Wednesday, June 20, 2012



I went out and planted some 
Heirloom Pickling Cucumber seeds this morning.
What I thought was pickling cucumbers coming up
turned out to be bush beans which are now flowering.
I don't know what happened to the cucumbers I planted
with the beans so in goes another batch of seeds.
Some under the "A" frame trellis in one bed
and some in another bed where I added a metal trellis. 
I hope they grow considering I am now planting 
them June 20th.  The packet says 55-60 days til harvest
so that would put it at around August 14th to August 19th.

I have a ton of banana peppers growing.
I have no problem growing them.
And I saw more and more bell peppers flowering
and producing some baby bells.
Now I have had problems with bell peppers
and growing them in the past.  They look to 
be doing good this year with all the extra attention
I've been giving them with feedings and trying
to save them from the slugs.  My recent thing I've
done for them is to put a concotion of crushed eggs
shells around their stems
 (slugs won't crawl over anything with jagged edges)
along with tea, bananas, and coffee grounds.
I have spritzed their leaves with a bottle
filled with epsom salt and water once they started blooming.

Still no greenery on any of the bare root 
rose bushes I've planted.

So far I feel a little better this morning compared
to yesterday.  I slept really good last night
and don't remember too much after my head hit the pillow.
I just felt miserable yesterday.  The littlest things
set me off because of the tiredness and pain
and I warned others not to push my buttons
at the moment because of it.
I don't think anyone realizes how much I have pushed
myself with planning this vacation and 
going to the race when I was not feeling well
before we even left.  I was battling a Crohn's flare up
and a cold/allergies on top of it.
After getting home I just told everyone I need time
to slow down and just rest so my sickies
would go away.  My body can only take so much
and then not feeling good on top of that and pushing
myself to extreme limits was a little overwhelming.
I'm going to go slow and easy when I can the remainder
of this week.  Then possibly next week I would like
to start the major house cleaning and weeding out
13 years of stuff sitting in our basement.  Next week Tony has
the on call pager so we'll see how that goes.
That might just work in my favor as I plan to pack
the back end of the Suburban with stuff I want
to get rid of and can haul it over to his work
to throw it out or find a donation box whenever he gets a page out
in the evenings.  So in other words get
paid to haul the crap outta here, lol.



93 degrees out.
I have the ac on 77 degrees.
I'm actually wearing pants and
a sweater in the house.
Had to lay down for a few because
the tiredness got to me.
But it did not last long because a 
neighbor kid came over.
Sitting here watching a Ghost Hunters
marathon I found on TV.
Switching back and forth between
that and The Haunted on Animal Planet.
A new show called School Spirit
comes on tonight on Sy Fi.


This is cool.  I got a survey in the mail
from QFM-96.
I'm supposed to listen to their radio station
for 30 minutes and then do a survey
for a chance to win $1,000.
Can't hurt to listen. 


Went over to Tony's friends house in Groveport this
evening.  I guess his friend is wanting a few side 
jobs done.  Need the money at the moment.
After, we stopped in Kroger to get our groceries
for this week.  Trying to cut back lots
and trying to figure out what to make
with some things I have in the pantry and freezer
and what I would need at the store for cheap.
This week's groceries for a family of four 
for Thursday of this week til Monday of next week.
(5 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 suppers
and including snack and drinks)
Cost $33.44.


-egg sandwiches
-egg sandwiches
-roast beef (deer roast) hash


-hot dogs
-bologna sandwiches
-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
-ramen noodles 
-hot dogs
-leftover suppers for Tony's lunches


-homemade cheese pizza
-deer burger & cheese tacos
-deer roast with carrots, potatoes & gravy


-peanut butter banana bread
(I didn't make it today and I ended up
getting a cream cheese tonight so I could)
-microwave popcorn


-water with sugar-free drink mixes



Oh yeah I got Jonathan back real good this evening.

One day when I was laying down taking a nap
he crawled into my bedroom with the 
Scream Halloween mask on and tapped me
and jumped up when I opened my eyes.
Startled the crap outta me.

So tonight I got the pool ladder and put it next
to his bedroom window outside.
I could see him in his room on the bed
playing on the computer.
I had the Scream mask on and had a big, fake, plastic,
shiny, Halloween, knife in my hand and tapped on
his bedroom window with it.
He opened the blinds and I popped
up with that mask on waving that
shiny fake knife and he screamed like
a little girl falling back on his bed.

Oh yeah that will teach him to mess with mom, lol.


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