Sunday, February 19, 2012



What to have for breakfast this morning? I decided
to browse through the fridge and use up
any leftovers I could find and create a breakfast out
of it. Here's what I found-

-3 packages of leftover shredded cheese
-precooked bacon
-1/2 bag of shoestring fries
-and not in the fridge but a partial pouch of onion soup mix

I took the bologna and cut 4 snips into each
side and tucked them into a cupcake tin.
In each bologna cup I added one egg, salt & pepper.

Next I took the shoestring fries, 3 eggs, cheese
and onion soup mix and put them in the food processor
and mixed altogether. I put these in sprayed jumbo
muffin tins then topped with crumbled up bacon and
a little bit of shredded cheese.

I placed both in a 350 degree oven and baked til
they looked done.

So there you have it, a breakfast of cheesy, onion, hash browns
and bologna cup with eggs. I'd make Paula Deen proud y'all, lol.

I need to do more breakfasts like these ones in muffin
cups and pop out and put into freezer bags.
Pop out for a breakfast and microwave. Easy peasy
for weekday mornings.

Everyone loved it!



We spent the last couple of hours getting three security
cameras installed. It is freakin cold out there with
the wind blowing! BRRRR!
Anyways we got three cameras installed. Not sure
where to put the fourth one so we didn't put it up
at the moment.
Drilling the hole from the inside of the house
to the outside wasn't hard. We did find out that
our home has blown in insulation so that's good.

Here's Tony putting the one camera above our front room
window pointed at the front door. Now we can see who's
at the door first before opening it or peaking out the

I just took some pillow stuffing and filled
the hole in where we ran the wires into the house.

And here's the cameras all set up.
I can now see around the house and even keep
an eye on the kids while they are outside
in the yard.

So much for all my hard work of sweeping and mopping
the floors yesterday. The yard is muddy and we had
to run in and out of the house while setting
up the cameras.



Wouldn't it be nice if kids would listen to what they were
told? The yard has been muddy and we told them to take their
shoes off outside on the stoop because of mud on the bottoms. Then
we said when you return back outside, put your shoes back on,
and the mud should have hardened
and you should be able to scrape them off in the yard, driveway or
street. Oh no, what do they do instead? Go into the bathroom
and scrape the mud off shoes into the bathroom sink!
Mud + sink drain = clog!
Tony had to pull everything out from underneath the sink,
take the drain apart and snake the pipe out.
Good thing he's a maintenance man to have the right
equipment on hand. What a mess. That was our form of
entertainment for the evening.


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