Thursday, November 8, 2012



Off to a chilly start this morning with frost on the windows.
Hard to believe that we're going to see temps
close to 70 this weekend!

Got supper in the crock.
That didn't go as planned because the hamburger
I found in the bottom of the freezer was freezer burned.
Was going to use that for some chili.
We're still having chili though and I just
started throwing whatever I could find into the crock.

1 can light kidney beans (.10 cents)
1 can dark kidney beans (.10 cents)
1/2 can spaghetti sauce (.30 cents)
1/4 bottle of thick and spicy BBQ sauce (.25 cents)
1 can petite diced tomatoes with liquid (.59 cents)
some mild hot wing sauce
4 hot dogs cut lengthwise and then cut
into smaller pieces (.50 cents)
and a packet of black beans and rice with seasoning.
Not sure what this was from but it was in
my pantry closet.  Maybe from a box of Zatarans?? (free)

Can't find my bag of cornmeal so will probably
use some leftover rolls I made yesterday to 
go with the chili or use some saltine crackers.



School snack is butter and jelly toast
with a glass of Kool Aid.
They better be lucky it ain't bread and water, lol. 


Boy I sure am learning to appreciate those
convenience foods you buy in the store from
either boxed mixes of things to already made things
like pizzas to entrees.
I am making everything I can from scratch
due to limited funds and trying to stretch a buck as far as I can
at the moment.

For a snack tonight I made seasoned saltine crackers.
Can't afford potato chips at almost $3.00 a bag.
2 sleeves of Kroger saltine crackers .45 cents
1/3rd packet of dry ranch dressing mix .20cents
cooking spray- free
onion powder- free
garlic powder- free

Line a couple cookie sheets with saltine crackers.
Give them all a spritz with cooking spray.
Pinch some ranch dressing powder over top
along with garlic and onion powder.
Bake for 5-7 minutes at 350 degrees.
I used about 2 sleeves of crackers
and still have enough ranch mix to do
another 3 batches.
The kids tried them and gave them a thumbs up.
Kept coming back for more but had to 
stop them before they would be all gone
and we'd have no snacks for tonight :0)

.65 cents

I found my canister of cornmeal so
did a double recipe of 
Fake Jiffy Cornbread
to go with the hot dog chili.
Most of my ingredients were free
except for 2 eggs and 2/3rd cups milk.
I haven't felt 100% today.
Stomach's feeling a little raw
and I've been to the restroom more than normal.
Feeling a little shaky to the point
I knocked my ash tray off the counter
and busted it.  Now using a canning lid as an ash tray.
It really sucks having to try so hard!!!! 


Time to eat.
Eating a little early before hubby gets home
because I need a little something in my 
belly to hopefully feel better.


They are calling for frost tomorrow morning.
We use sun shades on the outside of 
our windows held down by wipers to
keep the frost off the windows.


I keep telling my family I do NOT want or expect
anything for my birthday!!!!
I said if anything, I would like to go to Menards
Saturday to look around and possibly
get some things for the solar can heater I want
to make.  If I do get things I told them that they can 
consider those supplies my birthday gift!
Mom gave me money for my birthday
and I'm using it to get vehicle tags renewed
along with my driver's license.
As long as we're all together and I can bake
a cake (don't even need ice cream to go with it)
is what counts.  Mom's planning a dinner also. 

Hubby's been needing a new wiper blade for so long
on his car.  Not even sure he sees out the windshield
when it rains!  Wouldn't you know today he found
a brand new RainX wiper blade in a vacant apartment
that was a perfect fit on his car!!
This will help out so much this Winter.


This is me in 5...4...3...2...1....ZZZZzzzzzz.

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