Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Not having a good morning.
For starters the last couple of days my hip?
has been acting up.  It's the area between my side/hip and
lower back on my left.  It has done this in the past
where it feels like bones are rubbing together
making it difficult to walk, stand up or
even lay down to try and sleep.
Tony keeps telling me to make a doctor's appointment
and I won't.  I'll just deal with it before I fork out
any more money for doctor's. 
It's doctor's that are putting us broke!

Then I go to get on my computer which seems to have
a mind of it's own and not want to work right.
At times I get blank screens and other times I 
can't get programs like Firefox to come up.
Which means I can't get on the internet on my computer
til I figure something out.  I have rebooted several times,
removed the battery and power cord.
 So I am currently playing musical chairs and using
everyone elses computers.

This morning I made some stuffed apples.
I didn't have time to make them yesterday.

I need to figure out when to go out
and dig a few more holes in the flower bed
and get the last of my roses planted today 
because I started soaking their roots yesterday.
I can't hardly walk so I'll have to try really hard
to get it done.  I can do the newspaper weed cover
and mulch another day if need be.

Tonight I'm hoping all goes well with
trying to figure out how to get the truck
put back together. I'm still worried that something 
will go wrong or won't work or parts
won't fit.



It's only taken me since 7:00am
this morning to finally get my computer
somewhat running (in safe mode for the moment).

And in the meantime I have had to deal with
kids.  The third whole day out of school
and I'm ready to knock some heads together!
I don't care if you are my kid or someone
elses kid, if you are in or at my home and act
up, I will say something to you whether you
like it or not!

I finally took some ibuprofen and my
hip is feeling a little better along
with the headache the kids gave me.
Still taking it easy as the ibuprofen only
masks the problem.

I keep telling the kids that after vacation
we are having a major house cleaning party
and will start weeding more crap out of here.
I would love to finally have a family room
in the basement where the kids can go play
with their friends during the Summer
without tearing the rest of the house apart.


Sitting here tinkering with my $10 yard sale Tom Tom.
I've never really gotten the chance to use this
fully yet and decided to map out our trip
and our first stop in Swanton, OH (outside Toledo).
Where was something like this years ago
when I was using a paper map book instead, lol.
I got things planned out like where all the
gas stations and fast foods are should
we need to fill up or need a potty break.
Tony found a car lighter plug USB adapter in
a vacant apartment yesterday which will
come in handy to keep the GPS charged. 
Or I could plug it in to the truck's stereo
that has a USB port.

I got 4 rose bushes planted today.
I'll try to get the other three planted tomorrow.
Hopefully I will have this flower bed
done this week.  I really hope they grow
and it's not a waste of my time!
I think I read it could take 6 to 8 weeks
to see growth on root ball rose bushes after planting.



Started working on the fuel pump assembly tonight.
On the new fuel pumps you have to put on a new
wiring harness (it comes with the pump).
That was a little difficult at first to figure it out
but I did.  Then we worked on getting the clips
in the fuel lines.  Tony was getting flustered with
one of them so I got under the  truck and put them on.
They are a little difficult and you need patience.
May go back to the parts store and get another
clip because the one Tony put on looked a little iffy
and mangled, lol.  Let me tell you when this is all said
and done I could probably change a fuel pump
in a gas tank by myself. 
I'm hoping tomorrow evening we will have it all put
back together.  Then fingers will be crossed, double
and triple crossed that the truck will start and run.

Well it's 9:30pm and I'm gonna chill the rest of the evening
and lay in bed and watch some tv.
My hip is starting to hurt pretty good again.
Maybe I'll fire up the heated mattress pad
to see if that helps any.

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