Sunday, February 12, 2012



Got up and made breakfast for everyone.
We had double decker egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches.

I got to try out my new skillet and bacon
press I picked up at the thrift store for $1.29.
I've always wanted one of those and finally found one!
I was very careful not to let the press touch
my pan!

While fixing breakfast I started working on getting
some celery chopped up for the freezer.
Here is how I do it-

For starters I used,
-quart sized zip bags
-regular sandwich bags
-2 large celery stalks @ .59 cents each at Aldis
-liquid measuring cup
-kitchen shears

I lined the measuring cup with one regular baggie
then started chopping the celery along with leaves
into the baggie until I reach around the 1/2 cup mark.
I'd then remove the baggie, set it aside, and keep
doing more baggies until finished.
Once finished I would then roll up all
the celery bags and insert them into the quart
sized zip freezer bag and squeeze all the air out and zip closed.
I ended up with 18 individual baggies from 2 large
stalks of celery.

This is so much easier than freezing one whole bag
of cut up and frozen veggies. Now when I need some
chopped veggies they are already measured out into
single servings. Remove one from the entire bag
and the rest won't go bad and you won't have to figure out
how to remove only a portion from a big, frozen chunk
of veggies.

I read online that you can regrow celery by cutting
off the stalks and setting the base of the celery
in a glass with some water. So I am giving it a try
with both bottoms of the celery stalks I used today.
The water looks a bluish green because I added
just a small amount of miracle grow to the water.
I'll freshen up the water every couple of days.
But here they are sitting on my counter.
Kind of like a science project for the kids, lol.

Currently trying to find a security camera system for our home.
I have a budget of about $300 and would like to find one much
cheaper if possible. It's very hard to find one
in that price range with a 500GB DVR (many do not include
the hard drives with them!), 2-4 outside/weatherproof
cameras that work in our cold and hot temperatures (some are only
indoor use or the one at Harbor Freight says outdoor
cameras but only at 50 degrees or above),
motion detection so it doesn't run continuously all night/day, possibly one with
more than one USB port so you are able to upload
videos and take them with you like to the police station.
You especially want something
with good infared cameras for night time viewing to be
able to identify your person of interest.

Currently I am watching one on Ebay that's $99, one bid
and has $15 shipping (no tax on Ebay unless it's a new item
from a store in your state) and this one I found on Sears
ZMODO ZMODO 4CH CCTV Security Outdoor Camera DVR System
It was $328.34 but now is $219 with free shipping plus tax.

This whole finding and learning about security systems is like car buying.
I want it to be over with and don't want to feel
like I bought a piece of crap.



Just got back from doing some running around
and shopping at a few thrift stores.
I have to tell ya that my honey found me the
MOST AWESOME kitchen appliance you could ever want.
Well I have always wanted one of those kitchenaid
mixers and well, those have not been in my price
range at hundreds of dollars. But I will have
to tell ya this this things he got me today would come in as a close second
to that with this Oster Kitchen Center and the greatest part,
and it works perfectly!!!!!!
I didn't know something like this existed!

Here is the main component. The top part
is removable. This is the part you use
the beaters and dough hooks on. It also
came with two extra glass bowls that fit the
rotating bottom plate. The bottom plate
has three different options of where
you can place it and the beaters have two
different sections where you can put them
further towards the front or in the back of the bowl.
On the appliance you can see $12.12 4 piece.
Even though there was plenty more than 4 pieces,
it meant the appliance itself, two bowls sitting
beside it and a huge plastic bag full of
all it's attachments.

And I'm not stopping there! Here we have
the food processor part. You remove the beater
motor on top of the machine and replace it with
this food processor which includes 4 blades &
2 food pushers.

And did you think I was stopping at the food processor
attachment, NO!! Here are two more attachments!
There is a blender attachment with lid AND
a meat & ice grinder with pusher!!! And you will also
see the large beaters, dough hooks, another
attachment for the meat grinder and
whatever the other metal thingy is for,
maybe a tightening wrench of some sort.

I was so happy with this purchase I couldn't wait
to get home and give it a look over!
I couldn't believe how much I got it for.
I looked on Ebay and for a complete set like
this starts at $99 all the way up to $170.
This set is at least 30 years old.
I love the old stuff. It was made to last and
was made in the US unlike today where everything
is made of plastic and comes from China.
I even found the manual online, WOO HOOO!

At another thrift store I found this Samy Fat Foam
hair color for .75 cents NIB. It was $4.00 but the thrift
store had a sign that said anything with an orange
tag today was .75 cents. What's weird was just
this past week I found that same hair color
at Kroger in the mark down bin for $4.00 and bought
it. I saw this one in the same color and
had to get it at a fraction of the cost.

I saw this purse below while standing in line by the counter.
It was $4.00 with an orange tag which meant today
it was only .75 cents! I don't think it's ever been
used because I couldn't even find a speck of dust or dirt
on it or inside it. It has a divided zippered inside
with another zippered compartment and two more pouches.
I ended up buying it and putting
it back for mom for her birthday in 12 days.

I'm trying really hard
to buy gifts ahead of time for holidays and birthdays.
Gives you more time to think about what you are getting
the recipient rather than going out last minute
and getting them something they probably don't want
or will use at the last minute. Plus it gives you
a chance to find things for MUCH less!

This past week I got Jonathan a skateboard for $6.96
at the thrift store. I have it put up for his
birthday in May. I don't have a pic of it but
found this one online. The board I got seemed
to be in better condition than the one pictured.
The underside of the board is kind like holographic
and the picture looks 3D and moves when you move the
board if that makes any sense. It slipped my mind
with everything going on this past week to even post it.


Boy how the time has flown. I haven't even had time
to think straight I have been so busy since getting home.
Don't even think I remember my name at the moment, lol.

So here is how my evening went since 5:00pm to 7:10pm.

I made up some stuffed peppers for supper.

-fried up a pound of deer burger.
-added a jar of salsa and a can of diced tomatoes.
-put in a tablespoon of taco seasoning.
-add a sprinkling of sugar if you feel the tomatoes
has overpowered the mixture.

-in another large pot I boiled up some brown minute rice.
-stir rice into meat mixture.

-cut out stem and insides from the top of bell peppers.
-reuse large pot from above and boil them til tender.
-drain and fill with meat mixture.
-grease casserole dish and put any remaining
rice & meat mix into bottom of dish. Place stuffed
peppers into the rice to help hold them up.
Put a handful of shredded sharp cheddar cheese on top.
Bake for about 15 minutes or so til cheese has melted.

The kids just ate the rice and meat mixture with cheese,
they don't like the bell peppers. So that means I have
two stuffed peppers to put into the freezer for one
of Tony's lunches. I'm getting quite a collection
of freezer lunches for him especially after this week
of being off work.

The leftover rice, meat mixture & cheese will be made into
burritos this week. Might add in a can of beans to
stretch it out some. Serve with accumulated Taco Bell
sauce packets that I've collected over time in the fridge.

Then while making the stuffed bell peppers I decided
to make a apple-pear pie, lol. I used a can of
cinnamon biscuits for the crust. One biscuit was leftover
so I cut it in half width and lengthwise and shaped
those pieces into hearts and put on top of the pie.
Once the pie was baked I drizzled the icing from
the cinnamon roll can on top.
I baked the cinnamon roll crust before adding the filling.

I had a can of apple pie filling but scrounged
around the pantry to see if there was something I could
add to it to stretch it further so I could fill the
pie completely up. I found a can of pears, sliced
them up like the apple pieces, mixed them with the apple
pie filling in a saucepan, added vanilla, nutmeg and
apple pie spice and some brown sugar. I then added a little corn starch
to the mix to help thicken it up some because it
was a little runny. I warmed it all up til the sugar
dissolved and it started to thicken. The I spooned
it into the pie crust and baked 350 degrees.

In between all this cooking and baking I was running
back and forth to my computer because the auction
for the security system was tonight. Needless to
say the auction went for $7 more than what I wanted to pay.
The kids kept saying, "bid more, bid more!" When doing
auctions you need to have a set price in mind and stick
with it or you'll end up spending more than you originally
wanted to pay just because of the pressure of bidding
against people and wanting to win.

I am now going to go with the security system from Sears.
Reg. $328.34 now $219 with free shipping.
If you go there you won't see the $219 price until
you put it in your cart. That's when you will
see the reduced price. It says to do that right under
the non sales price. It's $14.85 for tax for a total
of $234.84

Then after all the running around in the kitchen I
ran down to the basement to start laundry, ahhh.
At least I didn't have to wash up a bunch of Tony's
uniforms as I still had them all down in the laundry
room on the hanging rack from last week. Whew!
So that means not as much laundry to do.
To take up less closet space I'll put his
uniform on one hanger. First drape the pants
over the hanger, then put on a t-shirt,
then the work shirt. Less space and all together
when the craziness starts in the mornings of
everyone asking where stuff is.

It's 8:00pm now and I'm still running around like
a chicken with it's head cut off.
Gotta run down and change laundry over.
Then I'm giving Jonathan and Tony a hair cut
and throwing their behinds in the shower.
Then lay out everyone's clothes for tomorrow,
get the coffee pot ready to go for the morning
so all I have to do is flip the switch.
Then hopefully the last things I have to do
other than bringing laundry up and putting away,
is to round up lunch money and divide it up among
envelopes for each day this week for the kids.

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