Monday, June 25, 2012



I turned the air conditioner off for today and tomorrow
then tomorrow evening will turn it back on before
the temps start to rise Wednesday.
Need to help the electric bill a little bit.
Then the next 7 days will be nothing but 90 degree temps
with still no rain that I can see.
This Thursday/ Friday we're going to melt.
I saw 97 degrees and they said it's possible
to hit the 100 degree mark.  
They say we haven't reached the 100 degree mark
in over 10 years.  I would like to debate that because
it was 100-102 the Summer we scrapped 880 furnaces!!
I remember putting aluminum foil on windows
(you could also use car window shades
which I didn't have back then)
that faced any sun to help reflect the heat away from
our apartment which was an end unit surrounded
by blacktop parking lots. 

Oh yeah, this will be the perfect week
to spend time weeding out the basement
where it will be much cooler.
The downside to it, Tony has the on call
emergency pager. 

I didn't get my roast hash made this weekend
so I think that is what I'll make for supper.

I made up a bunch of homemade waffles
for breakfast this week.

3 cups pancake mix - .21 cents
3 eggs - .24 cents
1 can crushed pineapple - .50 cents
1 cup pineapple juice from can
1/2 cup water
dash of nutmeg - free
1- 2 teaspoons cinnamon - .05 cents

Two waffles per serving @ .10 cents a serving.


Now I'm getting ready to cut up and boil the remaining
potatoes left in a 10 pound bag before they go bad.
I'll keep these in the fridge to make any side
dishes with this week.

Then while they are boiling I'm going to throw
some ingredients in the bread machine to make
pizza crusts.  Will make 4-5 individual pizza crusts
and bake them in the oven today while temps are cooler.
Then will top with sauce and cheese and
put them in the fridge for another meal this week.
Will use the microwave to heat them up
during the hotter temps.
My favorite bread machine pizza crust recipe.


Truck driver neighbor has Monday's off.
I can't believe his kids were at my door wanting
to play already this morning.
One of my children is still in bed while
the other is in his room playing video games.
I shooed them off and told them to come
back later before the one child found out.
It's too early for me to be having
other people's children at my home.



Sherry, Sherry quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Some tomato plants are now at armpit/shoulder height on me.

 Early Girl Tomatoes.

Beef Master Tomatoes.

Black-Eyed Susan.

Baby Bush Beans.

Finger Carrots.

Bell Peppers

Hot Peppers

Hot Banana Peppers.

And possibly Basil?

Man, I wish the weather could be like this year round.
Sun shining, cool breeze blowing.



Dough is done in the bread machine.

Time to start making pizza crusts
and getting them baked.
LOTS cheaper than Boboli pizza crusts
which can run about $5.00?

It cost me
between .25 cents and .50 cents to make
9 personal pizza crusts. 
Now I'll wrap them with saran wrap
and put them in the fridge til needed.


Campfire Cones

Don't these look good?
I'm gonna have to remember to make these
whenever we go back up to the lake
and have a fire going.
Might use some caramels and apples instead
of peanut butter and bananas.


I saw this recipe on
Louisiana Hot Sauce's Facebook page
called Sammy Kershaw's Cajun Crab Soup.
Sounds pretty simple to make and
I'm thinking you could probably
use imitation crab to make it cheaper. 
I'm thinking I have seen the
8 ounce packages at Save-A-Lot for $1.00.


So bad today.  Another neighborhood child who
goes to Summer school in the morning til 1pm
 just got home is Im'ing 
wanting to know if he can come over.
What Im?  I didn't see any Im, lol.
This child comes over every day for
hours on end.  I'm tired of it.
He was over here yesterday and all last week!
Need a break from neighborhood kids over here!
Anyone want my kids at their house?
It's always parents sending their kids my way. 
I should start charging admission or babysitting fees!
After today (or maybe Tuesday) me and the kids will be in the
basement starting work down there.
I'm going to let these cooler days slide
before we go down there so we can enjoy the
weather before it turns hot out once again.



I finally got a refund check from Insight
which is now Timer Warner cable.
I had cancelled them on May 15th.
It took 50 days to get that check.
If I didn't pay their cable bill in 50 days
when I had their cable I would have been
tacked on a late fee and had my services
shut off.  Oh, and I was told by Insight's
customer service that I would be getting
back $33. Well they gave me $22.
You can't win with cable companies!



Can't catch a break.  Jonathan's friend came over.
Ask me how I know.  Damn neart opened the bathroom
door before taking a shower to shove my dirty clothes into
the hall but heard that child out there and slammed the door
shut real quick.  Not the first time Jonathan
has invited kids in the house without asking
or seeing what I was doing first.
Another time I was about ready to go from
the bathroom after taking a shower to the bedroom
one evening only to realize truck driver neighbor's daughter was in the hall.  Had a word with that neighbor that he needed to let
me know personally about his children coming over.
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  No privacy!!!



I just realized I only have one package of
shredded cheese and wanted to use cheese
on the hash tonight and pizzas tomorrow.
So how do I stretch only 2 cups of cheese? 
Use 1 cup mozarella cheese tonight to
sprinkle over top of the hash.
Then tomorrow instead of making traditional
pizzas I might top the crusts with a sausage
gravy and maybe some scrambled eggs
and then sprinkle a little cheese on top
to make a breakfast type pizza.
Not sure if I have any ground sausage though.
If not I know I have some ground turkey
to use in its place.
You have to improvise with what ya got.

Deer roast hash with fried egg and hot sauce.


We need some rain to cleanse the air!  Doing a rain dance.
I have been blowing my nose nonstop 
for the last two weeks using my supply
of free McDonald napkin tissues.  I always grab 
a handful when we are there, lol.


Just got done squishing up cans.
Got two trash bags full of squished cans
from the last two days of collecting them.

1...2...Kitty Krueger's coming for you.

I now call my cat Kitty Krueger and the reason
for that is that every morning about 2:30 to 3:00am
when I'm sleeping good he decides to get up and 
start belting out some meows/howls, whatever
you want to call it turning my dreams into nightmares.
And every early morning you will find me chasing
that darn cat around the house threatening him
to meow just one more time.  
Today as he was trying to take a nap I kept waking
him up, meowing really loud and bouncing
on the bed where he sleeps.  Should of took 
a picture of the pissed off look he kept giving me.
I'm trying to keep him awake hoping he'll sleep through
the night.  I know I would love to!

Oh goodie, it's Lizard Lick night.
They've got new shows on now.
"You're Nuttier Than a Squirrel Turd!"
Gotta love it.
 Watching reruns now.

"I like this about like having hemorrhoids the
size of grapefruits!"
Some of the sayings he comes up with, lol!


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