Monday, June 4, 2012


We were all wore out yesterday after the graduation
and party.  I think we got home around 7:30pm.
Here are some pics from the graduation and
the party at my brother's house.

10 days and counting til MIS.
Our truck is still sitting with it's gas tank 
on the ground and tore apart.  
Our neighbor came over to help
remove the tank Saturday and ended up
breaking all kinds of things from snapping
off two fuel line connectors to the fuel tank
rollover valve.  He says oh it'll be fine and not hard
to fix.  That's easy for him to say because his
mistakes are going to cost us an additional
$50 if not more on top of the cost of the $235
fuel pump.  That's $50+ I don't have on top
of the $235 I'm scraping up for.
Snapped off fuel line connectors are NOT
an easy fix!!  It will either require getting a repair
kit and hopefully getting new complete
ends on the fuel lines (however that's done
and who knows if that requires the 
purchase of more special tools)
or running all new fuel lines
on the truck.  I'm upset with him at the moment
because of his carelessness.  I just asked
for him to help dislodge the tank from the truck
and the next thing I know he is unhooking everything.
We kept telling him he needed specific tools
to unhook the lines and he just ignored us.
Then we told him he couldn't bring the gas tank to
the ground without unhooking everything first
because the lines were not long enough to
reach the ground.  Did he listen, NO!  Snap,
crackle, pop goes the connectors and valve.



Went out into the veggie garden and sprinkled
around the plants for extra protection against
bugs or slugs.  
Now I'm working on figuring out something
for supper to put in the crock with what I 
have in the pantry and freezer.
 I was thinking about making chicken and noodles.
I have leftover fettuccini pasta (free),
and if I needed more pasta I have a box of
fettuccini alfredo Chicken Helper (.79 cents).
Also a small package of chicken leg quarters ($1.85).
Then I have dehydrated onions, chopped up
frozen celery and some leftover whole carrots (free).
Plus chicken bouillion added to the water.
So $2.64 for a big pot of chicken and noodles.
I also found a 1/2 bag of apples I need to use up.
Was thinking about making stuffed apples for dessert.



Got some Zinnias planted in the rose bed.
They are little sprouts that I started in
a zip bag with a moist paper towel.
Might do some more flower seeds directly in the
rose bed.


12:00pm - 2:00pm

7 roses are soaking in a bucket of water.
Got the rest of the grassy area of the flower
bed dug up and graded out then
dug  a few more holes.
FYI this are gets full sun in morning to
early afternoon then the rest of the
day it is half shaded.

I then worked on my tomatoes
and trimmed off any bottom leaves
that were hanging on the ground.
Don't need those to get diseased from
water or whatever and end up ruining the whole plant.
Then I trimmed out some suckers and
twisted the plants more around the twine trellises.

An example of one of my tomato plants
with too many leaves on the ground.
These are cherry tomatoes.

Another tomato plant all trimmed up
and twisted on the twine.
This is a Beef Master Tomato.
A baby Bell Pepper.

A baby Hot Banana Pepper.

I've had up to four additional kids over here
today on top of my own.
I have gotten stricter with rules and visiting children
because I feel like some parents think
I'm a free babysitter in the past
by sending their kids to my home for hours
and hours on end every day.
And those parents don't check on their children
or have a certain time for their children to come home.

Tony is getting off a half hour early today
so we can go to the parts store and try
and work on the truck some more.
10 days and counting.
Seems like a lot of time but it's not
when it's something this major
to try and figure out on our own.
I've done lots of research and read many
things pertaining to this situation that
I feel like I'm studying for a test!

He stopped in one Advance Auto stores today
and asked them about fuel connectors
to replace the ones that were broken on our truck.
They had no clue what he was talking about.
I don't know where they get these
people that work at parts store because
some of them have no clue about working
on vehicles.  About like the time we asked
for lug nuts at Advance Auto and they didn't
even know what a lug nut was!!
I $h!t you not!  True story! 

Please pray that we get this truck fixed
because if we have to get a rental
vehicle to go on a vacation, that's pretty
much paid for and can't back out of, 
I'm not going to be a happy camper
or talk to my neighbor for quite some time! 
I'm already scraping up money as it is.



 We stopped by Napa and Advance to see
what advice they could give about the
broken fuel line connectors and ask
about the repair ends.  Well Napa doesn't
carry them so off to Advance we go.
It's more like Advance to jail, do not
pass go and do not collect $200.
Those people have no clue!
Tony bought something that he thought
he could use to remove the broken connectors
with and we left with just that.

When we got back home I saw the neighbor outside
and I told him we can't work on the truck to get
it fixed because of the snapped connectors
to the fuel lines.  
(In other words get your butt back
over here and fix what you broke)
That worked because he was under the truck
getting those broken connectors out of the
fuel lines.   Not sure how he did it
all I know is that I have been so stressed
out about a truck sitting on jacks with a dropped
fuel tank, broken fuel connectors, broken valve
and a fuel pump that doesn't work
with only less than 10 days til our vacation.

So here we go again back over to Advance
now that we seem to be on track with no
broken connectors in the fuel lines
and can start buying the actual parts we need
such as clips to put back in the fuel line
connectors because neighbor mangled ours
to get out the broken connectors.
I didn't care at this point because they 
can be replaced cheaply.
I also take back the thingy that Tony bought
that was never opened.

So I start asking the employee there for
the other parts I needed.
I asked if they had the rollover fuel tank vent valve
and you should have seen the look on their face
like I was talking in a foreign language.
If I could search and find it online
why in the world then can't they search
and find it on their computers in the store.
Then we asked about other parts we needed.
Well they don't have those in stock

and the nearest store that does  is either in the hood
or up on 161.  We opted for 161.
Back in the car we go again.
We saw an O'Reily's Auto parts store along the way
and thought what the heck, let's go in
there and see if they know their stuff
and see if they have the parts I need.
I don't usually shop at O'Reilys but
will have to say this,
they seem the most knowledgeable
among the three parts stores we visited this evening!!
They knew what I was talking about
and was able to find it on their computers.
All but one thing was in stock.
They said they could order it and it would
get there Wednesday or they had it in
stock in a store up near Westerville.

Back in the car we go to yet another parts store.
Had the same experience at the O'Reilys
on Westerville Rd.  They knew their stuff!
Got our part and are finally back home
with hopefully everything needed to 
put this bleep de bleep truck back together
but not tonight as I'm wore out 
from seeing how many parts stores we could visit
in one evening!!

Oh yeah and while I am happy to have made it
this far with everything because
I was the one dealing the people at all
the parts counters in each store,
(Tony's too easy going and I knew
which parts we needed and stuff like that
if you can believe that, lol, and I woman so hear
me roar.  Gotta light a fire under some butts
to get somewhere with people.)
I am not happy that this will have cost
us almost $300!!
I'd hate to see what Goodyear would have charged.
It could have been worse and happened
during our trip to and from Michigan which
I am thankful it did not. 
I'm gonna need this vacation after all the
stress of getting ready for it!!!!
Oh yeah I booked a hotel with a hot tub.
That hot tub so has my name on it!!

It's almost 9:00pm.


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