Saturday, February 25, 2012




Just returned from moms. She got these gifts from us
for her birthday.
-Spring time purse
-change purse with "M" initial on it
-cherry blossom soy scented candle

For supper tonight I made Taco Salad

-1 pound meat mix from Tuesday (.30 cents)
-1 can tomato soup (.50 cents)

-1/3rd bag Kroger nacho chips (.73 cents)
-salad mix 1/3 bag (.43 cents)
-leftover black olives 1/4 can (.17 cents)
-hot banana peppers (for just me & Tony .25 cents)
-1/3 container of sour cream (.67 cents)

Serves 4 @ .76 cents a serving


We stopped in the thrift store earlier before
doing our grocery shopping. I was in search of
another cable for the monitor on the security cameras.
The one I have works but you move it the screen the
wrong way and it goes blank. Unfortunately I didn't
find a cable there but I did find some fabric
for when I decorate my laundry room. I wanted something
bright, cheerful and kind of Spring like.
-Yellow bed skirt with flowers .99 cents
-gingham yellow double sided pillow case .59 cents
-gingham pink bed skirt $1.99

I was thinking I could cut off part of the yellow floral
bed skirt and make a valance for the basement
window out of it.

Thinking about doing a yellow wall color (something cheerful)
then doing some vintage or other signs about laundry
mod podged onto wall(s). You can see some of the ones
I like on Pinterest
I like this one to somehow enlarge and print out for
the center of one of the walls.

I know I am thinking way ahead. Heck, I haven't even
start cutting the wood for the pantry shelves in the
laundry room. Maybe tomorrow. Tony says he'd cut them
for me if I get the measurements needed.

I also got Christopher a camo Snuggy for .99 cents.
He's been wearing my purple robe after getting out
of the shower, lol, so I figured he'd want something
more boyish.
I look like the Swamp Thing wearing this, LOL,
but I wanted to show you what it looked like.


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