Friday, June 22, 2012



Got the garden watered even though it spit a little
rain out there this morning.
I just think the rain was a tease as it wasn't much.

Getting ready to fix the kids and myself breakfast.
One wants an egg sandwich and the rest wants
eggs on the side and pancakes.

3 eggs .24 cents
2 pieces of bread .10 cents
2 slices of cheese .22 cents
mayo .05 cents

Pancake mix .07 cents
Pumpkin pie spice .02
1 egg .08 cents
Kroger brand Vanilla Spice Syrup .25 cents

$1.03 or .34 cents each.

Either that was really really good or
I was really really hungry.
The pancakes were my favorite with the spices.
I'd show you a picture but I'm sorry to say
they are long gone, lol.



Sitting here trying to figure out just
where in the world I'm going to put this 
love seat in my living room, lol.


85 degrees for a high today.
That's a 10 degree difference from yesterday.
I'll take it.  Still need lots of rain though
and don't see any in sight through next Tuesday.
I did have the air conditioner running at 78 degrees
but this afternoon decided to turn it off
and open some windows to get some fresh
air in here.

We might go to some yard sales tomorrow morning.
I have a little spending cash leftover from
vacation to use.  It's not much though so 
need to purchase items of need or things
I can put back for gifts.
Plus I would like to find me a "new"
swimsuit.  I have two and they are both
too big on me.  Almost lost my bottoms
from the one last night in the pool.  It's
a two piece.  


Took everyone out for a cheap
ice cream cone tonight at McDonalds.

It was a nice evening to enjoy an ice cream cone outside.

All the McDonalds around here has the flowers
I would love to have in my rose garden.
I don't know why I am stuck on these specific flowers- Salvias.
I think they are pretty.

 Got stopped by a train.
Was on our way to Tony's work to
visit his coworker who lives there.
Just to the left of the road by the tracks
was a deer.  Didn't see it til we
started moving again.

Back home chilling before bed.
My stomach is sounding like it is possessed
with all the gurgling sounds it's making.
I have my good days and bad with Crohns
and I just never know what symptom will show up next.

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