Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Here is a picture of my 
Peanut Butter and Apple Oatmeal Bars
I made yesterday.
Not too sure they're going to make it on our vacation, lol.
The boys call it Frosted Flake Cake.
I thought that was too cute.



I just got done making three homemade lasagnas.
One for supper, one for the freezer
and one to take on our trip to have at the Hotel.
Who says you can't eat good when away from home, lol.

2 pounds deer burger- FREE
(brother got a couple deers earlier this year) 

1/2 cup diced green and red bell peppers- FREE 
(mom got from senior center and I cut up and froze last year)

1/4 cup dehydrated onions- FREE
(mom got from senior center last year
and I dehydrated all of them since there was about 4 bags)

couple tablespoons minced garlic- .05 cents
(Dollar Tree has minced garlic in jars)

Garlic & onion powder- .05 cents
(you can find these at Kroger for $1.00 a jar)

Beef seasoning packet- .10 cents
(Kroger had them marked down)

Oregano- FREE

1 can Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes- FREE
(got a free can off Facebook)

1.5 cans Hunts 4 cheese spaghetti sauce- $1.50
I used the other half can for sauce on a homemade pizza.

1 box lasagna pasta- $1.00
(found at Dollar Tree)

1 pkg shredded cheese- $2.29

Parmesan cheese- $1.00

or $1.98 for each lasagna to make.



So tired yet so much to still get done in the
next 4 days.

We had been back and forth about possibly visiting 
Lake Erie while in Northern Ohio.
I think we finally decided to schedule it in
by leaving early Saturday morning and going
straight there and then
drive to the hotel by in the afternoon.
Check in time for the hotel is 3:00pm.
This is just under an hour away from the hotel.

I think this will be the place we will visit at Lake Erie.  
It's called Maumee Bay in Oregon, Ohio.

It has an inland lake with beach and a 
beach directly on Lake Erie
along with boardwalk nature trails.

Then Sunday morning get up early and drive
to Michigan International Speedway
about a hour away.
Stay at the track most of the day
then head back to the hotel that evening
and stay the night then go back home Monday morning.

I figured we are going to spend about 8.5 to 9 hours
on the road during the whole trip.
Around 410 miles.



I found the best deal yet on cans of freon
for those that refill your own air conditioners
in vehicles.   We were paying $10 a small
can and thought that was the best deal at Walmart.
I saw in today's ads that come in the
mailbox that Ollie's has the 12 ounce cans for $6.88
with a limit of 12 cans.   I'd stock up at that price if 
I could because I think we used 6 cans this year.
But I can't due to how tight money it :0(



I got our FREE $100 gas card from Speedway Gas.
Plus you get .03 cents off per gallon with it.
Used 96,000 points to get it. 
That will help LOTS on our trip!



I'm ready for bed.  I had to lay down earlier today
because of the tiredness I've been feeling.
My left hip has been acting up as well.
Feels like someone has beat me in the side
with a ball bat.  Bones rubbing bones making
it difficult to even walk.  Plus my head and sinuses
feel clogged up.  The kids have runny noses
with sinus problems as well.
This ought to be an interesting vacation.
For the last couple of days it's been saying
temps in the lower 90's at the track with
possible scattered thunderstorms.
But like I said earlier, their guessing at the weather
for Sunday has been all over the board.

You wanna hear something funny?
Earlier this evening when we all got in the truck
I made a comment that I forgot the glass of pop
I poured.  I usually take a glass with me to save on
money of not buying any at a convenience store while out.
I got over to the Smoke Shop to get my cigarette supplies
for the weekend and went to put the bag in the
back of the truck.  There on the bumper was my metal,
coffee style, travel cup, still filled with pop and ice, lol.
Not a drop had spilled out (I only filled it half way)
and it stayed on that
back bumper over potholes, bumps and
turning corners and stopping and starting at red lights
 for at least 2 miles.
Don't ask me how.   The littlest things amaze me.
I told Tony and the kids to get out of the truck to come see it
still sitting on the bumper, lol.


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