Wednesday, February 22, 2012



I received this free Midol carrying case in the mail
the other day. I thought I would add it in with the purse I
got mom for her birthday. It has the letter "M"
for Midol on the front which is the same initial
as my mom's name. Perfect timing to get it and perfect
initial on the front!!

Mom's church just started having bible study in the mornings
on Wednesdays. I'm going with her this morning.
Not sure how it will turn out with being in the morning
on a weekday. Today is the first day so we will see.
Then out to Long John Silvers for lunch.



Just returned home from bible study and going out to eat for lunch.
This is the book we are studying for about the next 6 weeks-
Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering.
It's done from a woman's perspective.

Tomorrow I have made plans with mom to go to
the Habita Restore to try and find some wood
for my laundry room stud pantry shelves.
I think their wood pieces are .25 cents a foot.
I remembered that because we got molding there
to do our dining & living room and hallway
all for about $14 to $15!

I'm going to guess and say this shelving
project will cost me about $10 to $15
@ .25 cents a foot.
About the price of a used bookshelf only
these shelves will store LOTS more than
a bookshelf. I'm all about storage in a
small home and finding the most unusual
places to use for it.
And talking of bookshelves, the lady wrote
me back from Craigslist and told me
the bookshelves had been sold.

Oh, and I got good news yesterday.
The supervisor over at UV apts. that gave
me so many problems DDn over there this
past Summer/Fall has quit and no longer works
there. How do I know? It had something to
do with the Fed Ex man? (or was it another
parts delivery person?) that delivers goods
to the property my hubby works at that also
delivers to UV. I didn't really hear the whole
story about how this was found out all I heard
in my head was that mean ole man had quit.
I kept thinking I may have another chance
at DDn over there once again during college
move out time.

Has anyone ever watched Extreme Cheapskates on TLC?
Last night was the first time I ever saw it.
I thought I had it bad until I saw this show!
Sure some of their ideas I already do but some
I would have never thought of doing.
In last night's show a guy pulls out an onion
bag and wads up a tinfoil ball to put inside it
to use it as a pot scrubber. I turned to hubby
and said, "Don't look under our sink because you'll
find a bunch of onion bags under there that I want
to make pot scrubbers out of!" LMAO!
One guy reuses his paper towels by wringing
them out then putting them on a mini clothes
line in his kitchen to dry! Says he can get
3-5 uses out of each paper towel square.
What I don't get is why don't he use rags
instead like I do. Something that can be used
over and over again rather than even buying
paper towels which get thrown away.
The guy that buys goat heads for dinner was
a little gross because it reminded me of the
ones I see at Meijers in the meat case.

I found Extreme Cheapskates on Youtube but it's in 3 parts
if you want to check it out. I recorded it on the DVR.






For about the past hour I have been working on my
faux wrought iron clock. I had to wait a bit
to collect toilet paper and paper towel rolls
to make it. We've always wanted a kinda large
iron clock for the wall but couldn't afford it
so I came up with this idea instead.

I cut a strip of notebook paper on one of the lines
for a template of how wide to cut strips off
each cardboard roll.

Once cut out I started arranging
them in a pattern that I liked then used a hot glue
gun to put them all together.
I have to wait til Tony gets home to get into the
shed to get the black spray paint that I'll use
to paint it all black. Then once that is done
I will hot glue the design to the clock.
Right now it is not attached because of
needing painted.

I'm still playing around with the design and might
add more scroll work to it.



Either I'm losing my mind or I am blind as a bat.
Just went out to the shed to get some black spray
paint and I cannot find it anywhere. I know I had
a bag full of black and white spray paint that
we got from Menards when they first opened for .50 cents
each. We stocked up on them at that price and had
about 12 cans. I'm starting to wonder if the person(s)
that broke into our shed and stole a bicycle took
the bag of spray paint as well. Wouldn't those two
items go hand and hand. That's what they do around
here when they steal bicycles, paint them.



Supper- Taco Pizza

I told the kids what their choices were for supper
and this was what they picked.


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