Thursday, February 23, 2012



Just got home. Went to the Habitat Restore.
I got about 34 feet of wood for some of the
shelving in the laundry room for $4.20.
That averages out to about .12 cents per foot!

Then I found a large roll of wallpaper for $2.00.
Wasn't a whole lot of large rolls of wallpaper
to choose from. I got this to put on the walls
behind all the pantry shelving to jazz it up
some and give my dreary laundry, furnace, water heater,
& pantry room some color.

I'm trying to give rooms a makeover for as little
as possible. Too bad there is not a construction site
of some sort to go to for some scrap pieces of wood.



I got my toilet paper faux wrought iron thing
painted for my wall clock.

Here it is close up before hot gluing to the clock.

And here it is all done and hung on the wall.
Total cost to make- $2.99 for the clock
at the thrift store. The rest was free paint from
Tony's work and toilet paper and paper towel rolls
that were given to me.



I jumped in my truck at 2:35pm to go pick the boys
up from the bus stop and I noticed something wasn't right.
And oh my gosh, someone had
broke into my truck sitting in the driveway, in broad
daylight, in the early afternoon, and while I was home!

I got in the truck and saw my glovebox open and a couple things
out of it and on the floor and on the console.
Then I looked and saw my freakin radio missing.
A couple of gouge marks where it had been and a
wire hanging from the hole in the dash.

Once I got the boys picked up I ran in to check
the video cameras. So now that is what I am doing.
I guess I am upset that whoever did the crime
was doing right outside my window!! I know
I took a nap from about 12:45 to 2:00 so are looking
into that time frame. Will let you know if I find
anything. There was two cameras aimed at the truck.



What a pain in the butt this dvr for the security cameras
have been. It is in record 24-7 instead of just motion
detection and the rewind and fast forward doesn't exactly
go fast enough when you want it to. Then if you hit
a wrong button it goes back to the current time
and you have to start all over. I had 3-4 hours of
video to go through before I found it.
Anyways here are the videos I took with my camera
(didn't want to go through the hassle with the dvr again!)
I don't know who it is but they knew ahead of time
that they were looking to break into something considering
they carried a screwdriver (found by the fence), had
their hat from their jacket up and over their head
and wore sunglasses. The scary part...
this happened at noon (I even had a blog entry at noon)
and I was still up, not taking
a nap just yet. You can see me on the indoor camera
up and walking around working on my clock at the same
time this guy is getting in my truck stealing the radio.
I paid no attention to the video screen right in front of
me. It's not something you watch continuously 24-7
and the screen was angled away from where I was.
I do notice that when this incident happened that
the screen went from 4 cameras down to the one
screen where the guy walked up to the truck.
This is where it should have a warning alarm
that goes off, you would think. Now if someone
tries to unhook the cameras it will send out
a loud warning siren through the DVR.
He got in the driver's door which I figured
because it would be more discreet between the fence
and the truck. You see when he walks up he looks
behind him to see if anyone is watching him.

Hell I didn't even realize it was 5:00pm and Tony
should be home any minute. I have been in a daze with
this whole incident that time has just flown by since
the boys getting home from school. This crap happening
today right outside my window while I was home and up
running around has disturbed me. I don't know if
it's just being robbed while home or I should of
seen it happening and done something to stop it like
bang on the window (not stupid enough to go outside
and encounter the person) to have prevented this.
Then I'm kicking myself in the ass end for parking the
truck in the driveway, outside the gate. Tony has
been after me for having a dirty truck and mentioned
I should park it in the driveway when raining to
it could wash some of the dirt off it. So that's what I
did today. Any other day it would have been parked
up under the carport behind closed gates. I think
if that's where the truck would have been this would
have never happened!



I know I had suppers all planned out for this week
but after what happened today I haven't been with it
and as 5:00 to 6:00pm rolled around I had nothing
whipped up for supper and decided to take everyone
out to Taco Bell. I sure as heck wasn't in the mood
to do any cooking tonight. While at Taco Bell, me and
Tony figured out where we would be putting the fourth
security camera, on top the carport facing directly
in front of the driveway. Maybe this weekend we'll
get it put up depending upon if the on call pager
pager goes off. While I have a camera set up
on the side of the house to see what's going on around
the fence it's still too far away to see anything up close.
So this is where the last camera will help out
by putting it directly on top the car port aiming down
at the driveway to see better details of what is going on.

It's not like these cameras are hidden or anything like
that as they are out in plain sight, especially the one
on the side of the house and on the front of the house.
So it takes pure stupidity to be a criminal and not
to see them. The cameras are kind of small and don't
stick out like a sore thumb. You really wouldn't
know they were there unless you was looking for one.

It totally sucks now not having a radio in the truck
to listen to. (or turn up when the kids are getting loud, lol)


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