Tuesday, February 14, 2012




Started picking up the neighbor kid this morning when
going to the bus stop. It went really well.
That bus was on time but the elementary bus
was like 15 or so minutes late, BRRRR!

Got some meat in the crock pot going for supper.
I cut up a couple deer tenderloins into
chunks to put on some shiskabobs and added
a packet of dry onion soup mix and 2 cups
water to the crock. Later on this afternoon
I'll skewer the veggies and meat together
and put it back in the crock. I don't want
the veggies too mushy is why I'm not doing it now.
I also put in a small tenderloin for the kids
since I know they wouldn't be fond on shishkebobs.

the cost of one packet of onion soup mix!

I have about 3 more tenderloins from the package
of deer meat I got from moms. One of those
I plan to cut up and pound out for some deer jerky.
The other two I don't know what I will make out
of them, maybe some deer stew. Need to pick up
some carrots at the store though as I don't have any.



Oh my gosh you would think Fed Ex would do a better job
at delivering things. For starters they didn't knock on the
door to see if anyone would answer to take the package.
Instead they left package outside on the step in front of the door
NOT inside the screen door area or trying to hide the package somewhat.
On the friggin step for all the world and thieves to see!!
It wasn't like it was in brown packaging and discreet as
to what it was. If you drove by my house this is what
you would have seen sitting on my stoop!!
Just flat out ridiculous!



I got the shishkabobs put together and in the crock pot.
There was some leftover veggies, zucchini/onions/mushrooms/bell pepper.

Got those all cut up and put into a freezer bag.
Will use those at another time for a soup/casserole.



Figured out the security camera system. Wasn't easy at
first trying to follow the directions but somehow
I got it all to work. You can hook it up to computers,
internet, email and cell phones if you want and
at the moment I don't need all that so didn't hook it up.
I guess now all we have to do is figure out how and where
to run the wires and install the cameras on the outside
of the house. That will probably make hooking everything
up look like the easy part. Maybe I could put them in the
windows til we get to that part because it probably won't
happen today.
I used an LCD flat computer screen from a desk top computer
we don't currently have hooked up. Works perfect for
what we need it to do.


Here's supper for tonight-
I also baked a couple stuffed portabella mushrooms.
The shishkabobs I served with a little teriyaki marinade on top.

My honey got me a key to his heart necklace
for Valentine's Day along with a box of chocolates.
He's so sweet!

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