Monday, June 11, 2012



Kinda took it easy today.
Took the kids swimming this evening.
Tony and the boys got in the pool.
I did not as I felt the water was way too cold for me.
I sunbathed instead and are feeling it
at the moment.  The heat wore me out
and might be a tad sunburned on my shoulders
and face.  Not too bad I don't think.

Currently I'm sitting here eating
a pina colada yogurt.  Trying to eat a yogurt a day
for my digestive system.  Hope I don't get
burnt out on it.
Crohn's Disease usually kills the good bacteria
in your smaller intestine.  
By eating yogurt it replaces the good bacteria.
I usually get Kroger brand since it is the cheapest.
I was googling to see how much yogurt I should eat
a day (one is probably enough) and I ran across
this article about Activia yogurt.
It has given many people stomach flu like symptoms
with bloating, cramps and diarrhea.
I'll be sure to stay away from Activia if that's the case.
The only reason I would have bought it is if it went on sale
and I had a coupon.  I sure as heck don't
need to have those side effects or even risk it.

Many students have graduated OSU.  They have a little
move out rush at Tony's work because of it.
The boys have been finding a few things here and there,
mostly school supplies like paper, photo paper,
sticky notes, pens/pencils, folders, dividers, etc.

One of the items was a bunch of clear, pocket pages
for a binder.  I used a 3 ring notebook with some
of those pocket pages and put my rose plant
packagings in each one.  This way I can keep
track of what roses I have, how to care for them
and where each one is planted.
I plan to put all perennial papers or markers
in there as well, like the roses, daylilies and hydrangeas
and flowers that reseed themselves, like Dianthus
and Morning Glories, so I know what I have
along with growing directions and where
they are located.


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