Wednesday, February 29, 2012



This morning for breakfast we had leftover hash brown casserole.
I also made up some quick cinnamon rolls from biscuits.
(like a monkey bread)
-1 can biscuits
-1/4 cup butter, melted
-1/4 cup sugar
-1/4 cup brown sugar
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
-caramel syrup

Melt butter in a bowl in microwave.
In another bowl add the dry ingredients
and mix together. Dip biscuits into melted
butter then into sugar-cinnamon mix.
Arrange in a greased pie pan.
Bake for about 12-15 minutes.
Drizzle a little caramel syrup over top
of biscuits before serving.
Makes 10.



Went to bible study and right before it started
Tony called. He said the property manager tried
my dessert this morning and got on the walkie talkie
to the whole property to tell Tony "IT WAS THE BOMB!"
Lol. This ain't not rinky dinky property either.
It has almost 900 apartments near Upper Arlington.
So there will be a lot of people sampling the treats
for the contest. Tony also told me later on that
another leasing office guy tried my dessert after
hearing all the talk about it and said,
"oh my Gosh, that was sooo good!"
So I'm hoping to see what the results are later on.


The last day of February and it's 69 degrees out!!
That says a lot for Ohio weather.
Typically we would be having wind chills in the minuses,
many inches of snow on the ground and school closings.
I'll take this kind of weather any day!
I opened all but three windows in the house today
to let the fresh air in.

Let's have a flashback!
4 Years ago on March 7th to 8th 2008...

Columbus Ohio Blizzard March 2008

-3 1/2 months later we would be moving into our new home.
-6 months later we would have a blackout for about a week
thanks to Hurrican Ike wind storm.

It started snowing before 10:00 A.M. in Columbus on Friday March 7th and did not stop until after 4:00 on Saturday, March 8, 2008.

According to meteorologist Ben Gelber on Channel 4 News, the NBC affiliate in Central Ohio it was a historic storm with accumulations from 10" to 20" inches throughout the region.

An airplane landing at Port Columbus skidded off the runway overnight. No one was hurt.

Franklin County was a level 2 snow emergency but many of the surrounding Central Ohio counties were level 3, including Delaware County. By Ohio Law when a level three snow emergency exists you can not drive. Only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads during a level 3 snow emergency.

BIG difference from 4 years ago huh!?



Tony got off work early and used up some overtime he had.
The contest still wasn't over with when he left.
I figured it would run all day and give residents
and workers a chance to stop by and sample the goods
and vote. It's really looking up for me though
with hearing all the positive comments from my dessert.
Ya know what sucks? I have never made this dessert
before and there was no way to taste/sample it
before heading to the contest because of it being
a cake. Don't want to send something with a piece
missing from it, lol. So I just took a stab in the dark
with this recipe without ever making it or tasting it, LOL!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012



I started working on the cupcakes for the contest this morning.

I poked holes in them all with a skewer and spooned the
sweetened condensed milk and caramel sauce over top and
let them sit awhile to soak up everything.
They tasted ok but I didn't see where they soaked
up everything in the holes I poked plus they were
sticky to hold and eat.
Soooo, I am now going to resort
back to plan "A" and make the Better Than Sex cake
in a casserole dish. A baker who bakes things for contests
never buys just enough ingredients to bake one thing,
they buy double the ingredients so if you need to
remake it to improve it, you don't have to run back
to the store. And that's exactly what I did last night,
bought double the ingredients. And it's a good thing
because I am remaking it all. We won't let those
cupcakes go to waste though! Those will be dessert or after school
snacks now.



I got the Better Than Sex cake done.
This has to have a million calories in it, lol.
It's made with a milk chocolate cake mix
made according to directions on box.
Then once baked and cooled some, you poke holes
into the top of it with the back end of a wooden spoon.

Then pour a can of sweetened condensed milk over
top and down into the holes. Next pour caramel
sauce or syrup over that. I used Hershey's caramel syrup.

In a bowl combine small box of vanilla instant
pudding, 1 tsp vanilla extract and 3/4 to 1 cup milk.
Mix together until well combined. Then fold in
a whole container of thawed cool whip.
Spread this over top the cake.
Sprinkle chocolate covered heath bits on top
then drizzle more caramel over top.
(It originally calls for topping the
cake with just cool whip and the toffee and caramel.
And if you know me I had to jazz it up a bit
to put my original mark on it, lol)

Closeup of top of cake. YUMMY!
I gained 10 pounds just looking at it!

The office at Tony's work said to bring the dessert
in tomorrow because that's when they are having the contest.
They just asked the residents to have their baked
good in by this evening so the judging can begin
tomorrow. Oh well, I won't get to be there for it.
All I can say is at least it's all done and ready to go.
It'll have time to sit and soak up all the ooey gooey
stuff that's on it. Kind of like marinating it so
the flavors come together. Hoping for a lot of
PMSing women to show up with a sweet tooth!! LMAO!!

And if that was not enough...
I got supper baking in the oven.
We're having hash brown casserole.
And that's a hash brown casserole made with
homemade hash browns, not a bag of frozen,
store bought.
I had to try out another food processor attachment, lol.
So here is Christopher shredding potatoes in the
food processor, The Oster Kitchen Center.
The best $12 I ever spent!

I used about 6-8 peeled potatoes shredded
and mixed with 1/2 cup butter.
Stir in a can of cream of chicken soup,
2 cups sour cream, 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese,
chopped onions (I used onion powder instead),
salt, pepper. Plus the recipe didn't call for this
but I added a 10 ounce package of ham (cut into
small pieces).
Then in a small bowl add 1/4 cup of melted butter
along with 2 cups corn flakes and stir.
Sprinkle those over top of hash brown mixture.
Bake 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Monday, February 27, 2012



Hubby told me that work is having a baking contest open
to all residents and employees. Never does he tell me things
at least a week ahead of time. It's always the night before.
He says it can be any dessert. So I see a trip over to
Kroger tonight considering the baked concoction has
to be in their office by tomorrow night by 6pm.
Out of all the desserts and baked goods there are
I think I'm going to make
Better Than Sex Cake. I've never made it before
but keep seeing it posted on Pinterest with many
good reviews. So tonight, this below, is what I'll
be making. And of course when I'm rushed to make
something, some part of my body is hurting.
My legs have been aching since last night.
I haven't had any major body aches since starting
the one medicine for Crohns Disease. So hopefully
this is just a result of running up and down
basement stairs and being out of shape because
I don't want to go through those other pains again anytime soon!

LOL, I don't even know what the prize is for this
contest that I am entering!! Oh well, I just like the challenge.

1 pkg. devil's food, chocolate, or German chocolate cake mix
1 can sweetened condensed milk
caramel ice cream topping
1 (8 oz.) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
4-5 Health or Skor bars, chopped up

Bake cake according to package directions for a 9x13 inch pan; cool for about 5 minutes. Using the handle of a wooden spoon, poke holes into the cake. Let the cake cool for a little while. Slowly pour sweetened condensed milk over the cake, letting it sink into the holes; then drizzle some of the caramel over the top of the cake. Let cake cool completely (I usually cover it and put it in the fridge for a while). Top cake with whipped topping. Decorate the top of the cake with candy bar chunks and swirls of caramel topping. Refrigerate a little longer, then serve!



I think I have decided to go with
Better Than Sex Cupcakes instead of one large cake.
The reason for this is because many people
will be tasting this to vote on it and I think it would be
easier to handle in the form of a cupcake rather
than having to dish it up on a plate.

I'm doubting that the muscle aches in my legs were from
going up and down the basement steps yesterday. Now my
shoulders and the back of my neck are aching
and feel inflamed which are some symptoms
of Crohns which can include inflamed joints.
I am also feeling really tired. I did have a couple
days last week where the bowels weren't right but
that cleared back up.

It just figures now
that I need to bake something tonight this would happen.
It can't be any worse than when I went out Christmas shopping
for most of a day with a total body flair up that
felt like I was dying. I don't know how I even
made it through that day looking and feeling like
something off of The Night of the Living Dead.
A couple days later I ended up in the ER
for dehydration and an inflamed colon which all
eventually led up to the results of having Crohn's Disease
after seeing a gastreonologist who ran MANY tests.

It doesn't bother me any more of being poked
and prodded in all parts of my body because
of having it done so much. You get used to it.
Tony cringes of the thought of having ONE colonoscopy.
I tell him, try being a woman! Get over it!
A colonoscopy is nothing compared to giving birth,
pap smears, breast exams, all kinds of blood work,
fingers, needles and cameras attached to what looks
like something Roto Rooter uses, in upper and lower parts of your body.
I was the first to have a colonoscopy. Just wait til
you have a scope go up your nose and down your throat
and another going in the other direction from the bottom!
Hell men have it so easy!

Crohns isn't all about how many bathroom trips you make
like they show on the tv commercials, your body becomes
inflamed, you get VERY tired, no appetite, and are pretty
much down for the count.
If I made it through that I guess I can make it
through making a few cupcakes. Good thing I am
making something simple tonight for supper, Goulash.
I think Tony could even handle making that if I told
him how to do it. He can do that while I make cupcakes.
All I need is my stool so I can sit by the counter
to make everything. So much easier than standing
when you feel like this.



Got all the ingredients to do the cupcakes.
I really wanted a German chocolate cake mix but
my Krogers had a very slim selection of cake mixes to
chose from. I went with milk chocolate cake mix.
I didn't want a really heavy chocolate flavor like
devil's food or chocolate fudge flavors.
Oh, and I also picked up some of those tinfoil
looking cupcake liners. I have regular ones but
if these cupcakes are gooey on the inside I don't
want anything leaking through the papers.

Good news, I don't have to make them tonight
and can make them tomorrow during the day instead.
Tony won't have to take them to work with him
in the morning like I thought. Instead he'll come home from
work tomorrow at normal time and pick us all up
and we can take the dessert to the contest that's being
held at 6pm. PLUS then we can all join the contest
and get to sample other entries and vote on them.
Yum, nothing like pure sugar for supper, lol. Just
kidding, we'll just have dessert first, lol.


Well since I have time to think this Better Than Sex cake
recipe over before making it I think I will give
it a tweak. Using whipped cream for the topping
has me concerned about it holding up from the
time I frost it til the time we get to the contest
and while the contest is being held. I'm afraid
it will "melt". It wouldn't be so bad if you served
it right from your fridge to guests who are eating
it right away. I got to looking at some other
variations of Better Than Sex Cakes and noticed
some use pudding layers. Hmmmm. While I don't
want a pudding layer I decided I want to add pudding
to the whipped topping to help stabilize it more.
I found a recipe on Allrecipes
for Cool Whipped Topping.


* 1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
* 1 (3.5 ounce) package instant vanilla pudding mix
* 1 cup milk
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. In a medium bowl, combine pudding mix with milk and vanilla. Mix until smooth. Gently fold in whipped topping until no streaks remain. Spread evenly over cake.

I read some readers comments about this recipe and some said
to cut back on the milk to a 1/2 to 3/4 cup to make a
thicker frosting.


Sunday, February 26, 2012



.99 cent milk coupon found on The Bag, the sales
ads that come to your front step.
There is a limit of 2 gallons with additional $5 purchase.
Good 2/26 through 3/10. It says limit 2 gallons per family
but I don't see why you couldn't make several trips
if you found more coupons.
Milk right now is around $2.50 on sale and
$2.99 not on sale. So now is the time to stock up.
I have frozen milk before. Yes, it may separate
while in the freezer but once thawed all you have
to do is shake it up.

And don't forget, you can sign up for the
Smart Shopper Club at Save-A-Lot
to get a $5 off a $25 purchase.
Plus if you tell 5 friends you can earn
an additional 5 more of those coupons!



Alrighty then, I am now working on yet another week's
worth of meals.

1. BBQ chicken wings ($5.81 for 16 wings)
1 bottle BBQ sauce (.29 cents)
1/2 bag of shoestring french fries (.64 cents)


2. Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes The only change I'll make to this
recipe is to add in some chopped up ham.
Homemade hashbrowns ($1.00)
1/2 tub of sour cream ($1.00)
butter (.25 cents)
1/2 an onion (free)
1 can cream of chicken soup (.25 cents)
shredded cheddar cheese ($1.88)
2 cups crushed corn flakes (free)
Chopped ham ($2.50)


3. Porkchops ($3.48)
Stuffing (.99 cents)
Homemade mashed potatoes ($1.00)


4. Burritos-
4 leftover tortillas (free from taco pizzas)
Rice (free leftover from stuffed peppers. Mix in
the leftover rope of smoked sausage (.50 cents)from hashbrown breakfast cups)
Baked beans ($1.00)


5. Sausage Biscuits & Gravy
1 pound ground sausage ($1.00) Save-A-Lot
2 pkgs Pioneer sausage flavored country gravy mix ($2.40)


6. Reuben Sandwiches
1 can of corned beef (free from mom)
4 sliced swiss cheese (.45 cents) kroger sandwich slices
1 can sauerkraut ($1.00)
1/2 loaf of honey wheat bread (.25 cents)


7. Goulash
1 pound meat mix from last week (.30 cents)
2 boxes macaroni ($1.40)
1 can diced tomatoes (.39 cents)





Just returned from Tony's work from where
he got called out on a no heat.
While there we checked out a nice headboard
in the bulk furniture area. It's been there
for the past couple of days and I was hoping
it was a queen. Our bed headboard and foot board
is showing it's age and is falling apart and
I have been searching for another one.
I carry sizes of everything I'm looking for
in my purse and a tape measure key chain
with me at all times. You just never know
when you will run across something.
It's too bad it turned out to be a kind size headboard
because it was a really nice headboard!

Tony stopped by his friends bike there at work to check it out.
I guess his coworker is selling it and it's gotten Tony's
attention. While it probably is good on gas, it doesn't
really spark my interest. Guys get tunnel vision when
it comes to certain things while girls seem to look
to the future and the costs. The costs of adding another
policy to the insurance, another cost of license plates.
And this vehicle can only be ridden during warmer weather
and will be out of commission for about 4 months out of the
year getting no use but still paying insurance for it.
Ok, turning my head and looking away. Going down
to start laundry.



I spent the last hour or so getting a load of laundry
in and working on getting my boards cut and put
into at least one area between the 2x4's in the laundry room.
To make it easier for me to put the shelves up
I decided to screw in 4 screws for each shelf to
sit on. I did this so it would be easier to adjust
the shelves if needed and plus I only had a certain
length of screws that were given to me that I had
to use on this project. Free is good so you
work with what you have.

Tony cutting the wood for me.
He had the board sideways in this shot because
I had him notch an area of the board that will
be used on the wall behind the furnace. This
area has a gas line that runs in front of
these shelves.

The wall behind the furnace with the gas line.
The boards you see were already there.

Here are a couple boards I cut to put between the other two
already there. It looks like I can add another board there.
Will have to wait til I find more would. I only have
12 feet left and want to work on the smaller shelves first.

This is to show you how I am installing the shelves
by putting in 4 screws for each shelf.
Any 2x4 shelving was already in between the studs.
I am using 1x4's I think. I am not a carpenter
so are winging this whole project with what I think
will work.

Here are the shelves I got done today. I will add
one more shelf to the bottom first row between the studs.
The drill battery died on me and I didn't have any
more wood cut for another shelf for this area.
I have to measure each area between studs because
they are not all the same.
Cans of pineapple to show you how food will sit
on the shelves. Each shelf can hold about 4 pineapple cans.

I still have a ways to go but at least it's a start.
There's still 9 more rows to do and one of those
is a double row behind the furnace.


Saturday, February 25, 2012




Just returned from moms. She got these gifts from us
for her birthday.
-Spring time purse
-change purse with "M" initial on it
-cherry blossom soy scented candle

For supper tonight I made Taco Salad

-1 pound meat mix from Tuesday (.30 cents)
-1 can tomato soup (.50 cents)

-1/3rd bag Kroger nacho chips (.73 cents)
-salad mix 1/3 bag (.43 cents)
-leftover black olives 1/4 can (.17 cents)
-hot banana peppers (for just me & Tony .25 cents)
-1/3 container of sour cream (.67 cents)

Serves 4 @ .76 cents a serving


We stopped in the thrift store earlier before
doing our grocery shopping. I was in search of
another cable for the monitor on the security cameras.
The one I have works but you move it the screen the
wrong way and it goes blank. Unfortunately I didn't
find a cable there but I did find some fabric
for when I decorate my laundry room. I wanted something
bright, cheerful and kind of Spring like.
-Yellow bed skirt with flowers .99 cents
-gingham yellow double sided pillow case .59 cents
-gingham pink bed skirt $1.99

I was thinking I could cut off part of the yellow floral
bed skirt and make a valance for the basement
window out of it.

Thinking about doing a yellow wall color (something cheerful)
then doing some vintage or other signs about laundry
mod podged onto wall(s). You can see some of the ones
I like on Pinterest
I like this one to somehow enlarge and print out for
the center of one of the walls.

I know I am thinking way ahead. Heck, I haven't even
start cutting the wood for the pantry shelves in the
laundry room. Maybe tomorrow. Tony says he'd cut them
for me if I get the measurements needed.

I also got Christopher a camo Snuggy for .99 cents.
He's been wearing my purple robe after getting out
of the shower, lol, so I figured he'd want something
more boyish.
I look like the Swamp Thing wearing this, LOL,
but I wanted to show you what it looked like.


Friday, February 24, 2012



Supper Chili & Cornbread baked in a canning jar.

I have since tweaked my chili recipe from what
I had posted earlier this week.

-1 pound meat mix from Tuesday (.30 cents)
-2 cans mild chili beans (free)
-2 cans tomato soup ($1.00)
-1 cup water
-onion powder
-little bit of leftover bbq sauce (.05 cents)
-leftover can of tomatoes from taco pizzas (.10 cents)
-packet of chili seasoning (.10 cents)

-box of jiffy corn bread mix (.70 cents)
-1 egg (.10 cents)
-1/3 cup milk (.10 cents)


Warm chili up in a pot. While that is warming
mix up your cornbread batter.

Fill canning jars about 2/3rds full with chili,
top with some shredded cheddar cheese,
then spoon cornbread batter in half the space left.
Put into oven at 375 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.
I will have to experiment with the time since
I have not made it like this before.

Remove jars from oven once done with pot holders.
Let sit til the jars cool down some before serving.

I put a clean! sock over the sides and bottom
of the jars before serving to help keep the chili
warm and to keep everyone from burning their hands
on the jar.

It actually turned out really good! Mmmmm!
Jonathan, who NEVER eats chili with beans
saw Christopher eating his chili out of the jar and
actually said, "that looks good, I want to try some."
He ate a half of a jar. I was shocked!

I also made up some coke and vanilla floats
with Dr. Pepper ice cream topping drizzled on top.

AND I also got a head start on breakfast for
tomorrow morning. In the food processor I put-
-1/3rd bag of shoestring fries
-1/2 of a small onion diced
-1 smoked sausage rope sliced up
-1 cup mozarella cheese
-3 eggs

Then I sprayed a cupcake tin and filled
with hashbrown mixture and put into fridge
til tomorrow morning.

Was thinking about making up some German mini puff pancakes
in some cupcake tins also but will do those tomorrow morning.
Might fill with a peaches and cream mixture.


Thursday, February 23, 2012



Just got home. Went to the Habitat Restore.
I got about 34 feet of wood for some of the
shelving in the laundry room for $4.20.
That averages out to about .12 cents per foot!

Then I found a large roll of wallpaper for $2.00.
Wasn't a whole lot of large rolls of wallpaper
to choose from. I got this to put on the walls
behind all the pantry shelving to jazz it up
some and give my dreary laundry, furnace, water heater,
& pantry room some color.

I'm trying to give rooms a makeover for as little
as possible. Too bad there is not a construction site
of some sort to go to for some scrap pieces of wood.



I got my toilet paper faux wrought iron thing
painted for my wall clock.

Here it is close up before hot gluing to the clock.

And here it is all done and hung on the wall.
Total cost to make- $2.99 for the clock
at the thrift store. The rest was free paint from
Tony's work and toilet paper and paper towel rolls
that were given to me.



I jumped in my truck at 2:35pm to go pick the boys
up from the bus stop and I noticed something wasn't right.
And oh my gosh, someone had
broke into my truck sitting in the driveway, in broad
daylight, in the early afternoon, and while I was home!

I got in the truck and saw my glovebox open and a couple things
out of it and on the floor and on the console.
Then I looked and saw my freakin radio missing.
A couple of gouge marks where it had been and a
wire hanging from the hole in the dash.

Once I got the boys picked up I ran in to check
the video cameras. So now that is what I am doing.
I guess I am upset that whoever did the crime
was doing right outside my window!! I know
I took a nap from about 12:45 to 2:00 so are looking
into that time frame. Will let you know if I find
anything. There was two cameras aimed at the truck.



What a pain in the butt this dvr for the security cameras
have been. It is in record 24-7 instead of just motion
detection and the rewind and fast forward doesn't exactly
go fast enough when you want it to. Then if you hit
a wrong button it goes back to the current time
and you have to start all over. I had 3-4 hours of
video to go through before I found it.
Anyways here are the videos I took with my camera
(didn't want to go through the hassle with the dvr again!)
I don't know who it is but they knew ahead of time
that they were looking to break into something considering
they carried a screwdriver (found by the fence), had
their hat from their jacket up and over their head
and wore sunglasses. The scary part...
this happened at noon (I even had a blog entry at noon)
and I was still up, not taking
a nap just yet. You can see me on the indoor camera
up and walking around working on my clock at the same
time this guy is getting in my truck stealing the radio.
I paid no attention to the video screen right in front of
me. It's not something you watch continuously 24-7
and the screen was angled away from where I was.
I do notice that when this incident happened that
the screen went from 4 cameras down to the one
screen where the guy walked up to the truck.
This is where it should have a warning alarm
that goes off, you would think. Now if someone
tries to unhook the cameras it will send out
a loud warning siren through the DVR.
He got in the driver's door which I figured
because it would be more discreet between the fence
and the truck. You see when he walks up he looks
behind him to see if anyone is watching him.

Hell I didn't even realize it was 5:00pm and Tony
should be home any minute. I have been in a daze with
this whole incident that time has just flown by since
the boys getting home from school. This crap happening
today right outside my window while I was home and up
running around has disturbed me. I don't know if
it's just being robbed while home or I should of
seen it happening and done something to stop it like
bang on the window (not stupid enough to go outside
and encounter the person) to have prevented this.
Then I'm kicking myself in the ass end for parking the
truck in the driveway, outside the gate. Tony has
been after me for having a dirty truck and mentioned
I should park it in the driveway when raining to
it could wash some of the dirt off it. So that's what I
did today. Any other day it would have been parked
up under the carport behind closed gates. I think
if that's where the truck would have been this would
have never happened!



I know I had suppers all planned out for this week
but after what happened today I haven't been with it
and as 5:00 to 6:00pm rolled around I had nothing
whipped up for supper and decided to take everyone
out to Taco Bell. I sure as heck wasn't in the mood
to do any cooking tonight. While at Taco Bell, me and
Tony figured out where we would be putting the fourth
security camera, on top the carport facing directly
in front of the driveway. Maybe this weekend we'll
get it put up depending upon if the on call pager
pager goes off. While I have a camera set up
on the side of the house to see what's going on around
the fence it's still too far away to see anything up close.
So this is where the last camera will help out
by putting it directly on top the car port aiming down
at the driveway to see better details of what is going on.

It's not like these cameras are hidden or anything like
that as they are out in plain sight, especially the one
on the side of the house and on the front of the house.
So it takes pure stupidity to be a criminal and not
to see them. The cameras are kind of small and don't
stick out like a sore thumb. You really wouldn't
know they were there unless you was looking for one.

It totally sucks now not having a radio in the truck
to listen to. (or turn up when the kids are getting loud, lol)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012



I received this free Midol carrying case in the mail
the other day. I thought I would add it in with the purse I
got mom for her birthday. It has the letter "M"
for Midol on the front which is the same initial
as my mom's name. Perfect timing to get it and perfect
initial on the front!!

Mom's church just started having bible study in the mornings
on Wednesdays. I'm going with her this morning.
Not sure how it will turn out with being in the morning
on a weekday. Today is the first day so we will see.
Then out to Long John Silvers for lunch.



Just returned home from bible study and going out to eat for lunch.
This is the book we are studying for about the next 6 weeks-
Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering.
It's done from a woman's perspective.

Tomorrow I have made plans with mom to go to
the Habita Restore to try and find some wood
for my laundry room stud pantry shelves.
I think their wood pieces are .25 cents a foot.
I remembered that because we got molding there
to do our dining & living room and hallway
all for about $14 to $15!

I'm going to guess and say this shelving
project will cost me about $10 to $15
@ .25 cents a foot.
About the price of a used bookshelf only
these shelves will store LOTS more than
a bookshelf. I'm all about storage in a
small home and finding the most unusual
places to use for it.
And talking of bookshelves, the lady wrote
me back from Craigslist and told me
the bookshelves had been sold.

Oh, and I got good news yesterday.
The supervisor over at UV apts. that gave
me so many problems DDn over there this
past Summer/Fall has quit and no longer works
there. How do I know? It had something to
do with the Fed Ex man? (or was it another
parts delivery person?) that delivers goods
to the property my hubby works at that also
delivers to UV. I didn't really hear the whole
story about how this was found out all I heard
in my head was that mean ole man had quit.
I kept thinking I may have another chance
at DDn over there once again during college
move out time.

Has anyone ever watched Extreme Cheapskates on TLC?
Last night was the first time I ever saw it.
I thought I had it bad until I saw this show!
Sure some of their ideas I already do but some
I would have never thought of doing.
In last night's show a guy pulls out an onion
bag and wads up a tinfoil ball to put inside it
to use it as a pot scrubber. I turned to hubby
and said, "Don't look under our sink because you'll
find a bunch of onion bags under there that I want
to make pot scrubbers out of!" LMAO!
One guy reuses his paper towels by wringing
them out then putting them on a mini clothes
line in his kitchen to dry! Says he can get
3-5 uses out of each paper towel square.
What I don't get is why don't he use rags
instead like I do. Something that can be used
over and over again rather than even buying
paper towels which get thrown away.
The guy that buys goat heads for dinner was
a little gross because it reminded me of the
ones I see at Meijers in the meat case.

I found Extreme Cheapskates on Youtube but it's in 3 parts
if you want to check it out. I recorded it on the DVR.






For about the past hour I have been working on my
faux wrought iron clock. I had to wait a bit
to collect toilet paper and paper towel rolls
to make it. We've always wanted a kinda large
iron clock for the wall but couldn't afford it
so I came up with this idea instead.

I cut a strip of notebook paper on one of the lines
for a template of how wide to cut strips off
each cardboard roll.

Once cut out I started arranging
them in a pattern that I liked then used a hot glue
gun to put them all together.
I have to wait til Tony gets home to get into the
shed to get the black spray paint that I'll use
to paint it all black. Then once that is done
I will hot glue the design to the clock.
Right now it is not attached because of
needing painted.

I'm still playing around with the design and might
add more scroll work to it.



Either I'm losing my mind or I am blind as a bat.
Just went out to the shed to get some black spray
paint and I cannot find it anywhere. I know I had
a bag full of black and white spray paint that
we got from Menards when they first opened for .50 cents
each. We stocked up on them at that price and had
about 12 cans. I'm starting to wonder if the person(s)
that broke into our shed and stole a bicycle took
the bag of spray paint as well. Wouldn't those two
items go hand and hand. That's what they do around
here when they steal bicycles, paint them.



Supper- Taco Pizza

I told the kids what their choices were for supper
and this was what they picked.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012



There is an advantage to getting up at 6am, you get
to see pretty sunrises.



Me and mom just returned from Kroger. I needed to get some
pop for the week. We tried to get some this past weekend
but with weekend shoppers and packed stores, the Big K
pop was pretty much wiped out.
I did find two really good manager special deals while there!!

-6 cans of Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk.
was regularly $3.39 x's 6 cans is $20.34
manager special price .50 cents x's 6 cans is $3.00
I saved $17.34!

-2 large tubs of Folger's classic roast coffee.
was $9.80 x's 2 is $19.60
manager special price $5.00 x's 2 is $10.00
I saved $9.60!


I keep thinking it is Monday because the kids didn't have
school yesterday. I got my weekly meals planned out
for this week.

This morning I am making up a large crockpot full
of 5 pounds of deer burger along with other ingredients.
This will last through many meals this week.
While some do monthly cooking, I do weekly cooking
when I can or stretch one meal into the next.

For the meat mixture in the crock I scrounged up
what I could find in the pantry to mix with it.

-5 pounds deer burger (free)
-2 cans of diced tomatoes with liquid (.29 x's 2 is .58 cents)
-1 can tomato soup (.50 cents)
-1 can mushroom gravy (.25 cents)
-1/3rd bottle of bbq sauce (.10 cents)
-1 packet of beef seasoning (.10 cents)
-1/2 cup dehydrated onions (free)

Will use in 5 meals at .30 cents for meat mix a meal.

Now onto the meals I plan to make out of this
along with any other meals for this week.
I'll calculate the price for 6 meals at the bottom.

1. Tuesday- Sloppy Joes with macaroni & cheese
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-1 loaf of bread (.49 cents)
-1 box of mac & cheese (.70 cents)
-butter, salt, pepper, milk (.25 cents)


2. Wednesday- Taco Salad
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-1/2 bag of Kroger nacho cheese tortillas ($1.10)
-1/2 bag of lettuce (.70 cents)
-1 cup of shredded cheese (.94 cents)
-1/4 can of black olives (.17 cents)


3. Thursday- Chili
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-2 cans mild chili beans (free)
-1 cup shredded cheese (.94 cents)
-1/4 bag Kroger Doritos crushed up on top (.54 cents)


4. Friday- Goulash
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-2 boxes macaroni & cheese ($1.40)
-1/2 loaf bread & butter (.35 cents)


5. Saturday Weekend Breakfast eggs & hashbrowns
-1/2 bag of shoestring fries (.64 cents)
-1 cup shredded cheese (.94 cents)
-1/2 cup dehydrated onions (free)
-1 rope diced up smoked sausage (.50 cents)
-4 slices bologna (.40 cents)
-4 eggs (.40 cents)


6. Saturday- Taco Pizzas
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-1 can refried beans (.39 cents)
-1/2 bag of lettuce (.70 cents)
-1 cup shredded cheese (.94 cents)
-1/4 can black olives (.17 cents)
-1 pkg of 10 flour tortillas ($1.28)


TOTAL COST TO MAKE 6 MEALS FOR THE WEEK- $15.61 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I buy cereal in those large bags without the boxed packaging.
Cereal is stupid priced at $2.50 on up to over $4.00
a box and you are lucky to get a pound of the stuff.
So instead I buy the 2 pound bags of Kroger brand cereal
which usually lasts a week or more between everyone.
It costs about $3.00 or so a bag. I feel like I get
double the cereal in the bag when compared to buying
boxed cereal at the same price.

I got to wondering this past weekend after a child
left an empty bag of cereal on the counter, what
can I do with those empty bags? The outside is pretty
durable and it has a resealable top. It seems such
a waste to keep throwing those bags out when I could
be reusing them for something. So now I'm going
to save them all. Not sure at the moment what to use
them for. Maybe I could put potato chips in them
and that way you could reseal them without them going stale.
Maybe I could put baked goods in them and put
into the freezer to store like cookies, breads etc.
I don't think ziploc sells bags that large so these
would be perfect for things like that.
For freezer casseroles- cut one end, insert
the casserole dish, then tape up the cut end.
Other ideas?
flour & sugar, small toys like legos,
use like one of those space storage bags.
Not sure right now, will have to think this one over.



Sloppy Joes and macaroni & cheese for supper.



This evening we were cleaning out the kitty's litter box
and where he had a couple accidents outside his box.
It wasn't like his litter box was full.
To hopefully prevent the outside the box accidents
we are going back to a clay unscented and non clumping litter and will now
use 2 litter boxes instead of one. Hopefully that will help.

I was looking through my cleaning stairwell (I say stairwell
because I don't have a cleaning closet) to see what I could
find to clean up cat accidents on carpet.
Didn't see anything so I concocted my own cleaning solution.
And I might add that it worked VERY VERY well! No stains left
on carpet and I feel it has been cleaned, deodorized
and sanitized all at the same time.

-bowl of hot water
-stiff bristle cleaning scrub brush
-about a 1/2 cup to 1 cup Citrus Listerine
(don't know if the kind of mouthwash would make a difference
as I'm only telling you what I had on hand)
-1 cup Kroger extra value powdered dishwasher detergent
These are approximate guesses as to how much I used
as I just dumped them in the bowl.

Dissolve everything in a bowl of hot water.
Dip brush in and scrub away.
It almost had immediate results of cleaning
the spot!

Just thought I'd make a note of this carpet cleaning
solution I came up with because
maybe I could use it in the carpet cleaner
or add it into my homemade laundry detergent
somehow to give it extra cleaning power.