Friday, June 15, 2012



While strolling through garden this morning
I found not one but TWO four leaf clovers
on one plant.  That's three I found this week so far.
I'm growing as much luck as I can get out
in the garden, lol.



Packing the truck for a trip is not fun.
I'm sure I will forget something.
Making sure to pack light colored clothing,
sunscreen, sunglasses and baseball caps/visors
because I'm sure it's gonna be hot for a couple days,
at least in the 90's for Saturday and Monday.
The temps at the track Sunday is supposed
to be 83 degrees, 40% chance of rain with
scattered thunderstorms.  I'm hoping the thunderstorms
come in the morning hours to keep the temps down.
Pre-race starts at noon.  The race will
probably start around 1:00pm or a little later.



Packing away, seeing what I need to take like
medicines like heartburn pills,
ibuprofen, prescriptions along with toiletry items.
I happened upon a brand new bottle of
my prescription medicine good for 2 months!
I thought I was almost out of medicine.
You just don't know how happy that made me
because I cannot afford my Crohn's meds at $100+ 
for a month's supply
at the moment, and they really help lots
with my pain, inflammation and diarhea.
After a couple days of taking my meds once again
I can actually feel a difference in my hip pain
and the throbbing inflammation all over my body.
Not saying I'm 100% but I do feel better today. 
Still eating a yogurt each day. 
I was starting to feel as though I was
going downhill without my meds the last
couple of weeks.



Just got up from a nap.  Still trying to wake up.
Need to splash some cold water in my face or something.
I said earlier I was feeling better.  I meant with pain
but not the tiredness.  Hopefully that goes away
once my meds start to get back into my system again.
Have lots to still do.
I'll probably shut down the computer later on tonight
before bed so I can pack it up.  After that I probably
won't be on again til after we get to our hotel
Saturday after 3:00pm.
I should have some pics to share by then
of Maumee Bay Lake Erie.

Well I have to finish packing our suitcases.
I've spent most of the day finishing up laundry.
And I still have to make some cookies
and tortilla roll ups.



Why is it when I'm home, running to the grocery store,
or wherever it is we may go, I just throw on clothes
to go and don't give a hoot.  When I go on a trip I have to try on
a ton of clothes just to find three simple outfits.
I think Tony's about ready to smack me if I say,
"how's this look" one more time.
Well that wasted about an hour, lol. 
It's a redneck NASCAR race for Pete's sake
not a Cinderella Ball, lol.

Ok my clothes and Jonathan's are packed.
Still need two outfits for Christopher and
another shirt for Tony and I'll be done 
with packing clothes.
My head's in a fog.  My sinuses are stopped up
and I feel like I could go lie down again.

Still have food to make



Eating a late supper.
Still have to run to the gas station to put gas
into the truck.  Maybe get chips and Little Debbies
for snacks on the road and some ice for the cooler.
I got the flowers and veggies soaked down good
this evening.
Still have to make tortillas
and give three hair cuts tonight
and throw everyone in the shower.
It's gonna be a long night and an early wake up call.

Tony found me an Allegra allergy pill to take
to try and clear my head.  It was a freebies I got
earlier this year.  Hope it's ok to take with my
other medicine.  Too late now to ask, lol.



Just got back from getting $50 worth of free gas
($50 gets you 13 gallons of gas),
a large bag of ice for the cooler, Little Debbies and also found
Frito chips at Kroger on sale was $3.49
on sale for $1.99.   


Got both boys hair cuts and in the shower.
Tony is starting to put our suit cases and other
bags in the truck.  I still have to cut his hair.
Then still have tortillas to make.
Don't feel like I'm making any headway
considering what time it is.
My head feels as though it could explode
with sinus pressure.
Is it really worth all this trouble to be able
to go on a vacation???


I am done for now til tomorrow morning
when I grab the last couple of items needed
from fridge and freezers, get pillows and blankets,
the fan (gotta have a fan running at night to sleep)
and the computers.

I had been worried about neighborhood teeny boppers

scoping out the place trying to steal things while gone.
We made sure everything of importance is put away
in the shed and the shed is padlocked.
They have gotten into our shed before 
and stole a bike so I don't put it past them 
to try it again.
This year I found a new in package
magnetic alarm for .25 cents.
I put that bugger to use and installed it on the
inside of the shed doors.
If someone opens the doors it will
screech out a loud alarm.
Nothing major but if I heard an alarm sounding
I know I wouldn't be sticking around to see what kind it was.
Plus we have the security cameras going,
motion activated security lights
and plan to park Tony's car's nose right up agains
the gates to the carport so no one can
swing them open.  Plus the neighbor said
he's watch over our home and has both
our cell numbers should there be a problem.

Well all it's going on 11:00pm and I need
to get my butt in bed and take my meds.
6:30am is going to come really early.
Time to shut down the ole computer.
Nighty Night.


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