Thursday, November 1, 2012



First of the month means bills need to be paid.
Getting flustered trying to figure them all out.
Where do I cut back, what needs paid right now?
Going to have almost everything paid
except, once again, I have to short
my electric bill by $90.00. 
I got the gas bill all caught up after not paying 
it at all last month.
I figured catch the gas bill up because it's
the one utility that's going to go up
for the next 5 months or so.
The electric bill should be starting to come down
so that's why I shorted it.
Doing the best I can with what I have.
Don't have much to go on and payday
is 8 days away.  Living paycheck to paycheck
totally sucks.  Haven't had to do this in quite some time.
Please pray that we find a buyer for our truck!
That would help us out sooooooo much!

I just got up and with everyone gone to work
and school, I turned the heat down to 66 degrees.
That'll shave some off the gas bill if I can
do this for about 7-8 hours each day.
I usually keep it at 72 degrees but have read that
it makes a difference on your bill for
every three degrees you can cut back.
So 72 minus 6 degrees is 66 degrees.
I'll just throw on some extra clothing
til about 3:00pm then I'll turn it back up to 72.
Right now it's 41 and feels like 34 degrees.
Supposed to get a little more sun shining through
those clouds in the next week so will have
curtains and blinds open to take advantage of that
to help some to heat the house. 

I usually watch tv while home.
Well I got up and turned that off as well to save money.
Made a trip around the house to turn more things off.
Unplugged microwave, turned off a couple fans,
a nightlight, unplugged an XBox and a DVD player. 
8 hours a day times at least 30 days a month
is 240 hours of not using those appliances
so that's gotta shave some electricity off the bill.
I've already managed to somehow get
the electric bill down about $90 since last month.
I'm sure that is partially a result of running the 
air conditioner a couple months ago
when we had higher temperatures outside. 


Spur of the moment thing I decided to do.
I made a temporary solar window heater.
I know I do not have the money to buy
supplies to make a real good solar
heater at this time.  Unless we sell the truck
is the only way I can make one.
So here is the cheap way of making one-

I had a screen I found in the basement.
Came with the house and cannot find
anything that it would go to.
I built and duct taped a box the size of that screen.
On the backside of the box I cut out square holes
on each end that would fit a small fan that will
be ran by way of a small solar panel.
I cut it just a little smaller than the fan so it would fit snug.
Make sure to cut another hole at the
other end so air has a way to come out!

I taped sides of cardboard around the box
leaving an opening where the fan would be.
You still need those sides though so be sure to save them.
Place your cans inside the box
between the two squares you cut out.
I then cut two cardboard strips half the width
of the sides and taped them at the top and bottom
once all my cans were in place.
This is used to help hold the cans together since
they are not glued.
Place these cardboard strips above the space where 
the fan will go and above your other hole.

This is now what it will look like.

Now let the painting with flat black paint begin.
Oh yeah I got a headache now.
Be sure to spray paint one side of
those two extra cardboard side pieces that will go near the
fan openings.

Insert the small fan into the hole and
tape your side pieces on once dry.
Be sure to make a small hole in one of the
side pieces where your fan will go and run
the wires from the fan through it. 

Next take the screen and lay it on top of 
the cans.  Duct tape in place.
This will keep the cans from falling out
of the box.  Plus the screen is a good conductor of heat.
Since this is an inside solar heater placed in
a window I won't be using a piece
of glass for the top.

Now attach the wires from your fan
to the wires on your solar panel.

This solar heater is very lightweight
and can easily be picked up and traveled from room
to room if need be.
Here it is sitting in my dining room window
tucked up underneath the top of the blinds.

You can't really see it from the outside of the house.

And here it is in my son's bedroom window.
The solar panel is sitting in the window 
in front of it.

It took me a couple of hours to make this.
Now It's almost 11:00am and I'm
going to lay down and take a nap,
something I have yet to do this week.


I ended up putting a piece of thin glass from one
of the poster picture frames on the solar heater.
Wasn't an exact fit but was better than nothing.
My solar fan isn't running at the moment as the
batteries need a little bit to be charged by the sun.
I ran the fan to the outside of the house.
Even without the fan I can still feel heat coming
out the top hole!


Since the grocery budget for the next week is much much
slimmer than last weeks, I had to decide what to do
for drinks around here other than milk and juice.
Kids won't be having pop this next week!
Instead I have a bunch of Kool Aid canisters
sitting in my pantry that already have the sugar in them.
As much as I don't like to give them Kool Aid,
that is what they will be drinking this next week.
I've already started making some up to
store in the fridge.  I reused saved 2 liter pop 
bottles which are about a half gallon each.

 For breakfasts this next 8 days will be 
either cereal or pop tarts
with milk or chocolate milk made with
the chocolate powder I got free from a vacated apartment.
Plus I still have some frozen chocolate milk
in the freezer I bought marked down .50 cents for 1/2 gallon.
I bought a year's supply of pop tarts
after Christmas last year when they
had holiday mark downs.  .50 cents a box of 16 poptarts.
I bought something like 20 boxes of them!
Who cares if they are gingerbread or holiday berry flavors. 


Supper tonight was going to be sausage, biscuits
and gravy.  But I only have one can of biscuits
and realized that would be enough for 5 servings
or enough to fill everyone up.  The more I fill
them up at supper time the less likely they'll
want to snack before bed.  This is what I call
a rib sticker meal.
So I'll still make the sausage gravy and will pour it
over some homemade mashed potatoes instead.

-2 packets gravy (free from mom)
-5 to 6 small to medium potatoes (free from mom)
(saving my larger potatoes for baked potatoes
and can have them as a meal by themselves)
-2 cups water (free)
- 1 pound sausage ($1.00 save-a-lot) 
-butter, milk & salt (.25 cents)

serves 5 @ .25 cents a serving.

My saying is and always will be,
"Do what ya got to do with what ya got to do it with!"


Just sat down for supper and all of a sudden
the palm of my left hand started itching really bad!
I hope that's a sign. 

The rib sticker meal is working!
This is how I feel after eating, ughhhh!


This was about 6:30pm tonight,
a beautiful sunset.
Another photo of mine was posted
on channel 10's Chris Bradley's Facebook page (meteorologist)
I love taking weather photos.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty


Daddy and Boo playing pool against Mommy
on the computer.

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