Thursday, June 28, 2012



Red Flag Warning for Columbus & surrounding areas.

This means conditions are ripe for fires with the drought we've
been having.  Please refrain from setting off fireworks,
having a fire in the fire pit, burning brush,
throwing cigarettes on ground, parking vehicles
near tall grass, etc.

This picture shows you the grass near the pool we were
at last night.  Dead, yellow and crispy.

I'm still suffering from a very stiff neck from sleeping wrong
the other day.   My shoulders and shoulder blades even hurt.
Oh my goodness!  I can't turn my head.  I have to turn my whole
body instead.  I have taken ibuprofen which does nothing to
alleviate the pain or stiffness.   Was trying to research to 
see if there was some relief for it.  I did find out that
when you get this condition it is called Torticollis.
They say you can get it during Summer months when
you have the windows open at night when sleeping.
The temperature drops in the early morning
which causes the neck muscles to stiffen and cramp
and not go away for awhile.
The other morning the temps got down to 
about 52 degrees or less and I did have the windows open
with the fan going so that may have been the culprit.
Might try a hot shower, heating pad or some of 
those heat patches.  I'll probably be the only person
looking for heat today while everyone else
is looking to cool off.


I actually went out and watered my two pear trees
this morning.  I don't think I've had to really 
water these trees since planting them 
3 years ago.  The other day I noticed that
the one in the front yard had a pear fall from it.
So, worried that I would lose more pears
before fully ripened, I gave them a good
drink of water. 

I just posted these hot peppers the other day
when they were green.  They are now red and
ready for pickin'.  Who wants to be first
and bite into them, lol.  I don't remember
if these are chili or ceyenne.


Got the air conditioner on 76 degrees,
hung up either small, lap blankets or towels on
ALL windows with clothespins to block out sunlight
to keep it dark and cool in here today.
Got the sun shade out of the truck and put

it in the window that is facing the sun
at the moment, then put the blind down over
it and have a small blanket over the blind.
And then have all fans blowing full speed
to keep cool air circulated throughout the house.
When you don't have the money
to put the ac on 69 then this is what you do
to keep your air conditioner from working
so hard and raising your electric bill so much.
Whenever you think 76 or 77 degrees is too hot
to keep your home then stick your head outside
when it hits 90 and 100 degrees and see
which temperature you would prefer.
Will keep an eye out for more of these
car sun shades for cheap.
Do what ya gotta do with what ya have to do it with
to help cut costs!

Another cheap and easy way to deflect the heat away from the 
windows in your home is to cover cardboard the size of
your windows with aluminum foil and secure them
to the outside of your windows during a heatwave.
This will reflect 97% of radiant heat away from your windows.
But it has to be on the outside!


Got the meatloaf made and carrots cut
up and put into the crock.
I seared the meatloaf on the top
and bottom before putting in the crock.
92 degrees out heading to about 100 degrees by 5:00pm.
I have our house dark to keep it cool in here.


It's 98 degrees outside with a heat index of 101 degrees. 

I was reading an article about where your used clothing
goes once you donate it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
Think twice before you think it ends up
going to the needy!  
"Used clothing is now the United States number one
export by volume, with the overwhelming majority
sent to ports in sub-Saharan Africa."

The Salvation Army and Goodwill:
Inside the places your donated clothing goes to.

The True Price of Cheap Clothes.



99 degrees with a 103 heat index.
This is according to my zip code


Me and the boys watched Haunted Collector
and School Spirits today that I recorded on the
DVR from yesterday.  At 4:00pm
on Animal Planet they have The Haunted.
Lol, I'm sure they will be ready for bed this
evening after watching all theses shows with me. 

5:00pm says it's 101 degrees 
and feels like 104 degrees outside.
This was the first time I've noticed a little
struggle with the air conditioner which is
probably expected with this high of temps.
Ac is set at 76 and as soon as it hit
77 in here it kicks on and brings it back
down to 76.  It's now saying 78
which signals the struggle with the heat outside. 
Tony just got home.  The first time
the door has been opened since this morning.



So worth waiting for!
This meal was all made in the crock pot today.
I put the already boiled potatoes on top
the meatloaf 30 minutes before the meat
and carrots were done to heat them through
considering they had been siting in the fridge.
Something I was finally able to eat without problems,
I tried to eat a bologna sandwich for lunch
today and that didn't work in my favor.


The ac is still struggling to come down off 78 degrees.



Took the kids swimming this evening.
This was the temperature as we were pulling up
getting ready to park.

I love watching and learning about hauntings
and paranormal things.  Some people don't believe
while some do.  For those that don't think ghosts or 
the paranormal exists then why is it that in some
states when selling a home you must disclose
to the buyer if your home is haunted
or if there has been any deaths in the home.
If ghosts are a figment of people's imaginations 
then why are there laws
concerning this matter where if you don't tell
the buyers and they find out the hard way,
then the sellers can be slapped with a lawsuit.
Just a thought I had tonight for those nonbelievers.

Haunted America: Haunted Homes in the U.S. & Real Estate Disclose Laws: To Tell or Not to Tell

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