Saturday, June 23, 2012


9:30 - 12:45pm

Went to some yard sales this morning
and stopped in Menards to get some furnace filters.

Dukes of Hazard DVD $1.00
Fast & Furious DVD .25 cents

 A gallon sized zip bag with two
different sets of silverware.
Was $4 gave $3.
Silverware is expensive to buy.
Even at thrift store prices at .25 to .33 cents each.
A 5 piece set per person would cost $1.25 - $1.65.
(small spoon, small fork, knife,
large fork and large spoon)
Now times that by about 8 servings needed
for family gatherings which would make it 
$10 - $13.20 for one used set.

I bought this combo coffee maker, griddle
and toaster oven for $2.00.  Putting it back for 
my in-laws Christmas present.
Hoping they can use it in their RV when they travel.

Large inner tube for pool $1.00.
We've been needing another one but
they cost $5.00 each at Marcs
so we've been doing without.

 And lastly
a chandelier for $1.00.
I've been looking for a used one for awhile now
but have been finding them at $5.00 to $15.

I know, what in the world am I going
to do with an outdated chandelier?
Well I have this pole I put in an old iron
umbrella base and was originally looking
for a large bird feeder or birdhouse.
Haven't had any luck finding any or any
in my price range.
I found this inspiration to make my own
and thought about putting it on top
of the pole on the umbrella base to keep
the squirrels out of it.
I can spray paint it black to match.

Chandelier Birdfeeder

Chandelier Birdhouses

Birdies taking advantage of the birdbath today.



Tony just left to do a side job in Groveport.
Are hoping to get enough money to give our
truck a tune up.  I think it may need plugs,
wires, distributor rotor and button.  When it gets
between 45 and 55 mph it feels like i'm letting on and off the gas
when I am not.  It did this during our entire trip
which I prayed constantly that it would
make it without breaking down. 

I just hope this guy pays him.
For starters this guy said he had to work this morning
and would call when he got off.
Could've had this side job over and done with
awhile ago because he did not go to work
and called about 2:00pm to tell him to come over.
Well Tony just called to say he just arrived at his house
at 2:30pm
and the guy is not there. He called him
and the guy says he's at Walmart and won't be
home for another 30 minutes.
And Tony wonders why I worry about his friend
when he wants something worked on.
It's not like he lives on the same end of the city,
more like the opposite end
to be playing games like this. 

Well I'm going to go put a deer roast in the crock pot
for supper.  Having some carrots, potatoes and
gravy to go with it.  I boil those on the stove
separately so they get done.  I have no luck cooking
them in the crock and getting them tender.

These are MY recipes so please
borrow but do not steal.

-Deer roast (free)
-2 cans tomato soup ($1.40)
1 cup strong coffee (free)
1 pouch beef seasoning  (.10 cents)
Worcestershire sauce (free)
garlic powder (.01 cent)
1/2 of a large onion sliced (.30 cents)

Carrots ($1.00)
Potatoes ($1.00)


And making
Oatmeal Mocha Banana Bread
 in the crock.

 Cream together-
1/2 cup butter 
1 - 8 ounce cream cheese

Add in one at a time-
2 eggs

Beat in-
1 cup mashed bananas
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 Tablespoon instant coffee granules

Stir in- 
Chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie mix 
2 Tablespoons cocoa

Pour into a greased crock pot.
Place a towel or paper towels
over top of crock and add lid.
Set to High and

I'll have to get back to you as to

how long it should cook
as I am still in the process of making it.



We now have a slight chance for some showers
late Sunday.  I don't know how much rain we are behind
at the moment but I'm sure it's lots.  The grass is no longer
green but yellow and dead and crunches under your feet.
I have to water the garden every other day
and that still doesn't seem like enough.
I watered yesterday and it looks like
I should do it again this evening.
I do it in the evening so it doesn't evaporate so
quickly but it is bone dry the next morning
and that's with mulch and pine needles on the soil.

Oh my goodness, we're watching the tv show
called Most Shocking on TruTrv and they are
showing a convenience store within
walking distance of our home!
This happened years ago though but not
the first hold up in that store.
The owner has a gun and will use it.
I don't visit that store and would rather
go to the gas station at the end of the street.

My honey is still at this guys house painting
ONE child's bedroom 4 hours later still.
He still has the ceiling to paint and has
had to do 3 maybe 4 coats of paint on the walls
because they didn't get any paint primer or
paint with primer in it.  They have no clue
when it comes to stuff like this or
even maintenance stuff because they
always seem to call Tony when they need stuff done.
Tony can paint two entire apartments in a day
so you would of thought these people would
have been more prepared with their supplies.
They bought the paint from Walmart.
Probably bought it right before Tony showed
up and we've known a week ahead of time about the job.
They also want him to relocate a dryer vent.
But that won't be today though due to
them not being prepared and calling
later in the afternoon when it could
of been started earlier.

Going to be a late supper tonight.
Got a pot of potatoes and a pot of carrots
boiling on the stove.  The deer roast and banana bread are done
(took about 3 hours on high)
and turned off.  Just waiting on the veggies to get done.



Finally eating supper.

Here's an easy tip for thickening gravy-
use some instant mashed potatoes in your
gravy to thicken it.

For my carrots I added butter, salt
and honey.  Kids love them like this.

Good things come to those who wait.

I'm thinking about boiling up a few more potatoes
for tomorrow's breakfast hash.
I have a little extra deer roast, not much.
It was a small roast.


Might turn on a couple  movies I recorded on the 
DVR this morning.  They played Toy Story 1 & 2.
An oldie but goodie.  When I switched the cable company
I lost any and all movies I recorded on that DVR.
It's nice to have movies recorded on there,
especially for times when the cable goes out.

I need to go out and water the garden now 
before it gets dark and I forget.
It's not fun watering in the dark, ask me how I know, lol.

So much for going to the pool tonight.
Maybe tomorrow.  Need to get a swimsuit first!
I might scare a few people at the pool
if I loose my britches from being so big
if I don't. 


Tony is on his way home finally.
I think he should be here about 9pm or a little after.
This sucks when he works on weekends.
It makes for a looong week.

Seems like a lot more people are heading outside
this evening.  I think I saw Troublemaker
on the prowl through the cracks of the fence
when watering the garden.

Truck driver neighbor is actually out mowing lawns.
He mows a couple lawns around here other
than his own.  Not quite sure what grass he is cutting
because like I said we've been without decent
rain for awhile now and the grass ain't growing
and is dead! 

I sure ain't looking forward to our electric
or water bill!  I have the ac set on 77 degrees
to help cut the costs.  Something is better than nothing.
When we visited Tony's coworker's apartment
the other day he was bragging and showing us
his thermostat set at 69 degrees.  Must be nice
but it's probably too cold for me.
I sometimes wear a sweater around the house
as it is.

Tony's totally wore out and has a backache from painting
most of the day which included sanding down some
drywall, about 3 coats of paint and a ceiling.
Only made half of what we'd of liked him to of made.
Disappointing that he works that hard
and doesn't make what he's worth.
I'll be lucky if this will buy a set of plugs and wires
for the truck.  Still would need a distributor
cap and rotor.  Oh well will start out with the plugs and wires
first and see how it runs.  May have to wait on the other stuff.


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