Monday, February 6, 2012



Just called the doctor and got Tony an appointment
for 4:20 this afternoon. He kept telling me he
was ok and doing better yesterday but it doesn't seem to
be going too well at work this morning.
I'm worried that he may have a hernia considering
his symptoms. I could have gotten him an
appointment this morning but he's too stubborn
and too dedicated to work so instead he's getting
off a few minutes early this afternoon to go.
Not sure how he's going to make it another 7 hours
with the pain he's in.

Trying to plan out a few meals for this week.
This is what I have come up with so far-

Spaghetti with leftover meatballs from subs,
butter bread and a salad.
-leftover meatballs (free)
-leftover spaghetti sauce (free)
-another jar of sauce ($1.00)
-box of spaghetti ($1.00)
-bread & butter (.25 cents)
-salad with dressing & leftover shredded cheddar cheese (.75 cents)
Any leftovers will go into freezer.

Slow cooker beef tips with gravy over noodles.
Instead of beef I'll be using a deer roast.
I'll cook the entire roast in the crock pot.
The roasts are very big so leftover deer roast
will go onto other meals.
-deer roast (free)
-can of cream of mushroom soup (.25 cents)
-1/2 box of beef broth (.60 cents)
-egg noodles ($1.00)
-1 pkt dry onion soup mix (.50 cents)

Vegetable Beef Soup.
Use some of the deer roast cut into small pieces.
Throw in the freezer meal
from 2-2 of chicken spiral pasta casserole
(remove any little chicken chunks, there weren't very many),
a small baggie of frozen stuffing veggies- celery, onions
and seasoning, leftover baby carrots chopped up, can mixed veggies,
and any leftover beef broth from beef tips and noodles.
-deer roast (free)
-chicken spiral casserole ($2.76)
-stuffing veggies (.10 cents)
-baby carrots (.50 cents)
-1/2 box of beef broth (.60 cents)
-can of mixed veggies (free)
Leftovers will go in freezer.

Parent teacher conferences with a FREE spaghetti meal.
Oh dear, spaghetti twice in one week. I didn't
plan that well, lol. Oh well, it's a free meal
and I don't have to cook!

Stuffed Green Peppers
-1 pound ground deer burger
-minute brown rice ($1.00)
-3 green bell peppers ($2.10)
-1 jar of mild chunky salsa ($1.19)
-shredded cheddar cheese ($1.88)
-taco seasoning (free)


BBQ beef sandwiches
-leftover deer roast shredded (free)
-1 bottle of BBQ sauce (.30 cents)
-1/2 loaf of bread (.50 cents)




Tony came home early from work because of the pain he was in.
He is still going to his doctor's appointment.
Sure wish he'd of took the 11:20am appointment.
I'm sure the doctor might have him get some xrays
and I don't think that place is open by the time
he gets out of the doctor's office.
Just a guess though about the xrays. But I would
think that is how they could see if it's a hernia


Oh goody, another doctor bill came today concerning
the colonoscopy. This one is for $358 for
the biopsies. It just keeps adding up and adding up.
How in the hell do people ever get ahead at this rate.

That light at the end of the tunnel turned
out to be a train!



Just got off the phone with Tony about how his
doctor's appointment went. The doctor thinks it may
be an incarcerated hernia but does not know for sure
and gave him pain medicine for now. I nor he sees
and protrusions in or near the belly area.
They are trying to schedule a cat scan asap but said if he gets
another attack to go to the emergency room.

Oh Lord this whole thing could mean operating
on the hernia. No, the doctor didn't say that
but I have this gut feeling about it.
When it rains it pours!
Tony took most of the day off work today and
was taking Friday off because his mom is having
an operation to unblock a blocked artery?
in her heart. I have a gastreonologist appointment
on Thursday to go over the results of my colonoscopy
and biopsies. It is always freaking something.
Doctor bills keep pouring in.


Oh goodie, Tony just stopped by work to tell them the results
of his doctor's appointment. That light at the end of
the tunnel which turned out to be a train is coming
at me full speed at the moment. They told him he is
not allowed to return to work til he is better and
gets the doctor's clearance.
I need some prayers that this tax refund check
comes REALLY REALLY soon!!!

I'm thinking if Tony gets another fit of
groin pain tonight I'm taking him to the
emergency room. I believe that things could
go much faster there with getting a treatment
and an actual diagnosis with a cat scan
much faster than dealing with the family doctor.

Signing off for now because my mind
is going in 10 different directions at the moment
with worry.



Just got home from getting Tony's prescription.
Still shaking my head over that whole ordeal.
I knew there was two prescriptions and when
I went to pick them up the pharmacist read off
the two that he'd gotten. The pain pill I knew about
BUT when she said Glyburide I was like, do what??!!
Isn't Glyburide a diabetic pill and she said yes.
I said he went in for a problem with a hernia today
why would we have this medicine?? She said it
was filled yesterday which had nothing to do with
today doctor's visit. And the doctor on the precription
didn't match up either. It was his old doctor
that he hasn't seen in about a year since he switched
over to this other doctor. I still have no idea how
that prescription got in there because for the past,
almost a year?, we've had to do the mail order
prescription service for those medicines.
I then asked her to check again for another prescription.
She looked on the computer and found out that
yes there was another one but the doctor who
called it in got it wrong and they have to call
him tomorrow. The doctor wrote out a prescription
for a pill when it only comes in liquid form.
This prescription is a liquid you have to drink
before a cat scan which a hospital usually supplies
you with anyway. So that doesn't make sense either
and neither does the fact that the doctor told
him that he needed to take this pill (or liquid)
24 hours before the cat scan. I don't think that is how it works!
I know considering I've had them done recently.
You go to the hospital and they supply you with
what you are supposed to drink. You take an hour
to drink the stuff right before getting the cat scan
because it highlights certain areas of your insides
so it will show up on the cat scan. I wouldn't
think this would work too well if you took it
24 hours before.

All prescriptions aside, if Tony gets a spell of pain
tonight in his groin I am taking him to the emergency room
no matter what time it may be. I have it all worked
out with my mom to watch the kids and get them
off to school if need be. So it's kinda like sitting
on pins and needles at the moment waiting to
see what happens.

I figured with needing to cut back even more
that we'd be eating a whole lot more of deer meat
and whatever meat is already in the freezer.
Tonight while in Kroger I noticed a sign on top
of the butcher case. They had all these seasoning
packets regular .99 cents each marked down to .10 cents each!
I bought 49 of them for $4.70, the reason being
is that the cashier counted them wrong. I figured
I could use these to make things out of the deer meat.
These would have cost $49.00!!!

My saying is and always has been-
"you do what ya gotta do with what ya gotta do it with."

I'm in one of my moods and think of this song a lot.

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