Friday, February 10, 2012


8:30 - 11:10am

Me and mom stopped by the doctor's office
this morning and picked up Tony's work excuse.
Then we stopped by the thrift store.
Tony called me while there and said his mom
was out of surgery and they were keeping her
til noon tomorrow for observation. He said
the doctors said that her artery was 99% blocked!

Here are three items that I got at the thrift store-

-10fl oz bottle of Tresemme Naturals sweet orange finishing spray .90 cents

A coffee mug for myself even though I don't drink coffee.
So consider it my hot chocolate mug, lol. .50 cents

And I found a ravioli maker attachment for my pasta roller,
something I've been wanting! $4.99
New ones go for $40 to $55!!!

I love my pasta roller and prefer it to my
electric pasta maker.
This is the pasta maker I currently have that you can
buy attachments for like the ravioli maker.
I found it also at the thrift store awhile back
for $4 to $5.

Here's a youtube video to show you how it works.
He uses a 2 row ravioli maker while mine is
a 3 row one.

Can't wait to try it out soon. Not today.
I am so ready for a nap since I got up
at 5am.


My gastreonologist's office just called.
They said a pharmaceutical company just came
in and dropped off a bunch of samples of Lialda,
the same medicine I take. They said they have
a 3 month's supply that I could have if I came
down to pick it up!!!! That's $330 worth of medicine!!
I'm going down Monday to get it.


Going to take a nap, eyes are falling out of my head.
Tony is still at the hospital with his mom.
They are just now getting her into a room.
Everything went well with no complications
during the surgery, thank God!
Not sure when he'll be home so I need to be
well rested for when the kids get off
the bus full of piss and vinegar considering
it's Friday.



Already planning tonight's supper.
Thinking about having a copycat of what Bob Evans calls
Open-Faced Roast Beef Sandwich which is-
Slow-roasted beef over Texas toast, smothered with our hearty beef gravy. Served with mashed potatoes.

Instead of regular Texas toast I got Texas toast garlic
bread to use in it's place. I am using packaged roast beef
slices and for the gravy will use up the leftovers
from the Beef Noodles adding more sliced mushrooms
and onion slices.
I baked the texas garlic toast with beef slices
and shredded cheddar cheese on top.

Tomorrow I might work on my pasta veggie soup
only I don't have any leftover deer roast so
might use some Italian sausage sliced up in it



Tony's on his way home from the west side.
Thank goodness because I hear that there's supposed
to be some snow coming around 4:00pm, 1-2 inches tonight
and possibly 2-4 inches tomorrow.

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