Sunday, February 26, 2012



.99 cent milk coupon found on The Bag, the sales
ads that come to your front step.
There is a limit of 2 gallons with additional $5 purchase.
Good 2/26 through 3/10. It says limit 2 gallons per family
but I don't see why you couldn't make several trips
if you found more coupons.
Milk right now is around $2.50 on sale and
$2.99 not on sale. So now is the time to stock up.
I have frozen milk before. Yes, it may separate
while in the freezer but once thawed all you have
to do is shake it up.

And don't forget, you can sign up for the
Smart Shopper Club at Save-A-Lot
to get a $5 off a $25 purchase.
Plus if you tell 5 friends you can earn
an additional 5 more of those coupons!



Alrighty then, I am now working on yet another week's
worth of meals.

1. BBQ chicken wings ($5.81 for 16 wings)
1 bottle BBQ sauce (.29 cents)
1/2 bag of shoestring french fries (.64 cents)


2. Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes The only change I'll make to this
recipe is to add in some chopped up ham.
Homemade hashbrowns ($1.00)
1/2 tub of sour cream ($1.00)
butter (.25 cents)
1/2 an onion (free)
1 can cream of chicken soup (.25 cents)
shredded cheddar cheese ($1.88)
2 cups crushed corn flakes (free)
Chopped ham ($2.50)


3. Porkchops ($3.48)
Stuffing (.99 cents)
Homemade mashed potatoes ($1.00)


4. Burritos-
4 leftover tortillas (free from taco pizzas)
Rice (free leftover from stuffed peppers. Mix in
the leftover rope of smoked sausage (.50 cents)from hashbrown breakfast cups)
Baked beans ($1.00)


5. Sausage Biscuits & Gravy
1 pound ground sausage ($1.00) Save-A-Lot
2 pkgs Pioneer sausage flavored country gravy mix ($2.40)


6. Reuben Sandwiches
1 can of corned beef (free from mom)
4 sliced swiss cheese (.45 cents) kroger sandwich slices
1 can sauerkraut ($1.00)
1/2 loaf of honey wheat bread (.25 cents)


7. Goulash
1 pound meat mix from last week (.30 cents)
2 boxes macaroni ($1.40)
1 can diced tomatoes (.39 cents)





Just returned from Tony's work from where
he got called out on a no heat.
While there we checked out a nice headboard
in the bulk furniture area. It's been there
for the past couple of days and I was hoping
it was a queen. Our bed headboard and foot board
is showing it's age and is falling apart and
I have been searching for another one.
I carry sizes of everything I'm looking for
in my purse and a tape measure key chain
with me at all times. You just never know
when you will run across something.
It's too bad it turned out to be a kind size headboard
because it was a really nice headboard!

Tony stopped by his friends bike there at work to check it out.
I guess his coworker is selling it and it's gotten Tony's
attention. While it probably is good on gas, it doesn't
really spark my interest. Guys get tunnel vision when
it comes to certain things while girls seem to look
to the future and the costs. The costs of adding another
policy to the insurance, another cost of license plates.
And this vehicle can only be ridden during warmer weather
and will be out of commission for about 4 months out of the
year getting no use but still paying insurance for it.
Ok, turning my head and looking away. Going down
to start laundry.



I spent the last hour or so getting a load of laundry
in and working on getting my boards cut and put
into at least one area between the 2x4's in the laundry room.
To make it easier for me to put the shelves up
I decided to screw in 4 screws for each shelf to
sit on. I did this so it would be easier to adjust
the shelves if needed and plus I only had a certain
length of screws that were given to me that I had
to use on this project. Free is good so you
work with what you have.

Tony cutting the wood for me.
He had the board sideways in this shot because
I had him notch an area of the board that will
be used on the wall behind the furnace. This
area has a gas line that runs in front of
these shelves.

The wall behind the furnace with the gas line.
The boards you see were already there.

Here are a couple boards I cut to put between the other two
already there. It looks like I can add another board there.
Will have to wait til I find more would. I only have
12 feet left and want to work on the smaller shelves first.

This is to show you how I am installing the shelves
by putting in 4 screws for each shelf.
Any 2x4 shelving was already in between the studs.
I am using 1x4's I think. I am not a carpenter
so are winging this whole project with what I think
will work.

Here are the shelves I got done today. I will add
one more shelf to the bottom first row between the studs.
The drill battery died on me and I didn't have any
more wood cut for another shelf for this area.
I have to measure each area between studs because
they are not all the same.
Cans of pineapple to show you how food will sit
on the shelves. Each shelf can hold about 4 pineapple cans.

I still have a ways to go but at least it's a start.
There's still 9 more rows to do and one of those
is a double row behind the furnace.


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