Thursday, June 7, 2012


8:00 - 9:30am
I got the last three rose bushes planted
and laid down newspaper in the flower bed.
Now all I need to do is lay down the mulch.

This sure has been a task getting the rose bed in all
along this back fence all by my lonesome!
56 feet long by 2 feet or so wide.
Everyday I go out and look for even the tiniest
green leaf to start growing.  Nothing yet.


Going through the last of our Summer clothes
that I got washed up and getting them in the
closets.  Still have a few Winter items in the closets
that need to go down to the basement.
I'm storing all Winter hangables on a rod
I have in my laundry room.
I can see now that Christopher needs some
Summer clothes like shorts and t-shirts or polos.
I got Jonathan some earlier this year but
didn't get Christopher's yet.  
We might go to some yard sales Saturday morning
so will keep an eye out for him some decent clothes.
The cheaper, the better for boys play clothes
because they are so hard on them.



I hate housework!
That's all I've been doing this afternoon.
Got the floor vacuumed and swiffer cleaned.
How in the world does that much debris,
dirt and dust get on the floor??
I did fire up the air conditioner not long ago
so it wouldn't have to work as hard this
weekend when the temps are 90 degrees.
I have it set at 77 degrees which
is really comfortable.
Now I have to remind everyone to shut the door
because I don't think they realized I turned it on.
Now time to go find something for supper.
This should be easy with all the tubs of 
food I have in the fridge that I brought up from the freezer.  
Take out and plop into a pan and warm up. 
I like simple and easy!



This evening my honey brought me home some things
he found today in a vacant apartment.
-Colorox bleach
-2 prefumes
-room spray deodorizer
-Garnier Fructis conditioner
-2 50 count boxes of gigantic freezer pops
-5 rolls toilet paper



I'd been working so hard around the house today
that I wanted to go out this evening and
get a treat at McDonalds just to get a break.
While cleaning I think I found a couple dollars
in change.  I thought I would get me and the boys
an ice cream cone and hubby a small fry
since he can't eat too much sweets being diabetic.
God was smiling down on me tonight :0)
I stood in line waiting for someone to take
my order.  The manager and another employee
had been working the drive-thru and must of
got an order of two ice cream cones screwed up.
She turned to another employee and said
just give these ice cream cones to those two boys,
my sons.  She said she would of hated to of thrown
them away and get wasted.
Is that too weird or what considering I was
getting ready to order three ice cream cones
and I ended up getting two of them free.
I was in the right place at the right time.
I paid $2.38 and got three ice cream cones
and a small fry.  At that price I splurged
and got my cone dipped in hardened chocolate.
That must be something new McD's is doing
because tonight was the first time I've seen that. 
We stopped by Tony's work to pick up a 
bucket of scrap metal.  Would like to get it cut
up tomorrow night and be able to take it to the
scrap place Saturday morning.
I'm sure it's not a whole lot, maybe
$20 to $30 with a bag of aluminum cans
we've been saving.  Any free money is good money to me.

Whew I am tired and wore out I can tell ya that.
I've been working so hard on getting laundry put away,
laundry washed and taking the rest of the Winter clothes
out of the closets.  I have a big stack of clothes
that tomorrow I will have to make a few trips to
the basement to store for the Summer.
Then on top of that I got the living room cleaned,
floors swept and mopped then I went out and 
cleaned out the back end of the truck
to get it ready for our trip.



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