Thursday, June 21, 2012



Going to be another hot one today at 94 degrees.
We have a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow.
Then the temps drop about 10 degrees for tomorrow and then
80 and upper 70's for the start of next week.
That would be nice to look forward to.
We were thinking about taking the kids swimming 
this evening at Tony's work.  We get tired
of being cooped up in a dark house
during these warmer temperatures
and look forward to a little something.

Sitting here watching the Duggars on TV.
I have no idea how they keep their sanity to
go on trips with that many children.
I was so stressed out planning and
packing for a family of 4 let alone
19 people.  When at the track I had this fear
of losing one of the kids in the crowd.
I constantly kept an eye on the kids
at all times.  The worst part was when it rained
and LOTS of people took cover under the grandstands
and we were trying to walk from one end of the
track to the other and push our way through
that crowd.    I think we were at the track
a total 10 to 10.5 hours.  Still trying to recoup
three days later.  I still can't shake the tiredness.

Had to stop and put gas in the truck last night.
It was the first time putting gas in it since
Saturday before our trip.
The truck has good gas mileage
out on the highway.  In town?
Sucks the gas like it's going outta style.
It was $3.39 at Turkey Hill
and then we had .20 cents off that by using
our Kroger Plus card making it $3.19 a gallon.
Who'd of thought I'd ever be bragging
about that price!  Remember the price of
gas when it only had two digits.  Those were the days.
$3.00 to $4.00 would about fill the tank in my car.
$100 now wouldn't fill the tank completely
up in our truck.



I laid back down this morning before the kids
got up.  I don't have much energy to do anything.

My honey just called from work to check in.
He said he started getting the shakes really bad.
Told him to drink a regular sweetened pop
to hopefully get the shakes to stop.
He's working in an apartment where the
air conditioner doesn't seem to be working well
and not blowing out cool air. 
He said it was 81 in there.
It's 89 degrees out.
He did get a fan from the shop to use while
working in there. 
He gets like that every now and then where his
sugar levels drop too low.

I guess we're going to start going to his work
in the evenings.  Tony wants to start collecting a
bunch of cans to scrap/recycle.  There's three pools at
his work and he says their trash cans get a lot
of aluminum cans.  You have to collect a lot of
cans to make any money.  I'm guessing it would
take about 20 large bags to make about $100
to $160.   You do whatever it takes to make
any extra money even if it means digging in trash cans
at pools to collect cans from all the beer drinkers.
And after 3 days of some excessive heat
and people out by the pools, we should be
able to find a lot.


Got a big skillet on the stove frying up a couple pounds of
deer burger.  Took a handful of dehydrated onions
and ground them up in the food processor
and added it to the deer burger.
Once browned I'll add in a couple cans
tomato soup and a can of diced tomatoes with juice
and maybe some chili seasoning
then cook til reduced down.

This big batch will be used for both tacos
and goulash.  Cook once, eat twice. 



Sitting here waiting for my stuff to cook on the stove.
I felt something crawling on my leg.
It looked like a tick.
Now I'm creeped out and have goosebumps.
Squash goes the bug!
Earlier I think I got stung on the bottom of 
my foot outside because it was burning
and I brushed something off that was in my foot.
And of course in doing that the burning sensation
went to my pinky finger where I think I got stung again.
Me and bugs are just not getting along today.
Last night as me and Tony were sitting
out under the carport in our lawn chairs he jumps up
and says, "Oh my gosh, Don't move!"
He knocked a big, black and yellow spider out of my hair.
Ahhhh!  I don't do spiders!!!
Needless to say I didn't sit back down after that and went inside. 


Our chance of rain looks like it's taking a detour 
to Michigan.


Westerville ia asking water customers to cut
back on watering due to not having enough rainfall.

I'm surprised we haven't experienced any power
surges or outages because of everyone
running their air conditioners the last three days or more.
 The high temperature today they say
was near 95 degrees, the hottest day of the year so far.

I also read that they have discovered the West Nile
Virus in Mosquitoes in Reynoldsburg South,
Urbancrest and Clinton Township.
One of which is our area.
Time to get out the mosquitoes spray! 


Just got home from our swimming trip
at my hubby's work.
So tired.  We went around and collected about
a half a tote of aluminum cans.
We also took my wagon filled with dirt and sod
that I dug up out of my rose garden and dumped it.
Got 3 swing cushions from a moveout
that left their patio swing behind.
My swing needs some cushions bad!
They are not cheap to buy them so that's
why I've done without.
While by the pool we checked out the bulk area
where people put furniture or larger items
they do not want.
There was a very nice loveseat in there
that someone dropped off earlier today.
I gave it a thorough look over and couldn't
find anything wrong with it or any bugs.
The only problem was that the seat cushions
were missing.  We drove around to every dumpster
on the property in search of them.
We finally found them so we could get the loveseat.
Let me tell ya, it just fit in the back end of 
the suburban.  Had to leave our other stuff
like the wagon, tote and pool blow ups
behind in a vacant apartment in order to do so.
It is still in the truck but I did find pictures of
what it looks like online.
It's half leather and half microfiber.

 Here's some photos from swimming.
I actually got in the water this evening for a few
and laid on a float. 
So relaxing I could of fallen asleep!

Tony's co-worker stopped by.

I swear I don't know what people are smoking
around here because when I was coming home
and was just up the street from the house
someone rode their bicycle directly out in front
of the Suburban from another side street 
and I had to slam on the brakes to keep from
hitting him it was that close!
It was dark out so it wasn't like he couldn't
see the headlights shining in front of the truck.
Oh yeah I hollered a few choice words
out the window at him.  It was an older kid,
maybe teenager or young 20's.
I couldn't live with myself if I hit someone on
a bike.  And the funny part was this person
had no reaction to it all.  Kept a straight face
like he was invincible 
and was sweating like crazy.  Got a good look
at his face in front of the headlights and when
he turned the corner by my driver's window.  That's why
we thought maybe they were on some kind of drugs.
Now usually around here if you yell at someone
out the car window you get some cuss words
or a finger back.   He looked pretty doped up.


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