Saturday, February 11, 2012


Breakfast this morning-
Breakfast Casserole.
I've been making this for at least 12 years
and it's always been a favorite.

-1 bag of hashbrown potatoes
-1 maple sausage roll
-Italian dressing
-seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder
-sharp shredded cheddar cheese
-4 to 5 eggs

Fry sausage in skillet. Drain grease. Return to skillet
and add some Italian dressing and hashbrowns along with seasonings. Fry
til potatoes are cooked through. Add eggs
in a stir still they coat everything and are cooked.
Serve with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top.


Spent the last couple of hours browsing
stores checking out security cameras.
I'm tired from all the walking around!

I spent this morning and the last couple
of days researching security cameras
to the point my head could spin.

I'm watching a couple cameras with dvr security
sets on Ebay plus there's one on Harbor Freight.
Went there and of course they have none in stock.

We stopped in Menards to check out their security
cameras. I wasn't impressed with what they
had to offer but it was more than Home Depot
and Best Buy. Anyways while there I splurged
and bought me a new frying pan. I've been wanting
a new skillet for y..e..a..r..s!!! I've been
pricing them at the thrift store and most
are scratched to heck and back and the better
ones cost about $6 on up.

The one I bought was originally $24
on clearance for $9.99 then I got a rebate
form to turn in for another $2.39 to
make my new skillet $7.60. I thought that
was an excellent price considering used skillets
were going for more than that in the thrift store.
It's a 5.5 quart skillet with glass, vented lid,
non-stick coating and grooved bottom.
Hoping to find one more cheap, medium skillet
so I can toss or donate all the ones I have now
that are pissing me off with food sticking to them.
You know the sad part about it all,
I felt guilty getting that frying pan and kept
wanting to put it back while we walked through
the store but Tony kept saying to get it that
I deserved a new frying pan. Still felt guilty
that I spent that much on it. But ya know if you've
ever priced and kind of pots and pans you'd know
that they aren't exactly cheap!



Ate a late lunch so we'll be having a late supper tonight.
I put a can of apple pie filling, a dash of nutmeg, some
apple pie spice in the crock and then added 5 pork chops.
Once done I'll remove the pork chops and stir
a box of stuffing mix into the apple pie filling
cutting up the apple slices into smaller sizes.

And that's how my day has gone so far.
Ever since walking into Menards I started sneezing,
having sinus pressure, nasal drip and a scratchy throat.
I think there was something in the air in there
causing it all.



Oh yeah, this really hits the spot when it's
so cold outside, hot chocolate with
peppermint marshmallows melted on top.
Makes ya all warm and fuzzy.


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