Thursday, February 9, 2012



I went to the gastreonlogost today to get the results
of all my tests & colonoscopy. I now have a name
to put with what I have and the blood work I had done
confirmed it, Crohn's Disease. If you wish to read
what it is please go HERE.
It has no cure and they don't know what causes it.
I will have to take medicine the rest of
my life to try and keep it in remission.


Feel like I'm going non-stop again.
Rushed home from the doctor's office
and had to go straight to the bus stop.

2:45 to 4:15pm

Eating an early supper. I took the rest of
the deer roast and shredded it up & added
a bottle of bbq sauce. Next I took a package
of dinner rolls and cut them all in half
and placed on a cookie sheet. I then topped
with the bbq roast, shredded cheddar cheese
and some diced up onion & baked.


We got another parent teacher conference tonight at 5:15 to 5:30pm
then we're heading to Kroger to get my prescription refilled.
I took my last pills Tuesday and didn't refill fill them
until I knew for sure that I needed them
after my follow up visit with my gastreonologist.
Considering these are $100 for a month's supply
I didn't need the doctor telling me he wanted
me on something else and to quit taking them.
You just never know and I wasn't risking $100 over it.
But it's all good and I will still continue taking
the same pills til the day I die. Now I have to put
these pills on our mail order prescriptions. This
sucks because you have a 90 day supply sent at one time.
Ok a month's supply is $100 now times that by 3
which is $300 just to get it set up.

Then it's back home and the kids need to finish
up their homework then mellow out for the evening
then get ready for bed. It'll probably be an
early bed time for hubby & me tonight. I think he wants
to get up around 5:00am tomorrow. His mom's surgery
is at 6:00am at Mount Carmel West and he wants
to be there with his dad to keep him company.
I've heard the surgery could last at least 6 hours
but not for sure.

I called Tony's doctor's office today asking
them when we needed to come in for a follow
up visit concerning his cat scan. I got
told that he'd call me with the results.
I'm trying so hard to light a fire under
docs butt to get this pain of his figured out
so he can get treatment and go back to work.

I'm wore out and it's only 4:30pm!!!



The day just keeps better and better.
I got my prescription filled tonight
and it cost $110 and some change.
Totally depressed over the cost of this medicine.
I asked the pharmacist if he could give me
a price quote on a couple other names of medicines
that the doctor told me that might be cheaper.
I was told they don't know prices of medicines
without being processed through the insurance company.
He did look up the regular price of them though
without insurance and said they ran about the same
price as my current medication.

Well if that wasn't bad enough we pull into the drive way
and I noticed the rope string we usually tie around
the driveway gate was off. We put a string around
the two gates to keep it from blowing open
when it's windy out. I was pretty sure Tony had
put the string on when we left. So that was a reason
for alarm to know that someone was in our backyard
when we were gone. Sure enough I pull up under the
carport and notice the shed doors standing open and
footprints on the ramp to the shed and of course a bicycle
was stolen from the shed. I am pretty damn sure it was
the kid I knick named Trouble Maker. What is funny was
that he was just over to our house looking for our
younger child right before we left to go to parent
teacher conferences. He has NOT been over here since
last Fall! Anyways he asked my younger son if he
wanted to sell a certain bicycle, the one that was stolen,
and he said no. He left and we left soon after.
As we were driving down our street we passed Trouble
Maker going down the street towards our house waving
like a little 2 year old at us as we passed him
doubling another kid on the bicycle he was riding.

And it gets better...
Tony's doctor called him as we just pulled up
to the house. The cat scan showed he DID NOT
have kidney stones, appendacitis nor did he have
a hernia. The doc said and I quote,
hmmmm, I'm not sure what the problem is.
Come back to see me in two weeks. DO WHAT???
He's doing absolutely nothing for him and the extreme
pain he is in. He can barely walk at times.
Think of the Tim Conway shuffle. The pain pills are not doing
a whole lot for him and he's also been taking
ibuprofen. You can take ibuprofen with the pills
just can't take tylenol.

And this incident gets even better...
The doctor said he is clearing him to return
to work on Monday to pick up his work excuse


I am so tired and so stressed at the moment.
I need to get my butt to bed soon due to an
early wake up call at 5:00am tomorrow,
an hour earlier than normal. That's when
Tony's getting up to head to the hospital
for his mom's surgery at 6:00am. I posted the surgery time
wrong earlier, I think it's more like 2 hours.

At 8:30am, after the last bus pick up,
mom's picking me up and we're heading
over to the doctor's office to pick up
Tony's work excuse. Then maybe I can come
back home and pass out before school is out.
It seems like I've been running non-stop this
week and are so ready for a little bit of
a slow down!!

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