Monday, February 13, 2012



Me and mom went back downtown to the gastreonologists
office this morning to pick up the free sample
prescriptions of my medicine. I was told it
was a 3 month supply but was very surprised
it was a 4 month's supply that would
save me $440!! WOO HOO! I told them that
if they got any more in over the next year
to give me a call that I would come and get
them. I had stressed to them during my last
visit that my insurance doesn't cover much
of the cost of this medicine they put me on.

Me and mom went out to breakfast after picking
up my medication. We ate at Friendly's which
was missing a partial wall from where a car
drove into the place!! I guess this happened
Feb. 4th. No one was hurt inside or out but
the SUV had come into the building and
took out the ice cream freezer case, and about
three windows that were on the side by the door.

I don't know if I mentioned this yesterday but I
went ahead and ordered a security system from Sears
of all places. You wouldn't of thought that Sears
would have something cheaper than other places!
Wouldn't it figure that once you order something
you figured out how to get it a little cheaper.
Just my luck. I found the same new security system
on Ebay for $219
, free shipping and no tax.
I could have saved $14.85 on this deal.
Instead I bought from Sears, paid $219, got free shipping
and paid $14.85 tax. Oh well, it's done and over with.
Supposed to get 2/15 to 2/17 then my next worries
will be how to set it up and where to put the cameras.
All I needed was about 2 cameras and now will have 4.
Thinking of putting one out front aimed at the front door.
That way I can see who's knocking. I still have
one camera I ain't figured out where to put just yet,
maybe another one out front facing the street.

I quit turning on our front porch light because after
the neighbor across the street had the one incident
of where she was attacked in her driveway, they installed
a bright motion activated spotlight. And, every time
it comes on, it illuminates the whole front of our
house like a runway! So why waste our electricity
when we have their spot light on our home, lol.
Now for the back yard and driveway we have a motion
activated security light. It comes on a lot with
wild cats that run the neighborhood and when
I do laundry at night. The steam from the dryer
vent rises by the light and triggers it, lol.
For the longest time we couldn't figure out what
kept making the light come on. Now we know.



This morning while waiting at the bus stop in the truck,
this same kid I've talked about before walking to the
bus stop with bath towels around him, today is wearing
only a t-shirt & jeans and carrying his shoes. I thought
maybe he was bringing along an extra pair of shoes
for maybe gym, hey it was dark out and I don't really
notice ones feet at that hour of the morning. Once at the bus stop
he pulls a very light jacket out of his book bag and put
on those shoes he was carrying. He walked to the bus
stop with no coat or shoes on!! I checked the temperature
before leaving the house and it was 19 degrees but wind chill
was around 10 degrees!

I had a neighbor call me today. Her grandson is back living
with her and her son. He went away for about 9 months
to live with his mom in Arizona. So now he's going to be
going to Christopher's school. He went to Christopher's
elementary school for the last couple of years before going
to Arizona. Anyways now he's back and starting a new
junior high school. I told the grandma that I would start
picking her grandchild up in the morning and afternoon
to and from the bus stop. She agreed with me that a traffic
lighted intersection was no place for kids to have a bus stop.
That's why she asked since I was already taking Christopher by
a vehicle to the bus stop if I could take her grandson. She actually said
we could swap weeks at doing this but I told her it wouldn't
be a problem since I already do it. I can't imagine her outside
in the Winter time starting and scraping ice and snow off
her car to do all that when mine is parked under a carport
and gets no snow or ice on it.



Working on supper.

Italian Sausage & Pasta Vegetable Soup-
Just stuff I'm throwing together that sounds
good on a cold day.

-1 pkg Amazing Taste seasoning for pork (.10 cents)
-1 pkg smoked sausage cut into round slices ($1.00)
-1 cup water

Add water, seasoning and sliced sausage in large pot
and cook til sausage is done.

-1 tablespoon chicken bouillion (.10 cents)
-5 to 6 cups water

Add to sausage, water and seasoning already in pot.

-veggie spiral pasta. I am using leftover pasta
casserole bake that I had in the freezer.
It has peas in it. (free)

Add pasta to pot with broth and meat.

-1/3 bag of baby carrots chopped. (.33 cents)

Boil sliced carrots in a small saucepan with about 2-3 cups water.
I always cook my carrots separately since
they take longer to get tender.
Once done add carrots and water, since this is
where some of your vitamins are, to the big pot and simmer everything.
Oh, I also added in a packet of Italian seasoning (free)
to boost the flavor some.

I sprinkled parmesan cheese on top and served
with butter round crackers. And for me I added
some hot sauce to be all warm and fuzzy, lol.


Soup is whatever you want it to be. You don't have
to follow any recipes. When you make meals
and have leftover pasta, gravy, veggies or meat
(I'd separate the different kinds of meat
into their own storage containers)
put any and all amount into a large bowl in
the freezer. Keep adding to it until you have
enough to throw everything into a pot and make a soup.


I just entered this sour face contest for Lemonhead
and you can too. All you have to do is submit a photo
of your sour face on their facebook page.

Lemonhead Sour Face Superfans

Pucker up because that sour face could win you $1,000.

Mr. Lemonhead is calling on you to show him your best sour face for a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize or other amazing prizes! Other prizes include GoPro HD Digital Cameras and iHome mini speakers.

1. Take a photo of your best sour face
2. Upload it on our photo contest tab on facebook
3. Share with your friends to increase your viral score

Enter now for your chance to win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Sweepstakes starts on 2/9/12 and ends 3/7/12. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. and D.C. who are 13 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Ferrara Pan Candy Company. Administered by SuperFans, (Social Mecca Inc. dba Brickfish) 10740 B W Grand Ave Franklin Park, IL 60131. This sweepstakes is no way sponsored or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to the Sponsor not to Facebook.

Here was the photo I submitted that Jonathan took
of me after taking a teaspoon of lemon juice, lol.

Lemonhead will ask that you put a title to your photo.
Here is what I put-
"A face only a mother could love thanks to Lemonhead!"

Then it will ask for a description and this is what I put
or something like it-
"Momma said if I made a face like this it would freeze that way.
You should listen to your momma!"



Wow! When I first put my sour face photo on Lemonhead it
ranked something like 33 out of 38. It shot up real quick!
It's now 16 out of 42 in less than an hour. Woo Hoo!
Please vote for my sour puss please, lol.
Come on Sour Pusses momma
could really use the $1,000 to put towards
all the doctor bills.

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