Monday, February 27, 2012



Hubby told me that work is having a baking contest open
to all residents and employees. Never does he tell me things
at least a week ahead of time. It's always the night before.
He says it can be any dessert. So I see a trip over to
Kroger tonight considering the baked concoction has
to be in their office by tomorrow night by 6pm.
Out of all the desserts and baked goods there are
I think I'm going to make
Better Than Sex Cake. I've never made it before
but keep seeing it posted on Pinterest with many
good reviews. So tonight, this below, is what I'll
be making. And of course when I'm rushed to make
something, some part of my body is hurting.
My legs have been aching since last night.
I haven't had any major body aches since starting
the one medicine for Crohns Disease. So hopefully
this is just a result of running up and down
basement stairs and being out of shape because
I don't want to go through those other pains again anytime soon!

LOL, I don't even know what the prize is for this
contest that I am entering!! Oh well, I just like the challenge.

1 pkg. devil's food, chocolate, or German chocolate cake mix
1 can sweetened condensed milk
caramel ice cream topping
1 (8 oz.) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
4-5 Health or Skor bars, chopped up

Bake cake according to package directions for a 9x13 inch pan; cool for about 5 minutes. Using the handle of a wooden spoon, poke holes into the cake. Let the cake cool for a little while. Slowly pour sweetened condensed milk over the cake, letting it sink into the holes; then drizzle some of the caramel over the top of the cake. Let cake cool completely (I usually cover it and put it in the fridge for a while). Top cake with whipped topping. Decorate the top of the cake with candy bar chunks and swirls of caramel topping. Refrigerate a little longer, then serve!



I think I have decided to go with
Better Than Sex Cupcakes instead of one large cake.
The reason for this is because many people
will be tasting this to vote on it and I think it would be
easier to handle in the form of a cupcake rather
than having to dish it up on a plate.

I'm doubting that the muscle aches in my legs were from
going up and down the basement steps yesterday. Now my
shoulders and the back of my neck are aching
and feel inflamed which are some symptoms
of Crohns which can include inflamed joints.
I am also feeling really tired. I did have a couple
days last week where the bowels weren't right but
that cleared back up.

It just figures now
that I need to bake something tonight this would happen.
It can't be any worse than when I went out Christmas shopping
for most of a day with a total body flair up that
felt like I was dying. I don't know how I even
made it through that day looking and feeling like
something off of The Night of the Living Dead.
A couple days later I ended up in the ER
for dehydration and an inflamed colon which all
eventually led up to the results of having Crohn's Disease
after seeing a gastreonologist who ran MANY tests.

It doesn't bother me any more of being poked
and prodded in all parts of my body because
of having it done so much. You get used to it.
Tony cringes of the thought of having ONE colonoscopy.
I tell him, try being a woman! Get over it!
A colonoscopy is nothing compared to giving birth,
pap smears, breast exams, all kinds of blood work,
fingers, needles and cameras attached to what looks
like something Roto Rooter uses, in upper and lower parts of your body.
I was the first to have a colonoscopy. Just wait til
you have a scope go up your nose and down your throat
and another going in the other direction from the bottom!
Hell men have it so easy!

Crohns isn't all about how many bathroom trips you make
like they show on the tv commercials, your body becomes
inflamed, you get VERY tired, no appetite, and are pretty
much down for the count.
If I made it through that I guess I can make it
through making a few cupcakes. Good thing I am
making something simple tonight for supper, Goulash.
I think Tony could even handle making that if I told
him how to do it. He can do that while I make cupcakes.
All I need is my stool so I can sit by the counter
to make everything. So much easier than standing
when you feel like this.



Got all the ingredients to do the cupcakes.
I really wanted a German chocolate cake mix but
my Krogers had a very slim selection of cake mixes to
chose from. I went with milk chocolate cake mix.
I didn't want a really heavy chocolate flavor like
devil's food or chocolate fudge flavors.
Oh, and I also picked up some of those tinfoil
looking cupcake liners. I have regular ones but
if these cupcakes are gooey on the inside I don't
want anything leaking through the papers.

Good news, I don't have to make them tonight
and can make them tomorrow during the day instead.
Tony won't have to take them to work with him
in the morning like I thought. Instead he'll come home from
work tomorrow at normal time and pick us all up
and we can take the dessert to the contest that's being
held at 6pm. PLUS then we can all join the contest
and get to sample other entries and vote on them.
Yum, nothing like pure sugar for supper, lol. Just
kidding, we'll just have dessert first, lol.


Well since I have time to think this Better Than Sex cake
recipe over before making it I think I will give
it a tweak. Using whipped cream for the topping
has me concerned about it holding up from the
time I frost it til the time we get to the contest
and while the contest is being held. I'm afraid
it will "melt". It wouldn't be so bad if you served
it right from your fridge to guests who are eating
it right away. I got to looking at some other
variations of Better Than Sex Cakes and noticed
some use pudding layers. Hmmmm. While I don't
want a pudding layer I decided I want to add pudding
to the whipped topping to help stabilize it more.
I found a recipe on Allrecipes
for Cool Whipped Topping.


* 1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
* 1 (3.5 ounce) package instant vanilla pudding mix
* 1 cup milk
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. In a medium bowl, combine pudding mix with milk and vanilla. Mix until smooth. Gently fold in whipped topping until no streaks remain. Spread evenly over cake.

I read some readers comments about this recipe and some said
to cut back on the milk to a 1/2 to 3/4 cup to make a
thicker frosting.


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