Friday, June 8, 2012


8:45 - 9:45am

This morning I made tortillas for breakfast.
I made enough for Sat. & Sun.'s breakfast as well.
So 3 breakfast meals.

-1 pound ground sausage $1.99
-10 slices of cheese $1.60
-10 flour tortillas $1.59
-10 eggs .80 cents
-dehydrated onions Free
-frozen chopped green bell peppers Free
-mild Taco Bell sauce Free
(we save up our extra packets when eating
out and bring them home)

TOTAL COST $5.98 for 10 breakfast tortillas
or .59 cents a serving.
Much cheaper and more filling than
stopping in a Speedway gas station to
grab your morning breakfast of tornados at 2 for $2.22.
Or if you grab a breakfast sandwich it
can be a little higher up to $2.00 or more a sandwich.

For 2 breakfast tortillas-
in a small bowl add 2 eggs and a little milk
and whisk together with fork.
Pour into a small non-stick skillet.
Sprinkle ground sausage, peppers, onions
and a little salt & pepper on top.
Once the bottom is cooked cut it in half
with spatula then flip and cook other side.
Remove from skillet and put on plate.
Add flour tortilla to skillet.
Place a half slice of cheese on one side
then the egg and the other half slice of cheese.
Fold half of tortilla over top the egg.
Fry on both sides til golden brown.

These can be wrapped up and put in freezer
if you don't plan to eat them all right away. 


10:15 - 11:30am

Got the last of the 4 roses mulched.
Whew, it's warming up out there.   Might have
something to do with hauling around 4 heavy
mulch bags.  One more area to do, the area under the arch.
I will be so glad when this is all done!!
It has been a LOT of work.

-7 bags of black much $7.00
-2 bags of compost manure $3.58
14 rose bushes $21.00
2 flats of petunias $10.00
1- pvc pipe $2.49
1-flower pot I had
-1/3rd bag topsoil for pvc pipe .46 cents
-birdhouse cage for top of tower planter $2.00
-trellis arch $2.00
-Dianthus flowers $4.00

Labor was free by doing it all by myself!

The last area to mulch under trellis arch.



I went out and gave everything a good drink in the
garden before the hotter weather hits this weekend.
While watering the tomatoes, which by the
way are starting to get lots of babies,
I noticed this clover next to the tomato bed.
A four leaf clover!  I really need one of these!!



Got all our scrap metal cut up and loaded in the
truck ready for the scrap place tomorrow.

We went out tonight to Marc's and bought
some soft sided coolers for the race track.
They only had four left!
I do not care to mention how much we paid for them
but I think they were each about $12 cheaper than Walmart.
Plus I got soft sided ice packs 5 for $1.00
and got 20 of them, 5 for each cooler.
It's not easy finding coolers in the sizes 
that the race track would allow.
I carried a tape measure to the store with me
to make sure it met the requirements.
We had to get four so everyone could
carry their own lunches and drinks in them.
Each person is only allowed one cooler
and a tote bag in the gates.
 When leaving the store Jonathan checked
the scratch off lottery machine and found 
an unused $3.00 Bingo scratch off.
I still haven't heard if he won anything or not.

We stopped in the thrift store almost next door to Marcs
in search of some shorts and shirts for Christopher.
I spent $4.95 for 3 shorts and 2 shirts.
I had my mind set on getting clothes that
were .99 cents or less each.
We also looked around for soft sided coolers.
And we will look for some at yard sales tomorrow.
If we do happen to find any then I will return
the ones we bought at Marcs and get our money back. 

I also found these items at the thrift store.
Robocut haircutter $1.91

 I found this game called LifeStories for .90 cents.
I plan to take the cards out of the game
and use them on our car ride and ask everyone 
questions to pass the time.
Plus I have a travel Bingo game they can play
and I'm bringing along some multiplication
flash cards to practice while on the road.


Well Tony is going over to Menards to pick
up 5 quarts of oil for $2.29 each,
the cheapest we could find.
Hoping to get the oil changed this weekend.
We already have a filter that I purchased about
a year ago at Pep Boys during a Black Friday sale
and stocked up on a few things we would
eventually need while they were cheap.

I'm ready for bed soon and so are the kids.
They got up about 7:00am this morning
and I don't know why.  They are getting
grouchy so I know it's a matter of time
before they go to bed.


Just making a note of what we can bring to MIS
in case I loose my notepad I wrote it on.
I'd lose my head if it weren't attached.

Grandstand Gate Policy

The grandstand gate admissions policy outlines what you may bring into the grandstand area. The policy balances fan safety, comfort and experience. Please review the policy and plan accordingly.
Fans may enter Michigan International Speedway grandstand areas with:• Soft sided coolers no larger than 10”x 10” x 12”
• Soft Sided Coolers may contain ice, freezer packs, food, snacks, beverages and a removable plastic liner.
• Soft sided bags no larger than 18” x 18” x 4”.
• Soft Sided Bags may include scanner bags, camera bags, purses, fanny packs, daypacks, lightweight backpacks,  eco-friendly type grocery bags, canvas tote bags, clear bags, bags with souvenir purchases.
NOTE: Guests are allowed to bring in any combination of no more than two total of the items described above
Additionally, fans are welcome to bring:• Binoculars, scanners, headsets and cameras which are worn separately and not in their case. 
• Plastic souvenir and insulated cups no larger than 24 oz.
• Standard seat cushions and stadium seats without armrests.
All Items brought through the Admission Gates are subject to inspection.
Guests without any carry-in items are encouraged to use the express lanes available at each gate.

Fans may not enter Michigan International Speedway grandstand areas with:
• Hard-sided coolers.
• Thermoses and metal cups of any size.
• Glass containers, strollers, umbrellas, bicycles, roller blades, pets, banners, signs or flags.
• Any bag, pack or container larger than the allowable sizes.
• Firearms, knives, fireworks and items restricted by local, state or federal laws.
There will be no provisions for checking and holding items deemed inappropriate. Restricted items may not be left at or around the gate area. Items left unattended will be removed and discarded.
Changes in security levels may affect security procedures at MIS including the prohibition of all bags and items inside the grandstand gates.

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