him directions
to the Ohio Thrift on Indianola.
We left while he still sat there talking on his cell phone
to a business associate.
Me and mom arrived at the thrift store on Indianola
and sure enough we saw that same guy in the store
not long after.

This past weekend I found a Mr.Wonderful Doll
at a yard sale for .50 cents.  These  dolls go for
about $60 to $70!  And after researching them more
I found out they also make a Ms. Wonderful as well.
Wouldn't ya know it I found a Ms. Wonderful Doll
key chain at the thrift store for $1.99
and had to get it.  She says 7 different sayings.

I was actually looking for an item my son
and hubby spotted a couple weeks ago at the one
thrift store and now had wanted.
It was a paintball face mask now that I got
Jonathan a paintball gun for Christmas.
I didn't really expect it to still be there
and nor did I even know what the thing
looked like that I was trying to find because
I shopped by myself in the thrift store weeks ago
while hubby and the boys were in another part of the store.
Well after making a couple of phone calls
to hubby at work trying to find this thing
and have him describe it to me, 
I hope this is the item they were looking for, lol.
I also got a 2 pack of plastic tablecloths for .50 cents
to wrap around my dryer ducts on the
solar heater to make them waterproof.

I also got a strand with about 15 
white lights surrounded by what looks
like colored ornament bulbs that are plastic.  $1.99

-New bottle of Caress Tahitian Renewal body wash .90 cents
($3.00 at Walmart)
-New can of Tresemme hair spray .90 cents
($3.50 at Walmart)
-3 packets of French's turkey gravy mixes .29 cents each
-4 pack box of Reynolds slow cooker liners .50 cents
($2.00 at Walmart)
-7 pack box of Planters Nut Mix
with Cashews, Almonds & Macadamia nuts .99 cents
(these go for $5.50 at Walmart a box)


Just got the kids home from the bus and we were all
sitting down at the table and having an after school snack
when it sounded like someone dropped a bomb.
LOUD explosion like noise outside that shook 
the house, floor and windows.
We all jumped up and went outside.
It scared the crap out of me that I was shaking!
Didn't see anything obvious.  A neighbor 2 doors down came
out in her bathrobe looking around to see
if she could see anything.  She said it shook her
house also.  Another neighbor 3 doors down in
his basement heard it.  It wasn't a firecracker,
a car wreck or a gun shot.  The only way
I can describe it is it sounded like something
exploded!  Don't hear firetrucks or anything like that.
I even started sniffing the air for gas thinking
it could have been a natural gas explosion.
Sure would be nice to know what the hell
caused a sound that loud!!

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