Friday, June 29, 2012



It's gonna be another hot one today.
95 degrees with a heat index of 100 to 105 degrees.
I stepped outside this morning and found the 
air really thick and it was hard for me to breathe.
It's 83 degrees with a heat index of 89 degrees at 7:30am
and we will have humidity added in today
which we didn't have yesterday with
air quality alert issued for people with breathing problems.
Plus there is a water shortage in Delaware just North of here.
They are banning people from watering their lawns.
Water restrictions will be in place til July 6th.
They say the reservoir is down to August levels
and it's only June.  They are concerned if we don't get
rain soon that the company will have problems
supplying water to it's customers.

I'm sitting here with a heating pad
on my neck and left shoulder already this morning.
I can't seem to shake this pain in my neck and left
shoulder.  Right before bed I had put 5 small
hot/medicated patches around my neck
and left shoulder.  Obviously that didn't work.
I've already popped a few ibuprofen this morning
upon opening my eyes up.  It's been three days now
dealing with this stiffness and pain.
It's putting a damper on wanting to work on my basement
and getting other things done.

Oh goodie.  Now I've got the cat playing with the 
cord and controller hanging off me from
the heating pad trying to knock it off my shoulder.
He's been a shyster here lately in the mornings.
I shooed him off the cord and
now he's gone into the kitchen and is trying
to claw open a new bag of cat food.  His food
bowl is completely full with the same stuff
so who knows why he is doing it.
And now there he goes with a snot tissue
I just wiped a drippy nose with.
I tossed it over to the trash can but missed
and he was nice enough to retrieve it for me
and run off and play with it. 



I'm down to less than a half loaf of bread so are
in the process of making homemade bread loaves today.
1 cup warm water (free)
3 Tablespoons sugar (.02 cents)
1.5 teaspoons salt (.02 cents)
3 Tablespoons vegetable or olive oil (.02 cents)
3 cups flour (.15 cents)
2 1/4 teaspoons rapid rise yeast (.25 cents)
Additional seasonings I added not included in the original recipe- garlic powder, oregano & onion powder. (.04 cents)
compared to $1.00 for a loaf of Kroger bread. 

Put everything into bread machine
in the order listed above.
I set the machine on the pizza dough cycle
so it won't bake in there. 

You may want to turn your crock pot on 
before hand on low before placing your dough
in there so it has a warm environment.
You'll need to grease your crock pot and put your

shaped loaf in there or put it in a loaf pan
if it will fit in the crock.
To keep it from getting a too crispy of
a bottom set a wire rack in the bottom of
the crock.  If you don't have one you can
using canning rings. 
Next take a very sharp knife and 
cut a slit down the center.
Place a towel on top of the crock and then
your lid.  Prop the lid slightly with a toothpick
to allow it to vent.  Cook for 1.5 to 2 hours.
Don't peek in to check until about the
1.5 hour mark!


It is 90 degrees with a heat index of 95
according to

Getting my second crock pot set up for
some chicken.  I'm thinking about some
chicken salad sandwiches with mayo, celery, onion,
and pickles for supper tonight
on homemade bread with lettuce and tomato.


Just peeked out in the mailbox after not
retrieving my mail yesterday and the electric
bill had arrived for the past month.
Oh yeah, I'm not gonna like next month's bill
if this past month shot up by $60.
It's $164.  Cry!
I'm gonna guess now and say July's bill
will be around $250, just a guess though
and I hope I'm wrong and it's much less.

Come on rain and cooler temps!!!
I'm sure everyone is doing a rain dance right about now.

Refilled the birdbath and water bowl
and gave the birds and squirrels
some old French bread that went bad
a couple days after purchasing it.

I cannot afford to water the grass and some plants,
only the vegetable garden, petunias at the front door step,
hydrangeas and sometimes the pear trees.
Everything else will have to go without.
I think I've lost most of my petunias yesterday
in the backyard flower bed and the Hostas
are starting to turn yellow and die.

Any grass that is in direct sunlight is dead.
We have some green in the shaded areas.
The good thing is that we don't have to mow.

Trees are taking a hit considering it
is only June and dead leaves are falling
like it's Fall.

 Wanted to show you my free swing cushions
I got at my honey's work.  A resident left behind
a swing similar to mine and I snatched the cushions.
I could of got the shade top for my swing also
but those were a pain, tearing and causing
the swing to tip over when it got windy.
The cushions could use a cleaning 
but I'll wait with doing that.



We now have an excessive heat warning
for about 2/3rds of the state including Columbus til 8pm. says to expect the heat index to
reach or exceed 110 degrees!!!

My bread is done and I've now got the skinned chicken
in the crock with a touch of water and a tablespoon
of Better Than Boullion.   Gave the kids lunch of 
leftovers from last night's supper fried
all together in a skillet like hash.

While in the kitchen cooking I snapped a couple
photos of what my backyard looked like
with all the birds and squirrels.
Poor things are probably dehydrated and can't find 
any food at the moment.
They are loving the French bread and water!!
Looks like a party going on out there with them.
Picture quality ain't the greatest when taking
pics through the kitchen window
and past a Kroger bag on my clothesline
holding clothespins.

I called Tony at work.
He said he and his boss felt about 50 raindrops!
I said you sure some birds didn't fly overhead
and pee on you? 

We are at a slight risk for a severe thunderstorm
so keep up the rain dances!



Neighbor's squirrels across street.
There's about 4-5, 7?  I lost count of them out playing today.
These are not the same 3-4 squirrels
from my yard.  She also puts out food
and water for squirrels, birds and stray cats.
Enlarge on bottom right corner for a better view.



It's 97 degrees.
With the heat index it feels like 102 degrees.



Batten down the hatches! A severe thunderstorm
with a bow echo with Columbus being at the center
of the bow is heading straight for us!!
It is currently 96 and feels like 104 degrees
with the storm almost here.
They are saying straight line winds
could reach 80 miles an hour!
This ain't gonna be good.
I called Tony who is getting ready to come
home from work and told him to
hang out at work and he's being
stubborn and said no.  I hope he does!
Warnings are going off on all tvs and channels.
Cameras almost dead.  Will show photos
later on if I can get back on.
Keep safe!!

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