Sunday, February 5, 2012



Ok I'm sitting here imagining what things would
look like around here if I could do what I wanted
to do to the place. I can dream can't I.

So picture this island in the kitchen.

With this counter top. I think it is pretty cool.
It's a copper penny counter top.

And redoing the light oak contact paper on the
cupboards with a darker wood contact paper like cherry.

And about 3 pendant lights over the island cabinets.



Just got back from taking a load of weed out stuff
to Tony's work. While there I found a few boxes.
We also found a couple items.
Click the tab at the top that says Freebie I Have Found
to see what they were.


I am currently working on lunch or supper
considering it is almost 3:10pm.
I am making meatball subs.

-2 pounds deer burger (Free)
-1 cup Italian bread crumbs (.50 cents)
-1 egg (.15 cents)
garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper,
beef bouillion, steak rub seasoning & liquid smoke (.10 cents)
-pkg of whole white wheat buns (.69 cents)
-1 cup shredded mozarella cheese (.90 cents)
-1/2 jar spaghetti sauce (.50 cents)

I made large meatballs so I'll probably
have to cut each in half before putting on the sub.

When baking the meatballs, I put a cookie cooling
rack on top of the cookie sheet to collect
and grease from the meat.


Tomorrow for supper I will be using up the
leftover meatballs & sauce and making spaghetti.



Super Bowl is getting ready to come on and I'm heading
to the basement to do laundry and work on
cleaning out the basement. I told them to call
me for the commercials, lol.



Whew I am tuckered out!!
Sitting here enjoying a cup of hot chocolate
with peppermint marshmallows that I found in
the mark down Christmas area at Walmart.
Mmmm, that really hits the spot after doing
all the below this evening-

I got the laundry done (about 4 trips up and down
the basement stairs with baskets and clothes on hangers, got most put away,
kids clothes matched up (tops and bottoms)
and ready to go for the week ahead,
school lunch money all counted out and put
into labeled envelopes for the kids this week,
got the subs made for supper, even reserved one for Tony's
lunch this week. Got the leftovers put away
for tomorrow's supper because the meatballs
left sitting on the pan was acting like finger
snack food to the kids. Ahhh what part of,
the leftovers are being used for tomorrow's supper,
don't they understand?? If I don't put leftovers
away asap they'll disappear!

Got a basket of socks all matched up and ready
to go for the week, fixed up a batch of
BBQ chicken wings for the boys while watching
the Super Bowl. Even made up another smaller
batch of wings for Tony's lunch tomorrow.

Got the kids in the shower and ready for bed,
coffee pot is full of water and coffee
and all I have to do is flip the switch on in the morning,
cleaned up some cat pee by the back door
and rubbed the cat's face in it before cleaning- GRRRR,
Got cereal already poured into bowls and wrap
covering them, all I would have to do is pour milk
on them in the morning, even got their glasses set
out and ready to go!

Things are soooo much easier if I plan ahead the night before.
I get up at 6am , pee break, get dressed, coffee pot turned on,
glass of pop poured and my first cig smoked before I get one kid up and dressed,
start truck by 6:30am if it's really cold out, come back in and wake Tony up, fix breakfast, get book bag & notebook rounded up, coat put on, lunch money put in their pocket and out the door taking one child
to the bus stop at 6:40am. I arrive back home at 7:00am
and get the other child up.
I pack up Tony's lunch and make sure he has everything
for his work day and see him off to work, sometimes
even going out to start his car as soon as I get
back from the bus stop and warm it up
to remove the frost from his windows. He leaves around 7:10am.
Once he leaves I then fix the other child's breakfast
and get them dressed. Then it's time for another pop
and cig and can relax some. 8:10am I make sure the other
child has shoes and socks on, coat on, folder signed,
lunch money in book bag and heading out the door at
8:20am to catch the bus at 8:25am. I then come back
in the house and kick my shoes off and relax unless
me and mom goes somewhere then she picks me up
from the bus stop at 8:25am if we happen to go
grocery shopping. It's all a part of being
a stay at home mom.

Super Bowl or no Super Bowl, if you ask your husband
if they could start the shower for the boys to take
and you are sitting on the floor with a big pile of
laundry sorting and matching socks and folding undies
after making them all bbq chicken wings and doing all
the other things above, and he responds
with 'I feel like you are punishing me' then you would
understand the silence that came from me and the
invisible laser beams that came from my eyes
that could have burned holes in the walls!

Well it's 10:45pm and my legs are throbbing.
Time for bed soon so I can get ready for a fun
and exciting week with Tony having the on call pager.

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