Thursday, February 16, 2012



Oh what a beautiful morning. It's raining outside
and I have one child complaining he doesn't feel well
and threw up once already this morning.
Had to call the one child's grandma that I pick up
in the morning to take to the bus stop to let
her know. I kept telling her I'd still take him
since it was last minute's notice
but she would have to pick him up in the afternoon.
She said she would go ahead and take him this morning.
Hubby woke up complaining of back and groin pain
and wasn't walking too swift groaning the whole time
after getting out of bed.
Some days are better for him than others.
I can't win or get ahead around here!



Got supper started about 3:45pm.
I'm making Beef (Deer) Stew.

I had about 3 pieces of deer tenderloin (free) left in the
fridge that needed used up. I took two pieces and
cut them down into smaller cubes and put them
in a crock pot with 2 cups water, beef seasoning packet (.10 cents)
and a can of beef gravy. (.25 cents)
Here in a bit I cut up a pound of carrots ($1.00)
and peel and cut up potatoes ($1.00) and boil
them up in a big pot. Once everything is done I'll
add them all in the crock pot and coat with gravy
before serving.


The other tenderloin (free)I cut up into 9 pieces for deer jerky.

I pounded out them each out with a meat mallet between sheets of
waxed paper, rubbed BBQ sauce (about 1/3 bottle .13 cents)
all over fronts and backs and placed them on the
dehydrator trays then sprinkled with about a half
packet of a steak seasoning packet (.05 cents).


I got all the meat on the trays and the trays stacked
together and ready to go. I flipped the switch and
the motor of the dehydrator was making a loud noise.
So I take everything off and then took the lower part
apart to figure out the problem. For people who have dehydrators
I suggest everyone once in awhile doing this and cleaning
out around the motor area where food and juices can accumulate.
Dried food or whatever it was had gotten down around
the motor area where there was a plastic wheel that
turned. When the plastic wheel moved it rubbed against
the food particles causing the squeaking sound.
I cleaned it all up and now it runs quiet again, woo hoo!





I decided to finally color my hair tonight. I've
been so behind with wanting to get it done.
I think it was before Thanksgiving and
before I started going downhill with sickies was the last
time I colored it. It's long overdue considering
I have way too many gray highlights showing up!
Here's the before pic. I still have about 15 minutes
to go then have to wash, condition and dry.



Here I am after coloring my hair. I look a little refreshed.


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