Tuesday, February 21, 2012



There is an advantage to getting up at 6am, you get
to see pretty sunrises.



Me and mom just returned from Kroger. I needed to get some
pop for the week. We tried to get some this past weekend
but with weekend shoppers and packed stores, the Big K
pop was pretty much wiped out.
I did find two really good manager special deals while there!!

-6 cans of Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk.
was regularly $3.39 x's 6 cans is $20.34
manager special price .50 cents x's 6 cans is $3.00
I saved $17.34!

-2 large tubs of Folger's classic roast coffee.
was $9.80 x's 2 is $19.60
manager special price $5.00 x's 2 is $10.00
I saved $9.60!


I keep thinking it is Monday because the kids didn't have
school yesterday. I got my weekly meals planned out
for this week.

This morning I am making up a large crockpot full
of 5 pounds of deer burger along with other ingredients.
This will last through many meals this week.
While some do monthly cooking, I do weekly cooking
when I can or stretch one meal into the next.

For the meat mixture in the crock I scrounged up
what I could find in the pantry to mix with it.

-5 pounds deer burger (free)
-2 cans of diced tomatoes with liquid (.29 x's 2 is .58 cents)
-1 can tomato soup (.50 cents)
-1 can mushroom gravy (.25 cents)
-1/3rd bottle of bbq sauce (.10 cents)
-1 packet of beef seasoning (.10 cents)
-1/2 cup dehydrated onions (free)

Will use in 5 meals at .30 cents for meat mix a meal.

Now onto the meals I plan to make out of this
along with any other meals for this week.
I'll calculate the price for 6 meals at the bottom.

1. Tuesday- Sloppy Joes with macaroni & cheese
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-1 loaf of bread (.49 cents)
-1 box of mac & cheese (.70 cents)
-butter, salt, pepper, milk (.25 cents)


2. Wednesday- Taco Salad
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-1/2 bag of Kroger nacho cheese tortillas ($1.10)
-1/2 bag of lettuce (.70 cents)
-1 cup of shredded cheese (.94 cents)
-1/4 can of black olives (.17 cents)


3. Thursday- Chili
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-2 cans mild chili beans (free)
-1 cup shredded cheese (.94 cents)
-1/4 bag Kroger Doritos crushed up on top (.54 cents)


4. Friday- Goulash
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-2 boxes macaroni & cheese ($1.40)
-1/2 loaf bread & butter (.35 cents)


5. Saturday Weekend Breakfast eggs & hashbrowns
-1/2 bag of shoestring fries (.64 cents)
-1 cup shredded cheese (.94 cents)
-1/2 cup dehydrated onions (free)
-1 rope diced up smoked sausage (.50 cents)
-4 slices bologna (.40 cents)
-4 eggs (.40 cents)


6. Saturday- Taco Pizzas
-meat mix (.30 cents)
-1 can refried beans (.39 cents)
-1/2 bag of lettuce (.70 cents)
-1 cup shredded cheese (.94 cents)
-1/4 can black olives (.17 cents)
-1 pkg of 10 flour tortillas ($1.28)


TOTAL COST TO MAKE 6 MEALS FOR THE WEEK- $15.61 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I buy cereal in those large bags without the boxed packaging.
Cereal is stupid priced at $2.50 on up to over $4.00
a box and you are lucky to get a pound of the stuff.
So instead I buy the 2 pound bags of Kroger brand cereal
which usually lasts a week or more between everyone.
It costs about $3.00 or so a bag. I feel like I get
double the cereal in the bag when compared to buying
boxed cereal at the same price.

I got to wondering this past weekend after a child
left an empty bag of cereal on the counter, what
can I do with those empty bags? The outside is pretty
durable and it has a resealable top. It seems such
a waste to keep throwing those bags out when I could
be reusing them for something. So now I'm going
to save them all. Not sure at the moment what to use
them for. Maybe I could put potato chips in them
and that way you could reseal them without them going stale.
Maybe I could put baked goods in them and put
into the freezer to store like cookies, breads etc.
I don't think ziploc sells bags that large so these
would be perfect for things like that.
For freezer casseroles- cut one end, insert
the casserole dish, then tape up the cut end.
Other ideas?
flour & sugar, small toys like legos,
use like one of those space storage bags.
Not sure right now, will have to think this one over.



Sloppy Joes and macaroni & cheese for supper.



This evening we were cleaning out the kitty's litter box
and where he had a couple accidents outside his box.
It wasn't like his litter box was full.
To hopefully prevent the outside the box accidents
we are going back to a clay unscented and non clumping litter and will now
use 2 litter boxes instead of one. Hopefully that will help.

I was looking through my cleaning stairwell (I say stairwell
because I don't have a cleaning closet) to see what I could
find to clean up cat accidents on carpet.
Didn't see anything so I concocted my own cleaning solution.
And I might add that it worked VERY VERY well! No stains left
on carpet and I feel it has been cleaned, deodorized
and sanitized all at the same time.

-bowl of hot water
-stiff bristle cleaning scrub brush
-about a 1/2 cup to 1 cup Citrus Listerine
(don't know if the kind of mouthwash would make a difference
as I'm only telling you what I had on hand)
-1 cup Kroger extra value powdered dishwasher detergent
These are approximate guesses as to how much I used
as I just dumped them in the bowl.

Dissolve everything in a bowl of hot water.
Dip brush in and scrub away.
It almost had immediate results of cleaning
the spot!

Just thought I'd make a note of this carpet cleaning
solution I came up with because
maybe I could use it in the carpet cleaner
or add it into my homemade laundry detergent
somehow to give it extra cleaning power.


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