Wednesday, June 27, 2012



I'm in worry mode so that makes
me babble lots more to feel better.
Keeping it bottled up doesn't help
but talking about it does.

People wonder why I just cringe when they tell me
to go to the doctor's anymore.  Doctor's charge
an arm and a leg even with insurance
and I'm nothing but nubs anymore.
$1.00 to me is considered a lot of money.
Yesterday I got very upset because one of
my children poured a large glass of milk
down the drain.  Milk is like liquid gold to me. 

We cut back everywhere!  We scrape, we scrounge,
buy used, dumpster dive, yard sale, flea market,
curb crawl, get freebies,
shop mark downs & sales, use coupons, scrap metal
and do a lot of work ourselves instead of
paying someone else unless absolutely necessary
if we don't have the know how.

The first of the month is getting nearer
which means time to pay bills, cringe!
Doctor bills have killed us the past couple of years
and I'm still far behind with them.  It seems
like I can't get ahead.  I looked back at my records
and for the past 2.5 years I have paid $4510
to doctors.  By the end of last year
it literally put us broke trying to keep doctors happy!
And while they were using that money to pay
on fancy houses and exotic sports cars
I'm still trying to get our heads above water.  
And I would like to add in that
2.5 years which is 30 months times $600 a month for
health insurance is $18,000 we have paid for as well.
I'm tired of the phone ringing to the point I don't
answer it.  I'm tired of the harassing letters
from doctors.  I now have to resort to borrowing
money to pay off the last of my doctor bills
so this will all stop!  And by borrowing I mean from family,
not a loan with interest!  Something I can pay off over time
when I do have some money here and there or at tax time.  Borrowing money is not something I am proud of doing and it eats away at me for having to even think or do it.  It makes you feel like you've reached rock bottom.  I fear they will try
to garnish wages in the near future which
would hurts us LOTS at this point in time and I do NOT 
want it to get that far.  We had that happen once
about 10 years ago.  It's not like I haven't tried my best
to pay them because I have!  I mean look, I have paid
over $4,000 on doctor bills and that is 
LOTS for a one family income.

In August I have a checkup appointment
with the digestive doctor.  Then I need another
prescription for my meds.  Still not sure how I would
pay for them.  We now have a mail order prescription
plan and have to get a three month's supply of each
medicine that they consider life time meds.
That's over $300 for that wanted up
front for me to get ONE medicine for three months.  
That's a big chunk of change!

I have had swallowing problems when eating which
has gotten worse this last week happening every day.
Food becomes lodged in my throat to the
point it makes me vomit.
I've read it could be from having a small esophagus.  
I just deal with it and have for a couple years now.
I'm sure the digestive doctor would have a solution
for it but solutions cost money.  
I've tried eating slower, chewing food more,
drinking lots with my meals and it doesn't always work.
Breads, pastas and rice are the main culprits.
While others go out and get every ailment fixed
I suffer with mine and just deal with most
or try to find a home remedy for it.

So when you see me with a smile on my face
don't assume everything's all hunky dorey because it
is not.  We hall have our struggles in life and try
to get through it the best we can.  I may brag about some of
our accomplishments or finds.  We work very hard to get them
so have a reason to brag.  It's not to look like
we've got better than someone else because we do not!
We use our know how, experience and imagination to
get things for free or cheap.  It's our lifestyle,
the way we have to live with what little we have.  
We are proud of what we have and what we can accomplish
with very little.
It's not our choice, it's survival, it's life for
those who have not been born with a silver
spoon in their mouths.


I know it's supposed to get to 89 degrees today
according to
Still don't have the air conditioner turned back on.
Watching the temperature in here and outside to decide when
to turn back on.  Every little bit of not having to run
that electric hog helps and I know it's going to turn 
very hot for the next week with it running
and me cringing every time it comes on.
It's 77 outside and in and the moment.


Just turned on air conditioner to 77 degrees.
I was originally going to turn it on last night
but decided against it.  I've now managed to
to save another 12 hours of electricity
by not using the ac til the next day.

Mom took me over to the bank this morning
then got us some sandwiches from KFC for lunch.
That was nice of her.  That means I can now
push our leftovers from last night that was going
to be used today for lunch, into tomorrow.
Plus she brought over 4-6 pounds of
deer burger and deer roast. 
Will work on coming up with some recipes
to make out of it.
Was thinking about Country Meatloaf & Potato Casserole
from an Amish cookbook that I downloaded free.

The cat has lost his mind.  Ok that's nothing new.
Something to make me laugh.
I gave him a tiny piece of chicken and he turned
his nose up to it.  He prefers to play with a
wadded up wrapper off the chicken sandwich instead.
He's been batting and carrying it around in his mouth. 
He's been very wound up today for some reason.
I have a big stack of doctor bills sitting next to 
me on the floor that I've been going through.  What does he do?
Decides it would be fun to see if he can run through
them then bat them all over the floor.  AHHH!
Wish he'd pee on them then I could send
the doctors a little love with some added perfume, lol.


From WBNS10TV-
For Thursday 6-28-12

The National Weather Service has issued a HEAT ADVISORY for Columbus and areas south of west of the metro area. Also, we will be under a high risk for fires tomorrow given the recent dry weather and extremely low relative humidity levels tomorrow. Stay with 10TV for the latest on this dangerous heat.

Hoping to get a better night's sleep tonight.
A neighbor across the roadway was setting off
fireworks last night.  While I didn't mind
them at 9 & 10:00pm, the one he set off
at 1:00am that sounded like a grand finale
was a little much for people who had to get up
early the next morning to go to work. 


Think I might make a crock pot meatloaf tomorrow.
There's no way I'm turning on the oven when
we could possibly get triple digit temps!

2 pounds deer burger
 1/2 cup stuffing mix
(don't have crackers or extra bread)
3/4 cup bbq sauce
(don't have any cream soups or extra ketchup)
dehydrated onions 
salt, pepper
mashed potatoes

Winging this as I've never made meatloaf in the 
crock pot before and I am combining several
recipes together along with a few ideas
of my own to make this.

Mix all ingredients together except for potatoes
and carrots.  Place meat mixture in meatloaf pan
or shape into a loaf without pan.
If you don't use a loaf pan you could
sear the outside of your meatloaf in a skillet
on all sides first before putting into crock
to help hold it together better when cooking.
In bottom of the crock add a little water
and place baby or cut up carrots in bottom.
Then place meatloaf on top.
Cook 3-5 hours on high.
About 30-40 minutes before being done
mix up your mashed potatoes
and evenly spread them over top
the meatloaf.  Continue cooking til done. 



Was out in the garden giving all the veggies
a good soaking before the extreme heat tomorrow.
I started hearing lots of squealing tires
then BOOM!  Made me jump up and peek over
the fence to see where a car and Explorer
collided at the intersection behind us.
Didn't appear that anyone was hurt
since they all got out and was walking around.
The really sucky part was the Explorer
was within about 20-30 feet of getting
home and pulling in his driveway.
That would just ruin your day wouldn't
it to be that close to getting home
and get into an accident. 

Taking the boys to the pool this evening after supper
since it's not too bad out today.
Having hot dogs for supper topped
with pickle, onions, tomato, cheese,
mustard and ketchup.


Just once I would like to eat something
and not have it get stuck in my throat!!
It's not like I'm choking or anything like that.
The food, after chewing and swallowing,
just won't move down my throat. 
I don't know if I have weak throat muscles
or what the problem is.
Sometimes the sick feeling comes on it's
own while other times I have to get sick
just to relieve the stabbing pain it causes.
It's really hard to explain.

I can't even eat two hot dogs without getting sick!
So much for eating supper tonight.



Just got home from the pool.
I didn't swim tonight but the boys did.
I can't believe how nice it is outside this
evening and how miserable it's going to be tomorrow.
I missed my Haunted Collector show
but made it home in time to catch 
School Spirits.  That new show started last
week and it was pretty good.  Kinda reminded
me of Haunted.
Well I'm going to head to bed soon to watch tv but
going to try and find something to eat first.
I'm hungry without anything in my belly since
about lunch since supper didn't go over too well with me.
I've had a stiff neck and shoulders today
from sleeping wrong I guess.  It sucks when that
happens because it can take days to go away. 
Nighty night. 


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