Saturday, June 30, 2012



I hope everyone survived the storm safely!
We lost power as soon as the storm arrived yesterday
about 4:30pm.  It looks pretty bad around us.
We went out and looked around yesterday evening
and had to go on one call to Tony's work.
Power out along with MANY downed trees.
It almost looks like a tornado hit. 
We are under a state of emergency because of this storm.
We topped wind speeds of 80-85 miles per hour.
Winds were stronger than the wind storm from
Hurricane Ike which topped at around 75 mph. 

My brother gave my mom a generator to use.
We unloaded it for them and helped them set it up.
We do not have one.
We plugged their fridge and chest freezer into along
with a fan to help keep them cool since
we are under a heat advisory. 
Temps at the moment are 91 and feels like 93 degrees.
This really sucks having no power and no ac.
Our truck's ac isn't exactly working the greatest
so we've been sweating our you know what's
off driving around.
I read online on WBNS10TV that there was 
over 350,000 power outages and it could
take 3-5 days to restore power.
MANY traffic lights are not working
and it's a great challenge driving around.
We have found ice at Kroger and stocked a
cooler in the back of the truck with water, pop
and basic picnic supplies so we can eat.
We put some of our perishables from our fridge and
freezer into mom's.  We'll probably loose the rest.

We are currently at Tony's work hanging out by the pool.
They have power here.  Sitting by the pool and
have my computer plugged in and using the
free wi-fi at the pool.  Still hot as heck!!!!
It almost feels like we have been camping out
surviving off things in the back of the truck.
Since the storm, our cell phone service works
about half and shuts off most calls we try to make.
That's another reason for hanging out at his work,
so he can get the on call emergency calls or at
least check in the office to see if any came in.

Gas is a little hard to come by.
Some stations are open but they have
shut the gas tanks down due to the power outages.
If you find gas some lines are long
and there's a wait.
Last night almost everything was closed
that was normally open.  
We had to find a fast food joint
because we hadn't eaten and I didn't
dare open the fridge to get anything out
with no power.  Let me tell ya, if there
was a fast food place open it was PACKED
inside and out.  We ended up at Arby's, not by first choice,
and had to wait about 30 minutes in a LONG line.
They had an excellent crew working that night
and kept their calm really well.  Their computers
and registers were down and had to write down
all orders on pieces of paper.  

The trips around town, back and forth to Tony's work,
has been an obstacle!  Roads closed to downed trees
and lots of traffic at major intersections due
to lights being out.  We have ventured
around the back roads to get to places much easier
and to check out the damage.  We went over
to University Village, a place Tony worked for MANY
years and where we had first met.
That place literally looked like a war zone!!
Almost every tree looked like it was laying
down in the yards and across roadways.
There was even a car that got hit by a fallen
tree that sustained major damage with
broken out windows and a crushed top and trunk.

I'm trying to type quickly as I don't know when and if
we'll have to jump up any time now to go on call
or for other things.  Plus the internet connection goes in and
out and isn't the greatest here. If there are mistakes oh well,
I can't see the best on the computer outside.
Just trying to jump in here for a moment while
I can to let y'all know we are ok. 

Here are the photos I got from yesterday evening.
My camera battery died and I have it recharging
at the maintenance shop to get more
photos in the daylight hours.
It was getting dark last night when
I took the ones that I did so they are not the
greatest but you get the idea.
There is a couple from Tony's work
from where shingles and siding was coming off
buildings and the last couple of photos was
two different fires where we could see smoke
off in the distance.  We had a small one across
the street from us due to a tree limb on a power
line which caused the transformer to blow.
The fire put itself out.

Tree down across Ferris Rd.

 Tree down and blocking Cooke Rd.
 Tree fell on house near Whetstone Park.
 Saw many firetrucks and ambulances out.
 Trees on railroad track near Upper Arlington.
Could see a train headlight in distance.
Tree down at Tony's work by the pool
we are currently sitting at. 

 Some of the buildings at Tony's work.
There was others but my camera battery died
to take more photos.

 Billboard on Olentangy across from the hospital
falling over.  It looks worse today.
 These photos were taken from University Village Apartments.
It looks much worse in person!
These pictures do not speak for themselves.
It is VERY bad over there.
Might drive through there again this evening
and get more photos.

 Hotel by University Village.

 Smoke seen from Olentangy and Ackerman.

Working on uploading videos.  It's 6:00pm.

More Than 345.000 Central Ohio AEP Customers Still Without Power


Thought it was going to rain so I put the computer
away considering I have to use it outdoors at the pool.
I was just reading WBNS10TV's post on Facebook
about estimated times for power restoration
for different suburbs and parts of Columbus.
I about crapped myself when I saw they
had our area listed to be restored by midnight JULY 7TH!!!
And it's supposed to be in the 90's everyday. 
I seriously thought about putting some blankets down
under the carport and sleeping outside.  
I could not sleep well last night.
From 3:00-4:00am I was sitting out on the
front doorstep.  
Still sitting by the pool and over at Tony's
coworkers apartment.  Starting to feel a couple rain
drops so may have to put the computer back
in the truck again.

Friday, June 29, 2012



It's gonna be another hot one today.
95 degrees with a heat index of 100 to 105 degrees.
I stepped outside this morning and found the 
air really thick and it was hard for me to breathe.
It's 83 degrees with a heat index of 89 degrees at 7:30am
and we will have humidity added in today
which we didn't have yesterday with
air quality alert issued for people with breathing problems.
Plus there is a water shortage in Delaware just North of here.
They are banning people from watering their lawns.
Water restrictions will be in place til July 6th.
They say the reservoir is down to August levels
and it's only June.  They are concerned if we don't get
rain soon that the company will have problems
supplying water to it's customers.

I'm sitting here with a heating pad
on my neck and left shoulder already this morning.
I can't seem to shake this pain in my neck and left
shoulder.  Right before bed I had put 5 small
hot/medicated patches around my neck
and left shoulder.  Obviously that didn't work.
I've already popped a few ibuprofen this morning
upon opening my eyes up.  It's been three days now
dealing with this stiffness and pain.
It's putting a damper on wanting to work on my basement
and getting other things done.

Oh goodie.  Now I've got the cat playing with the 
cord and controller hanging off me from
the heating pad trying to knock it off my shoulder.
He's been a shyster here lately in the mornings.
I shooed him off the cord and
now he's gone into the kitchen and is trying
to claw open a new bag of cat food.  His food
bowl is completely full with the same stuff
so who knows why he is doing it.
And now there he goes with a snot tissue
I just wiped a drippy nose with.
I tossed it over to the trash can but missed
and he was nice enough to retrieve it for me
and run off and play with it. 



I'm down to less than a half loaf of bread so are
in the process of making homemade bread loaves today.
1 cup warm water (free)
3 Tablespoons sugar (.02 cents)
1.5 teaspoons salt (.02 cents)
3 Tablespoons vegetable or olive oil (.02 cents)
3 cups flour (.15 cents)
2 1/4 teaspoons rapid rise yeast (.25 cents)
Additional seasonings I added not included in the original recipe- garlic powder, oregano & onion powder. (.04 cents)
compared to $1.00 for a loaf of Kroger bread. 

Put everything into bread machine
in the order listed above.
I set the machine on the pizza dough cycle
so it won't bake in there. 

You may want to turn your crock pot on 
before hand on low before placing your dough
in there so it has a warm environment.
You'll need to grease your crock pot and put your

shaped loaf in there or put it in a loaf pan
if it will fit in the crock.
To keep it from getting a too crispy of
a bottom set a wire rack in the bottom of
the crock.  If you don't have one you can
using canning rings. 
Next take a very sharp knife and 
cut a slit down the center.
Place a towel on top of the crock and then
your lid.  Prop the lid slightly with a toothpick
to allow it to vent.  Cook for 1.5 to 2 hours.
Don't peek in to check until about the
1.5 hour mark!


It is 90 degrees with a heat index of 95
according to

Getting my second crock pot set up for
some chicken.  I'm thinking about some
chicken salad sandwiches with mayo, celery, onion,
and pickles for supper tonight
on homemade bread with lettuce and tomato.


Just peeked out in the mailbox after not
retrieving my mail yesterday and the electric
bill had arrived for the past month.
Oh yeah, I'm not gonna like next month's bill
if this past month shot up by $60.
It's $164.  Cry!
I'm gonna guess now and say July's bill
will be around $250, just a guess though
and I hope I'm wrong and it's much less.

Come on rain and cooler temps!!!
I'm sure everyone is doing a rain dance right about now.

Refilled the birdbath and water bowl
and gave the birds and squirrels
some old French bread that went bad
a couple days after purchasing it.

I cannot afford to water the grass and some plants,
only the vegetable garden, petunias at the front door step,
hydrangeas and sometimes the pear trees.
Everything else will have to go without.
I think I've lost most of my petunias yesterday
in the backyard flower bed and the Hostas
are starting to turn yellow and die.

Any grass that is in direct sunlight is dead.
We have some green in the shaded areas.
The good thing is that we don't have to mow.

Trees are taking a hit considering it
is only June and dead leaves are falling
like it's Fall.

 Wanted to show you my free swing cushions
I got at my honey's work.  A resident left behind
a swing similar to mine and I snatched the cushions.
I could of got the shade top for my swing also
but those were a pain, tearing and causing
the swing to tip over when it got windy.
The cushions could use a cleaning 
but I'll wait with doing that.



We now have an excessive heat warning
for about 2/3rds of the state including Columbus til 8pm. says to expect the heat index to
reach or exceed 110 degrees!!!

My bread is done and I've now got the skinned chicken
in the crock with a touch of water and a tablespoon
of Better Than Boullion.   Gave the kids lunch of 
leftovers from last night's supper fried
all together in a skillet like hash.

While in the kitchen cooking I snapped a couple
photos of what my backyard looked like
with all the birds and squirrels.
Poor things are probably dehydrated and can't find 
any food at the moment.
They are loving the French bread and water!!
Looks like a party going on out there with them.
Picture quality ain't the greatest when taking
pics through the kitchen window
and past a Kroger bag on my clothesline
holding clothespins.

I called Tony at work.
He said he and his boss felt about 50 raindrops!
I said you sure some birds didn't fly overhead
and pee on you? 

We are at a slight risk for a severe thunderstorm
so keep up the rain dances!



Neighbor's squirrels across street.
There's about 4-5, 7?  I lost count of them out playing today.
These are not the same 3-4 squirrels
from my yard.  She also puts out food
and water for squirrels, birds and stray cats.
Enlarge on bottom right corner for a better view.



It's 97 degrees.
With the heat index it feels like 102 degrees.



Batten down the hatches! A severe thunderstorm
with a bow echo with Columbus being at the center
of the bow is heading straight for us!!
It is currently 96 and feels like 104 degrees
with the storm almost here.
They are saying straight line winds
could reach 80 miles an hour!
This ain't gonna be good.
I called Tony who is getting ready to come
home from work and told him to
hang out at work and he's being
stubborn and said no.  I hope he does!
Warnings are going off on all tvs and channels.
Cameras almost dead.  Will show photos
later on if I can get back on.
Keep safe!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012



Red Flag Warning for Columbus & surrounding areas.

This means conditions are ripe for fires with the drought we've
been having.  Please refrain from setting off fireworks,
having a fire in the fire pit, burning brush,
throwing cigarettes on ground, parking vehicles
near tall grass, etc.

This picture shows you the grass near the pool we were
at last night.  Dead, yellow and crispy.

I'm still suffering from a very stiff neck from sleeping wrong
the other day.   My shoulders and shoulder blades even hurt.
Oh my goodness!  I can't turn my head.  I have to turn my whole
body instead.  I have taken ibuprofen which does nothing to
alleviate the pain or stiffness.   Was trying to research to 
see if there was some relief for it.  I did find out that
when you get this condition it is called Torticollis.
They say you can get it during Summer months when
you have the windows open at night when sleeping.
The temperature drops in the early morning
which causes the neck muscles to stiffen and cramp
and not go away for awhile.
The other morning the temps got down to 
about 52 degrees or less and I did have the windows open
with the fan going so that may have been the culprit.
Might try a hot shower, heating pad or some of 
those heat patches.  I'll probably be the only person
looking for heat today while everyone else
is looking to cool off.


I actually went out and watered my two pear trees
this morning.  I don't think I've had to really 
water these trees since planting them 
3 years ago.  The other day I noticed that
the one in the front yard had a pear fall from it.
So, worried that I would lose more pears
before fully ripened, I gave them a good
drink of water. 

I just posted these hot peppers the other day
when they were green.  They are now red and
ready for pickin'.  Who wants to be first
and bite into them, lol.  I don't remember
if these are chili or ceyenne.


Got the air conditioner on 76 degrees,
hung up either small, lap blankets or towels on
ALL windows with clothespins to block out sunlight
to keep it dark and cool in here today.
Got the sun shade out of the truck and put

it in the window that is facing the sun
at the moment, then put the blind down over
it and have a small blanket over the blind.
And then have all fans blowing full speed
to keep cool air circulated throughout the house.
When you don't have the money
to put the ac on 69 then this is what you do
to keep your air conditioner from working
so hard and raising your electric bill so much.
Whenever you think 76 or 77 degrees is too hot
to keep your home then stick your head outside
when it hits 90 and 100 degrees and see
which temperature you would prefer.
Will keep an eye out for more of these
car sun shades for cheap.
Do what ya gotta do with what ya have to do it with
to help cut costs!

Another cheap and easy way to deflect the heat away from the 
windows in your home is to cover cardboard the size of
your windows with aluminum foil and secure them
to the outside of your windows during a heatwave.
This will reflect 97% of radiant heat away from your windows.
But it has to be on the outside!


Got the meatloaf made and carrots cut
up and put into the crock.
I seared the meatloaf on the top
and bottom before putting in the crock.
92 degrees out heading to about 100 degrees by 5:00pm.
I have our house dark to keep it cool in here.


It's 98 degrees outside with a heat index of 101 degrees. 

I was reading an article about where your used clothing
goes once you donate it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
Think twice before you think it ends up
going to the needy!  
"Used clothing is now the United States number one
export by volume, with the overwhelming majority
sent to ports in sub-Saharan Africa."

The Salvation Army and Goodwill:
Inside the places your donated clothing goes to.

The True Price of Cheap Clothes.



99 degrees with a 103 heat index.
This is according to my zip code


Me and the boys watched Haunted Collector
and School Spirits today that I recorded on the
DVR from yesterday.  At 4:00pm
on Animal Planet they have The Haunted.
Lol, I'm sure they will be ready for bed this
evening after watching all theses shows with me. 

5:00pm says it's 101 degrees 
and feels like 104 degrees outside.
This was the first time I've noticed a little
struggle with the air conditioner which is
probably expected with this high of temps.
Ac is set at 76 and as soon as it hit
77 in here it kicks on and brings it back
down to 76.  It's now saying 78
which signals the struggle with the heat outside. 
Tony just got home.  The first time
the door has been opened since this morning.



So worth waiting for!
This meal was all made in the crock pot today.
I put the already boiled potatoes on top
the meatloaf 30 minutes before the meat
and carrots were done to heat them through
considering they had been siting in the fridge.
Something I was finally able to eat without problems,
I tried to eat a bologna sandwich for lunch
today and that didn't work in my favor.


The ac is still struggling to come down off 78 degrees.



Took the kids swimming this evening.
This was the temperature as we were pulling up
getting ready to park.

I love watching and learning about hauntings
and paranormal things.  Some people don't believe
while some do.  For those that don't think ghosts or 
the paranormal exists then why is it that in some
states when selling a home you must disclose
to the buyer if your home is haunted
or if there has been any deaths in the home.
If ghosts are a figment of people's imaginations 
then why are there laws
concerning this matter where if you don't tell
the buyers and they find out the hard way,
then the sellers can be slapped with a lawsuit.
Just a thought I had tonight for those nonbelievers.

Haunted America: Haunted Homes in the U.S. & Real Estate Disclose Laws: To Tell or Not to Tell

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



I'm in worry mode so that makes
me babble lots more to feel better.
Keeping it bottled up doesn't help
but talking about it does.

People wonder why I just cringe when they tell me
to go to the doctor's anymore.  Doctor's charge
an arm and a leg even with insurance
and I'm nothing but nubs anymore.
$1.00 to me is considered a lot of money.
Yesterday I got very upset because one of
my children poured a large glass of milk
down the drain.  Milk is like liquid gold to me. 

We cut back everywhere!  We scrape, we scrounge,
buy used, dumpster dive, yard sale, flea market,
curb crawl, get freebies,
shop mark downs & sales, use coupons, scrap metal
and do a lot of work ourselves instead of
paying someone else unless absolutely necessary
if we don't have the know how.

The first of the month is getting nearer
which means time to pay bills, cringe!
Doctor bills have killed us the past couple of years
and I'm still far behind with them.  It seems
like I can't get ahead.  I looked back at my records
and for the past 2.5 years I have paid $4510
to doctors.  By the end of last year
it literally put us broke trying to keep doctors happy!
And while they were using that money to pay
on fancy houses and exotic sports cars
I'm still trying to get our heads above water.  
And I would like to add in that
2.5 years which is 30 months times $600 a month for
health insurance is $18,000 we have paid for as well.
I'm tired of the phone ringing to the point I don't
answer it.  I'm tired of the harassing letters
from doctors.  I now have to resort to borrowing
money to pay off the last of my doctor bills
so this will all stop!  And by borrowing I mean from family,
not a loan with interest!  Something I can pay off over time
when I do have some money here and there or at tax time.  Borrowing money is not something I am proud of doing and it eats away at me for having to even think or do it.  It makes you feel like you've reached rock bottom.  I fear they will try
to garnish wages in the near future which
would hurts us LOTS at this point in time and I do NOT 
want it to get that far.  We had that happen once
about 10 years ago.  It's not like I haven't tried my best
to pay them because I have!  I mean look, I have paid
over $4,000 on doctor bills and that is 
LOTS for a one family income.

In August I have a checkup appointment
with the digestive doctor.  Then I need another
prescription for my meds.  Still not sure how I would
pay for them.  We now have a mail order prescription
plan and have to get a three month's supply of each
medicine that they consider life time meds.
That's over $300 for that wanted up
front for me to get ONE medicine for three months.  
That's a big chunk of change!

I have had swallowing problems when eating which
has gotten worse this last week happening every day.
Food becomes lodged in my throat to the
point it makes me vomit.
I've read it could be from having a small esophagus.  
I just deal with it and have for a couple years now.
I'm sure the digestive doctor would have a solution
for it but solutions cost money.  
I've tried eating slower, chewing food more,
drinking lots with my meals and it doesn't always work.
Breads, pastas and rice are the main culprits.
While others go out and get every ailment fixed
I suffer with mine and just deal with most
or try to find a home remedy for it.

So when you see me with a smile on my face
don't assume everything's all hunky dorey because it
is not.  We hall have our struggles in life and try
to get through it the best we can.  I may brag about some of
our accomplishments or finds.  We work very hard to get them
so have a reason to brag.  It's not to look like
we've got better than someone else because we do not!
We use our know how, experience and imagination to
get things for free or cheap.  It's our lifestyle,
the way we have to live with what little we have.  
We are proud of what we have and what we can accomplish
with very little.
It's not our choice, it's survival, it's life for
those who have not been born with a silver
spoon in their mouths.


I know it's supposed to get to 89 degrees today
according to
Still don't have the air conditioner turned back on.
Watching the temperature in here and outside to decide when
to turn back on.  Every little bit of not having to run
that electric hog helps and I know it's going to turn 
very hot for the next week with it running
and me cringing every time it comes on.
It's 77 outside and in and the moment.


Just turned on air conditioner to 77 degrees.
I was originally going to turn it on last night
but decided against it.  I've now managed to
to save another 12 hours of electricity
by not using the ac til the next day.

Mom took me over to the bank this morning
then got us some sandwiches from KFC for lunch.
That was nice of her.  That means I can now
push our leftovers from last night that was going
to be used today for lunch, into tomorrow.
Plus she brought over 4-6 pounds of
deer burger and deer roast. 
Will work on coming up with some recipes
to make out of it.
Was thinking about Country Meatloaf & Potato Casserole
from an Amish cookbook that I downloaded free.

The cat has lost his mind.  Ok that's nothing new.
Something to make me laugh.
I gave him a tiny piece of chicken and he turned
his nose up to it.  He prefers to play with a
wadded up wrapper off the chicken sandwich instead.
He's been batting and carrying it around in his mouth. 
He's been very wound up today for some reason.
I have a big stack of doctor bills sitting next to 
me on the floor that I've been going through.  What does he do?
Decides it would be fun to see if he can run through
them then bat them all over the floor.  AHHH!
Wish he'd pee on them then I could send
the doctors a little love with some added perfume, lol.


From WBNS10TV-
For Thursday 6-28-12

The National Weather Service has issued a HEAT ADVISORY for Columbus and areas south of west of the metro area. Also, we will be under a high risk for fires tomorrow given the recent dry weather and extremely low relative humidity levels tomorrow. Stay with 10TV for the latest on this dangerous heat.

Hoping to get a better night's sleep tonight.
A neighbor across the roadway was setting off
fireworks last night.  While I didn't mind
them at 9 & 10:00pm, the one he set off
at 1:00am that sounded like a grand finale
was a little much for people who had to get up
early the next morning to go to work. 


Think I might make a crock pot meatloaf tomorrow.
There's no way I'm turning on the oven when
we could possibly get triple digit temps!

2 pounds deer burger
 1/2 cup stuffing mix
(don't have crackers or extra bread)
3/4 cup bbq sauce
(don't have any cream soups or extra ketchup)
dehydrated onions 
salt, pepper
mashed potatoes

Winging this as I've never made meatloaf in the 
crock pot before and I am combining several
recipes together along with a few ideas
of my own to make this.

Mix all ingredients together except for potatoes
and carrots.  Place meat mixture in meatloaf pan
or shape into a loaf without pan.
If you don't use a loaf pan you could
sear the outside of your meatloaf in a skillet
on all sides first before putting into crock
to help hold it together better when cooking.
In bottom of the crock add a little water
and place baby or cut up carrots in bottom.
Then place meatloaf on top.
Cook 3-5 hours on high.
About 30-40 minutes before being done
mix up your mashed potatoes
and evenly spread them over top
the meatloaf.  Continue cooking til done. 



Was out in the garden giving all the veggies
a good soaking before the extreme heat tomorrow.
I started hearing lots of squealing tires
then BOOM!  Made me jump up and peek over
the fence to see where a car and Explorer
collided at the intersection behind us.
Didn't appear that anyone was hurt
since they all got out and was walking around.
The really sucky part was the Explorer
was within about 20-30 feet of getting
home and pulling in his driveway.
That would just ruin your day wouldn't
it to be that close to getting home
and get into an accident. 

Taking the boys to the pool this evening after supper
since it's not too bad out today.
Having hot dogs for supper topped
with pickle, onions, tomato, cheese,
mustard and ketchup.


Just once I would like to eat something
and not have it get stuck in my throat!!
It's not like I'm choking or anything like that.
The food, after chewing and swallowing,
just won't move down my throat. 
I don't know if I have weak throat muscles
or what the problem is.
Sometimes the sick feeling comes on it's
own while other times I have to get sick
just to relieve the stabbing pain it causes.
It's really hard to explain.

I can't even eat two hot dogs without getting sick!
So much for eating supper tonight.



Just got home from the pool.
I didn't swim tonight but the boys did.
I can't believe how nice it is outside this
evening and how miserable it's going to be tomorrow.
I missed my Haunted Collector show
but made it home in time to catch 
School Spirits.  That new show started last
week and it was pretty good.  Kinda reminded
me of Haunted.
Well I'm going to head to bed soon to watch tv but
going to try and find something to eat first.
I'm hungry without anything in my belly since
about lunch since supper didn't go over too well with me.
I've had a stiff neck and shoulders today
from sleeping wrong I guess.  It sucks when that
happens because it can take days to go away. 
Nighty night.