Saturday, June 2, 2012



Went to a few yard sales
and the thrift store this morning in
search of large insulate lunch bags/coolers
for the track.
Coolers have to be soft sided 
and 10" x 10" x 12" at the largest.
Totes have to be 18" x 18" x 4" or smaller.
Didn't have much luck.

Oh and we used the Suburban this morning
and took our chances of it not starting.
While at yard sales we kept it running
but turned it off at the thrift store.
You can bet that I had a hammer
with me in the truck in case in
didn't start!!
I was trying to use up more gas out
of the tank so when we drop it to
change out the fuel pump there's
little gas in it. 

I did splurge and buy a silicone cake pan
at the thrift store for $3.93
but it will save us money in the long run.

Tony has one of the TA's sitting next to 
the shed.  Currently it is sitting on
only 4 pavers.  He got some hinges from
work so we can make gates to have 
easier access to get the car in and out
of the yard from the road instead of
taking down and putting up the fence
panel each time.  The next thing was
I wanted to make a parking pad of some sort.
Concrete or black top driveways cost
way too much.  I don't want the hassle of
gravel because it would be hard to get under
the car to work on or use a jack so
I thought about using pavers.
Well pavers seem cheap at $1.40 a paver
but the cost starts adding up when you
need LOTS of them!
Could run you $200 to $400 maybe more for
a small parking pad for one car made with pavers.
So I saw this idea online where people
were making their own pavers with quikrete.
They made the mold out of wood but I thought
I could use a silicone cake pan instead.
It might take me awhile but the cost would
be so much less than any other options out there.
It's not like I am in any hurry to get it done now
so I can take my time at it.
Not sure how many pavers this would make
til I make them.
You could only buy 2 pavers at
the cost of the bag of concrete. 



Mommy and daddy and baby squirrel
stopped by in the backyard for a visit.
Baby squirrel found the baby chair, lol.


We spent the afternoon taking
the gas tank off the truck.  No fun!
Had to call the neighbor over to help
get it off because it wouldn't budge
once we got the straps and hoses off.

Once done with getting that far with
the gas tank for now
I got another 8 feet of grass dug up,
21 feet of the flower bed trenched
along the edge and I graded everything
out because this side of the flower bed is more sloped.



The dirt keep calling me like
a magnet to metal, lol.
I'm out in the yard, in the dark,
digging three holes for more roses, lol.

We've got my nieces graduation
and party to go to tomorrow afternoon.
This ought to be fun considering
they invited about 200 people.
That's being sarcastic for those of you who know me.
I might give all the boys a haircut
tomorrow morning so they look somewhat
presentable because they are looking a little shaggy.
They need their Summertime haircut anyway.
I cut it shorter in the Summer and longer in the Winter.

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