Monday, November 19, 2012



I started setting the alarm clock a little earlier.
This morning I got up at 5:45am.
There was a beautiful sunrise at around 7:10am.


Here is a little tip for those running fans on a 
solar can heater that don't have a solar panel
or maybe your solar panel hasn't charged or isn't up to par
putting out enough power,
you can connect your fan to a cordless drill battery!
Just think if your power or furnace goes out on a cold Winter
day you can still have heat without electricity or gas!
Other than to help cut back on utilities
this was another reason for making this.
I think back to an ice storm we had years ago
that knocked out power to many people including my
mom for at least 7 days.  They had no heat during that time
and it got to freezing temperatures in her house.
Of course we took them in our home at that time
but what if we didn't have heat either.
Then what would we have done?


Got the 3rd duct covered in wool for insulation.


Mostly cloudy and 54 degrees out.
Even on a mostly cloudy day the solar can heater
is reading 135 inside it.  That's an 81 degree
difference compared to the outside temperature.
Not as good as yesterday's 210 degrees output in full sun
but I think it's pretty good for as many clouds
that are in the sky to still be producing
that kind of heat. 

Still mostly cloudy with some sun popping out here and there
through the clouds.  The temperature rose
another 47 degrees in the solar heater
in 50 minutes time to 182 degrees. 


Finally got through to the car insurance office to
cancel the pickup off it.  I kept trying and got a recorded
message every time I would call.  It should go retro active back
to the day we sold it as to when that coverage stopped.
That should shave 30
some dollars off our bill each month plus I won't
have to spend $53 or so to renew it's tags 
in another couple of month.
A savings of $410 or so a year!

Had to pop a couple acetaminophin.
Body's been feeling achy.
It's an everyday thing anymore.
Just wish it would go away so I could do more things!
Plus I got a cough that is killing my ribs.
It's like I'm trying to cough stuff up
that doesn't want to come up even though
I feel it in there.  So in turn I cough
harder causing my ribs to hurt.


Today in the mail I got a free coupon
for a medium beverage at Dunkin Donuts.
4 free Airborne samples,
-blast of vitamin c plus 13 vitamins, minerals & herbs
natural honey flavored.
-plus energy with 8 B vitamins natural citrus flavor.
-zesty orange flavored effervescent tablet
-no water needed tablet, blast of vitamin C
plus 13 vitamins, minerals & herbs 


Working on supper.
I'm using up any leftover turkey and carrots I had
from the other day.  We had a mini Thanksgiving dinner then
had a couple days of turkey sandwiches with the one turkey.
So there was three meals from one turkey.
Now maybe another two more meals with the
remaining leftovers.
I cut them all up into small
pieces.  Then in a big pot I added the turkey
carcass with some water and will boil it to
make some turkey broth for egg noodles to
boil in.   Then will mix the egg noodles, turkey,
carrots and a can of cream of mushroom soup together.
Change of plans.  I think I'll use up the last two boxes
of mac and cheese to make this with instead of
a bag of egg noodles.  I'll save those for some
tuna and noodles another day.
So I guess this would be called Turkey Mac.
My body is really aching and I'm trying
my hardest to make this for supper
when I'd rather be in bed.
I took acetaminophen about an hour and a half
ago and I'm not feeling any relief from it.

Hubby's got the on call pager this week
except for Thanksgiving day.  He traded his
on call with someone else since he had already
made plans to go out of town that day.
But he does have to work the day after Thanksgiving
and gets Monday the 26th off.


Hubby's gonna be late getting home tonight.
He got an emergency call about a major clogged drain and had
to call Waterworks to get it and has to wait
on them to get there.  Then after that he's putting
a battery in a coworker's car for her.
Gonna make $20 doing that.
It would be nice if her old battery would fit
hubby's car.  Some shop told her that her battery
only had 50% life left in it.  It can be charged up
and would be better than one that dies after a couple
days of use that's for sure.  You know how those shops
are anyway.  They could probably tell you anything
to make a sale on a battery.  She's had no problems
with starting her car with this other battery in it
and bought another one because the shop told
her she needed one soon. 
My mom once had a car battery that lasted
10+ years.  That's about 6-8 years past
the time they claim a battery is good for!


Well hubby installed the battery for the gal at work.
The battery won't fit his car but the girl still
gave him the battery which means we can scrap it
for $5 to $7.  So in all actuality he will
have made $25 to $27 putting in a battery 
and keeping the old one!
Not too shabby for 15 to 20 minutes worth of work.

Hubby found me some goodies in a skip 
apartment today.  A skip is an apartment where
the people who lived there just up and move out
without any notice or telling anyone.

1500 Revlon Tourlamine Ceramic Hair Dryer
with attachments.

Wave Ceramic Ionic Hair Styler with attachments and box.

String lights with bird covers.

New bottle of Tide Stain Release Boost.

Well I think I'm gonna head to bed soon.
My body is hurting pretty good.
I went to stand up not long ago and my
hips and back feel like there is a kink in them
making it hard to walk again.
Almost fell over and stubbed my toe into
the corner of the wall because of it.
It figures this crap is gonna start back up
now that I got holiday cooking and baking to do
Wednesday along with giving the kids hair cuts and a trip to Indian Lake Thursday.
The generic Tylenol isn't working too well
and that's all I can take for the pain.
Sucks you just never know when this
crap is going to make an appearance.
Earlier today I felt the pain starting but
didn't have trouble walking or with my hips and back.
That was a surprise to me within a couple of minutes
of sitting down then trying to get back up
and about falling on my face when standing.


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