Saturday, June 9, 2012



Got up at 7:30am and did a bunch of running around.
When we got home the internet, phone and cable was out
til not long ago.  I put my camera on charge this morning
hoping it would be charged when I got home
and I must not of plugged it in all the way
because it was flashing.  So are awaiting for it to charge
and have no pics.

First stop was the scrap place.
We didn't think we'd get but $20 to $30
if we were lucky.  It was probably the least
amount of scrap we'd ever taken.
1 pounds of aluminum scrap
14 pounds brass
7 pounds copper
14 pounds aluminum cans

Made $46.37
All the scrap combined together 
(minus the cans) didn't even fill a 
5 gallon bucket!

I put that check and the last check we got
from scrapping metal in the bank.
In the last month we've made about $113
off piddly pieces of scrap metal.
All free money from things that would
have otherwise been thrown out.

Went to a few yard sales.
I didn't find many sales.
The only things I bought
was a Harley Davidson Christmas ornament
for my father-in-law for .25 cents
and a small trinket box in the shape
of an old time wooden toolbox with tools on it
for Tony for Christmas .50 cents.
And I bought the boys a bunch of late 70's early 80's
matchbox cars for .10 cents each.
Those brought back some memories
because I used to have some of them
when I was younger.

Next stop was Dollar Tree.
I got 2 double packs of rain ponchos,
4 for $2.00.  Need these in case it rains
at the track.  You are not allowed to have umbrellas.
I got three boxes of powdered drink sticks
made by Wyler and Hawaiian Punch sugar-free
to put in water bottles.  24 packs total was $3.00.

1 package of flour tortillas $1.00
to make tortilla roll ups.

I told the kids to put a water bottle in their coolers
because once their pop ran out at the track they can go to
the restroom and refill the water bottles for
free and add a packet of flavoring to them.
I know how expensive drinks and food can be at
events and we are NOT buying any there
and will take what we need with us.

I got 4 bags of party mix chips that had a variety
of chips like corn chips, doritos, pretzels, crackers
all in each bag mixed together.
Cost $4.00 for 4.

Our lunch for the track on Sunday that I'll make will be-
-Ham and cheese tortilla roll ups with
cream cheese and ranch spread.
-bag of snack mix chips
-I'll make some homemade oatmeal cookies
using a betty crocker cookie mix I have in the
pantry that I got for next to nothing.
-flavored water & pop.

 Supper Saturday & Sunday-
-ham and cheese sandwiches
-Summer sausage & crackers
-pop & flavored water

Breakfasts will be provided by the hotel
both days.  Might snatch up a few extra breakfast things
to take to the track with us for free.

The last stop was Kroger to buy groceries.
Got things like cream cheese (on sale),
Big K canned pop (had coupon for),
cheese slices (had coupon for).

I found a ton of pork chops marked down at Kroger.  
I got 7 packages 
(each had about 6 pork chops in each one)
for $1.40 to $1.60 each!!
I gave mom three of those packs. 
In return all I wanted was some deer burger
but she insisted on paying for them as well.

I'm so tired and my body is aching.
I did stock up on some yogurt while in Kroger
to help my digestive track since I am
not currently taking my meds since I am
almost out of them.
I have about 11 pills left.

We did stop in Speedway while out to get something 
to drink.  They now have any size fountain drink
or slushies for .99 cents each.
While in there I was going to try and get our
FREE $100 gas card with our points
we have accumulated.
The machine didn't seem to want to 
work and scan our cards.
Oh, well there are plenty other Speedways to
try again.  Definitely need some FREE gas
for our trip.  

I think now we pretty much have everything
we need for out trip.  Now I'm going to take
a big tote and set it in the living room and
start putting the things we'll be taking into it so it
will be much easier finding things when
we start packing.  Like this afternoon we rounded
up everyone a pair of sunglasses and now we're looking for
everyone a baseball cap or a visor.  Something
to keep the sun out of our eyes.

I got to go lay down or something.
I'm just so tired at the moment.
I don't know if all the running around today
wore me out or what. 



I didn't take a nap for very long earlier.
One of the kids went to play in the basement
and cranked up a stereo that vibrated the floor and walls
under my bedroom.  Grrrr.
Got up still so tired and body aching.
Tony got the oil changed in the truck
and I cleaned the carpet in the back of the truck.
While out earlier today Tony brought along a thermos
style pot of coffee which spilled all over the back end.
Then I decided to spread the last back of
mulch in the rose bed.  I just wanted it to be done with. 
I think it has taken me two weeks to get this all done.

A before pic.

Now praying that all 14 different varieties of roses grow!
I have a bunch of starter newspapers pots
that I planted wildflower and Four O' Clock seeds in
along with I think Peaches N' Cream Hollyhocks
that I'll put in there also if I get them to grow.

I would really, really love to have a garden 
that is filled with roses intertwined with 
Blue Queen Sage Salvia and Zinnias.
I have loved the look of the Salvia and
have been wanting to get some seeds to grow it.
A few photo inspirations.
Blue Queen Salvia

 Salvia with pink Zinnias.


I'm heading to bed.  I am sooo tired it ain't funny.
My butt has been dragging since about 5:00pm
and I don't know how I've made it this long.
Nighty night.

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