Monday, June 18, 2012



I got up about 6:15am.  Woke Jonathan up to go
help me get some breakfast to bring back to our room.
Everyone else is asleep and he returned to bed once
back in the room.

Ok,  before everyone gets up and the chaos starts with
packing up the truck for the 3-3.5 hour trip home 
I'll start posting pics from yesterday.

Route 295 & 20 in Northern Ohio.
Sun just starting to come up.

Crossing over into Michigan.

Arrived at M.I.S. at 8:18am.
Parked by the water tower by turn 1.

View from our seats at turn 4/front straight away.
See the water tower to the left of the gray looking
grandstands? That's where we're parked at.
That's a Looong walk in each direction!!

I like the shirt this guy was wearing.

We visited an Army truck while there.
Here is Jonathan with an M4 gun.

 .One of the pace cars at the beginning of the race.

Not sure what kind of moth this was found sitting
under the bleachers.  We thought he was cool looking.

I got Christopher a Kyle Bush baseball cap.
Here he is next to a Kyle Bush golf cart.

Underneath the grandstands when the rain started
coming down.

The tunnel going to the infield of the track.

Pit row before the race started.

My guy Stewart led a couple laps.
Jeff Gordon was fourth at this time.
He led one lap I think and placed 6th in the race
Junior won after a 4 year non winning streak with Stewart in 2nd.

Me soaking up too much sun rays watching the race.
We all had 45spf sunscreen on and applied
it about 3 times during the race.
Let me tell ya, it didn't work too well!.
My face still got burnt.

The cars roared by and were VERY loud
that you could feel it in your chest!

The lady behind me was rooting for #17.
I swear she had to be about 80 years old!!
She was very enthusiastic about that driver
holding her lucky key chain tied around a lug nut 
from that actual car.  She said she knew the 
mother of one of the tire changers to that car.

On our way back to the hotel.
The Long John Silver #39 truck in front of us.

 The Stanley truck in front of us in Adrain, OH.

People sitting out along roadway in small towns
or along farmer's driveways waiting
for the NASCAR haulers to pass by.
Probably sipping Cokes and having a Moon Pie, lol.

These towns were out in BFE.

Back in Ohio again.

Back home at 1:10pm.
It took us about 3 hours 10 minutes to get back home.
We traveled 470 miles total on our trip.
We set the trip meter before leaving.
It's a good thing we got home when we did.
I see severe thunderstorms at the track in Michigan, where our hotel was, Toledo and the Maumee Bay area.
Our legs are sooooo sore today from
all the walking we did yesterday.


Got the truck unloaded and most everything put away.
Later on will head down to mom's to give
Don, my step-dad, a t-shirt we bought for him at the track
for Father's Day.  It's a really cool
Mark Martin shirt, his favorite driver.
Plus I need to return their suitcase we borrowed.
For now we are all chilling.
I think Tony is in the bedroom asleep.
He drove the whole trip and is wore out.

We put the free $100 worth of gas 
(it was $3.70 something when we left) gotten with
our SpeedyRewards points in the truck
before leaving on our trip.
It gave us roughly 26 gallons of gas.
Didn't have to put any more gas in for our whole
trip of 470 miles and still have a little
left in the tank.


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