Wednesday, February 1, 2012



It's the first and you know what that means,
time to pay bills. I have a couple stacks
that I'll share with anyone!


I got my insurance statement for when I had
my blood work done at St. Anns. I have been
so worried about how much I would end up owing
on it because the gastreonologist said
they were expensive tests to be done.
I have finally met my deductible so that's good,
which means any more doctor bills after this
one should not be as high. Anyways
the blood work would have cost $1567
and I owe $21.34 THANK GOODNESS! At least
I hope I'm reading the statement right.

I'm hoping to get almost all the doctor
bills paid off within the next month.
Still expensive at around $1,115 to maybe $1500 still owed
and plus I'm sure I have a few more coming.
I will be soooo glad when all this is paid
for and caught up with so we can get back on

And ya know just when you think you get back on
track something else will go wrong. Isn't
that how it usually works?!
Now Tony's saying he is unsure how much longer
his car is going to last saying it's smoking
a blue hue out the tail pipe and it smells
like burning oil and using oil. If your
tail pipe smokes blue that's usually a sign
of burning oil. I do have a possible vehicle
lined up to go look at. Notice I said 'look at'
because I don't have the money to buy another
one til the tax refund comes. Which by the way the
IRS says they are behind with getting tax returns
out and we probably will get it later than
what date we were told. Anyways it's a private
owned vehicle through a guy at Tony's work, actually
this guy's girlfriend. She has a 1999 Rodeo
for $900 with probably room to negotiate it
even lower since it needs brake work.
My head's spinning because I hadn't even
thought of or planned to buy another vehicle
at this time. I think he should try a can
of Engine Restore in his motor first to see
if that will help the smoking problem.
We did this with the Suburban a couple times
and it finally stopped but it wasn't smoking
blue, more white. Oh and we also used a can
of Sea Foam. So we'll try that cheapest route first
before buying another vehicle!!



The truck said the outside temperature here
was 62 degrees for February 1st!!!


Here is my next idea I came up with being put into my Idea Journal.
This Spring I'll be on the lookout for some cheap,
heavy placemats. I plan to sew a bunch of them together
to make an area rug. You could make you a decent size
area rug for $5 to $10 providing you can find
placemats for .25 to .50 cents each. Plus the cost of some
rubber non-skid mats to put underneath which
costs $1.00 per roll at Dollar Tree.
Think of it as a large quilt that you walk on.
Only you'll have rectangular squares that you'd
be sewing together.
Here's an example of an actual rug with
different colored rectangles in it.
I'd like to do one in creams, sages, olives,
dark reds, rusty oranges, camel and so on.



Well Tony's going to Advance Auto parts and
getting a can of engine restore and a new
PCV valve ($2.99). The engine restore price
depends upon how many cylinders your vehicle has.
$7.99 for 4 cyl.
$10.00 for 6 cyl.
$11.99 for 8 cyl.

So I am hoping that for under $20 it will
try to keep his car running longer and
smoke less. We'll see how this works
then might try the Sea Foam for $9.99 as well.
It would still be a lot cheaper than another vehicle!
I am really not in the mood to even look
at vehicles for sale at the moment!!


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