Sunday, June 3, 2012


Getting all the clothes ready for the graduation and
party today.  I don't hardly iron anymore
and have now resorted to using a spray bottle
filled with water and a couple tablespoons of
fabric softener.  I spritz any wrinkled clothing
with this mix then give gentle tugs on the fabric
while on a hanger and let it sit overnight to dry.
Or in my case this morning for my white blouse
I have it hanging on a hanger on the clothesline.
This concotion is much cheaper than
buying a bottle of Downy's Wrinkle Release!

So yesterday I found a pair of nice, black,
stretchy, form fitting pants to wear today for .99 cents
at the thrift store.
The only problem is I am short and most
pairs of pants I buy are way too long.
These were 5.5 inches too long!
So I cut off the excess and hemmed them
up this morning.  I didn't feel like changing
out the thread in my sewing machine
so being in the hurry that I am in with things
to do I went ahead and used white thread.
Once done I took a black sharpie marker
to the white thread hem line so it could not be seen.

I also bought Christopher a nice outfit to
wear today from the thrift store.
A polo shirt and black dress pants
for a total cost of $1.98.

I'm not sure what to wear to this event
so we are wearing nice casual.

10:30 - 11:30am

Planted 4 Dianthus flowers in the garden.
I got these for $1.00 each in the mark
down area at Lowes a couple weeks back.
 Then I started working on a fairy or minuature
garden in my birdbath that I had out front.

So far I have rocks I've collected along railroad tracks
(used for edges of stream),
some blue decorative glass I found at Tony's work
(used for stream),
and some moss I found in the backyard.
(for the grass)
Still a work in progress as I would like to
add a footbridge, a small house, little plants
and a garden area where the dirt is showing
and other things to jazz it up. 
There is a little fox sitting and looking
at the water if y'all are wondering what that is.



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